Stand Building for Festive Events: 7 Tips to Get You Going


Your stand can either fade into the décor of the exhibition or make a lasting (and positive) impression. By following the stand building for festive events tips below, you can set the design path to a successful booth at any event.


  1. Space is Limited

Space equals money and with limited space, you want to maximise the area usage. Confirm how much space you have to work with before you start building the stand. Festive events are all about visitors being able to walk through and utilise your stand without having to navigate through narrow entrances. Remove all obstacles at the entrance and exit points that can hinder natural movement through the stand. Set up meeting spaces to the back of the booth, allowing people to come in and walk around without having to wait for others to complete their conversations with your salespeople.


      2.   Choose the Right Colours

Keep with the event theme. If it is Christmas, then red, green, white, gold or silver are expected colours. If your brand doesn’t have any of the colours in the brand logo or message, don’t despair, because you can still decorate in your colours and add one of the expected colours that fits with your brand colours. If blue is the main colour of the brand, you can add white as the contrasting colour or work with blue and silver.


  1. First Impressions Count Really Do Count

Your stand competes with many other superbly designed booths for attention. Expect most of the booths to maximise on the festive event theme. To stand out, you need to do something different without ignoring the festive theme. Use lights to highlight and pay attention to the floor. It is about the entire experience, which is why you need to think about your choices when it comes to walls, layout, ad messages, handouts, seating, comfort and enjoyability of the visit to your booth. Think what will create a strong message and superb first impression. Angled light boxes with attention grabbing ad messages at the entrance can help to create interest and thus enticement to explore the surrounds.


  1. No Graphics?

It is about visual enticement. With limited space and time to grab attention and retain it you need to work with powerful graphics as opposed to loads of text. Choose images and graphics that can convey targeted messages without extensive wording or explanations.


  1. Text Must Be Bold and Limited

Keep text to a minimum, but make sure every text message is at eye level and highly visible. Short, powerful and memorable text messages work rather than long form copy messages.


  1. Use Various Types of Materials

Sometimes materials that would otherwise not work together, can be used to create interesting stands. Use aluminium, glass, plastic and fabric in unique combinations rather than just working with one type of texture.


  1. Tech Society Means Tech-Hungry Visitors

Add display or information kiosks for more interaction. Use light dimming effects. Make sure the sound equipment is top-notch if you play music or announcements. You want the visitors to appreciate your mastery of technology without overwhelming them. Utilise virtual reality for demonstrations of your products or services. Have apps ready for download and interactive gaming where relevant.


Get help from professionals to make your booth truly pop at the next festive event by making use of our design expertise.