Stand Building for Festive Events

Stand Building for Festive Events: 7 Tips to Get You Going


Your stand can either fade into the décor of the exhibition or make a lasting (and positive) impression. By following the stand building for festive events tips below, you can set the design path to a successful booth at any event.


  1. Space is Limited

Space equals money and with limited space, you want to maximise the area usage. Confirm how much space you have to work with before you start building the stand. Festive events are all about visitors being able to walk through and utilise your stand without having to navigate through narrow entrances. Remove all obstacles at the entrance and exit points that can hinder natural movement through the stand. Set up meeting spaces to the back of the booth, allowing people to come in and walk around without having to wait for others to complete their conversations with your salespeople.


      2.   Choose the Right Colours

Keep with the event theme. If it is Christmas, then red, green, white, gold or silver are expected colours. If your brand doesn’t have any of the colours in the brand logo or message, don’t despair, because you can still decorate in your colours and add one of the expected colours that fits with your brand colours. If blue is the main colour of the brand, you can add white as the contrasting colour or work with blue and silver.


  1. First Impressions Count Really Do Count

Your stand competes with many other superbly designed booths for attention. Expect most of the booths to maximise on the festive event theme. To stand out, you need to do something different without ignoring the festive theme. Use lights to highlight and pay attention to the floor. It is about the entire experience, which is why you need to think about your choices when it comes to walls, layout, ad messages, handouts, seating, comfort and enjoyability of the visit to your booth. Think what will create a strong message and superb first impression. Angled light boxes with attention grabbing ad messages at the entrance can help to create interest and thus enticement to explore the surrounds.


  1. No Graphics?

It is about visual enticement. With limited space and time to grab attention and retain it you need to work with powerful graphics as opposed to loads of text. Choose images and graphics that can convey targeted messages without extensive wording or explanations.


  1. Text Must Be Bold and Limited

Keep text to a minimum, but make sure every text message is at eye level and highly visible. Short, powerful and memorable text messages work rather than long form copy messages.


  1. Use Various Types of Materials

Sometimes materials that would otherwise not work together, can be used to create interesting stands. Use aluminium, glass, plastic and fabric in unique combinations rather than just working with one type of texture.


  1. Tech Society Means Tech-Hungry Visitors

Add display or information kiosks for more interaction. Use light dimming effects. Make sure the sound equipment is top-notch if you play music or announcements. You want the visitors to appreciate your mastery of technology without overwhelming them. Utilise virtual reality for demonstrations of your products or services. Have apps ready for download and interactive gaming where relevant.


Get help from professionals to make your booth truly pop at the next festive event by making use of our design expertise.

Custom Display Stands

Custom Display Stands: How to Engage and Impress Event Attendees

Inspiration may lack when it comes to how you can make a splash with custom display stands. Fortunately, you have us to make your dreams true. With several award-winning custom display stands in our product portfolio, we have all the inspiration we need to make your exhibition booth the new benchmark.

To get you started on ideas for creating engagement at your booth, let’s look at ways to make custom display stands work for you.

Stunt Shows at the Event

Creativity is the key here. Even though an elephant at one of the custom display stands will attract attention, the animal most probably will also fill the entire inside of a booth. But, don’t let that stop you. Do something such as running a sitcom or perhaps a talk show with a celebrity on a stage? Even a little carnival game or a dunk tank with your marketing director on the chair can attract visitors.

A Special Deal Just for the Event

Visitors to trade shows love freebies and specials. Create a deal that’s good enough to have people visit the show just to come to your custom display stand.

Comfort Is King

Sore feet, rumbling tummies, and dry throats are characteristics attendees share by mid-afternoon. Offer your special deal, giveaways, and/or competitions at the same time. Provide fresh water, drinks, and snacks at your booth, plus comfortable seating, and charging stations. By now, you will have addressed their needs. They will be willing to listen and engage.

Let Customers Engage with Your Products

What’s the use of custom design stands if they are not attractive? Once the visitors are at your booth, let them interact with the products. If you sell hair products, let them try them. If your business is in the wine industry, give away sample bottles. If it is food, let the visitors in on some of your secrets. Show them how to prepare their own cupcake designs. If your business is apps, then let the visitors use a few.

Play a Game

Urban gaming is still alive and well. Create a game that can be played at the event. It can even be a photo scavenger hunt or a race for collecting business cards from several exhibitors.

Let People Know Beforehand

Notify you social media fans about your brand presence at the particular event way before the time. Give your customers free entry tickets to visit your booth. People enjoy being VIP guests. Reserve a few VIP tickets for your best clients.

Contact industry bloggers, the local reporter, and a few of your favourite publications beforehand to let them know you will be at the event. Mention the event in your email newsletters. Even though you are one of many exhibitors, everyone benefits if more visitors attend.

Let Your Stand Be Visible

Elegant, chic, cool, trendy, functional, and fun are words that spring to mind when considering the overall feel you can create for your booth. Consider the image you want to portray, and we will do the work with our custom display stands.

Exhibition Stands

How to Unleash the Power of Display: Create Unforgettable Exhibition Stands

Research on exhibition stands shows most trade-show visitors have buying power, so every visitor is a potential buyer. Having a booth at a trade show provides tremendous brand exposure and income-generating potential. But this is true for every exhibitor; if your competitors exhibit at the same trade show, you have to pull out all stops to make your booth stand out from the rest of the exhibition stands. You have limited space and time to make an impact and create an unforgettable experience for visitors. To this end, follow these tips on how to get the most from trade shows with great exhibition stands. Before you start with the design or selection of the booth, you must understand your goals. List them in order of priority. What do you want to achieve? Who is your audience? What brand message do you want to convey? What do you sell?

Everyone Has A Story – Tell Yours with Passion

Limited time and space mean you cannot waste money with a vague message. Don’t make your booth a mere space filler. It either fades into the background or makes an impact. To do so, you need to tell your brand’s story in a striking way. If told right, it makes your brand offering more valuable. You want the audience to listen, see, ask, learn, buy, and become loyal supporters. Think of ways to tell the story in a way that creates interaction with the visitor. Every element must work together to bring the visitor to your call to action – and thus the desired outcome:

  • Does the lighting highlight the brand message?
  • Does the layout lead the visitor through the journey?
  • Does the counter provide exhibition possibilities?
  • Does the colour scheme support the story and the feel you want to create?
  • Is it an immersive experience?

Create an environment in which the visitor becomes part of the brand, gets the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. They must explore. The banners, walls, flooring, lighting, LED light boxes, furniture, and brochure stands all work together to create that immersive and positive environment.

Give Visitors What They Want

Exhibition stands form part of a larger event. For the duration of the event, the brands have set addresses. As such, your booth has only one store front. You have to create a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors want to relax and they want to be entertained. Give them both. People are creatures of comfort. Create an environment with all the comforts they want, such as inviting seats, a bottled-water bar, beverages and snacks, interactive displays, information kiosks, and demonstrations. Give visitors opportunities to participate in demonstrations.

What do you want after a long day of visiting exhibition stands? You are thirsty, hungry, and tired. You want a welcoming oasis where you can linger longer. Re-energise your visitors with displays using bold colours and eye-catching messages. Create the “Wow!” factor and give them something to take home.

Unleash the power of your brand with our design expertise and award-winning exhibition stands. Get in touch for professional assistance to create showstopping spaces for all your trade-show events.

Expo Stands

Prepare for Award-Winning Expo Stands at Prestigious Travel Events in South Africa

Two of the most exciting travel events will be hosted in May 2019. The first is Africa’s Travel Indaba and the second is We Are Africa. You can expect to see award-winning expo stands at these two events. Of course, there is still time to reserve space for one of your expo stands for superb brand exposure at these prestigious events.

Africa’s Travel Indaba

This event will be hosted in Durban from the 2nd to the 4th of May. It is one of the most prestigious and largest travel and tourism marketing events on the continent. Indeed, the event is marked on the international tourism calendar as one of the top three must-visit events. So, if you have an expo stand at the event, you can rest assured that thousands of people will see your brand.

The event is to be hosted at the Durban Exhibition Centre and the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre. International buyers and media will attend the event, which is organised by Synergy Business Events. It is a South African Tourism event and thus has national support. If you are still not sure whether to book one of the expo stands, consider that the event has won awards for being the top travel and tourism event in Africa.

A total of 1 049 companies exhibited in 2018 and visitors from more than 62 countries attended the exhibition. If you have not yet registered as an exhibitor, do so immediately to ensure that your brand is also among the exhibitors for this year’s event.

We Are Africa

This equally impressive event will be hosted in Cape Town from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019. It is noted as one of the most vibrant events in the luxury African travel class, so you can expect top buyers from around the world to attend. The press will also be well represented, giving you the opportunity to provide your brand with international exposure.

When it comes to expo stands, speak to our consultants who can help you decide on which expo stand would be best suited for you. We offer superior printing and branding opportunities with a range of world-class exhibition products to help your brand make the right impression on discerning buyers.

The event follows a radically new approach of un-conference format, enabling exhibitors to engage with other exhibitors, the press, important stakeholders, and buyers. It is the place to be if you have a high-end offering that is suitable for the discerning traveller groups of the world. Representatives of 20 prestigious publications will be at the event. There is still time to register and you can entrust the design and fitment of your expo stand to our experts.

Our product offering is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Custom, module box, and portable stands
  • 3D design
  • Graphic design
  • Shell schemes
  • Printing
  • Carpets and flooring
  • Electronics
  • Audio-visual equipment and setup
  • Furniture
  • Poster displays
  • Various types of banner displays
  • Banner walls
  • Counters

The above are only a few of the products and services we offer to make client expo stands stand out for all the right reasons. Many of our stands have won awards, so you can expect to see some of our designs and products used by exhibitors at the Africa’s Travel Indaba and We Are Africa events.

A Lightbox System for Optimal Performance

Innovative Improvements to the Lightbox System for Optimal Performance

The lightbox has become a prominent feature in many state-of-the-art retail displays.

If you want to add a striking visual effect to any display and highlight an advertisement more than ever before, then the lightbox is the answer.

The lightbox offers several distinctive features to the benefit of the brand, including:

  • Light from behind the image to illuminate the image.
  • Proper illumination of an image makes it more striking than a normal fabric display.
  • The versatility of the lightbox makes it suitable for use at events, retail stores, and exhibitions.
  • The image fabric can be changed without having to change the entire light and frame setup.
  • Fabric changes can thus be made cost-effectively, reducing cost-to-company when it comes to branding.

Why Our Light Boxes Are Amongst Our Best Sellers

The recent product modifications to the frame and fabric system have given our particular products several unique advantages. The latest model features the ultra-slim 50-mm aluminium frame system. This makes it possible to install the lightboxes against surfaces and walls. The previous model’s design included a 65-mm frame system. With the thinner frame system, the lightboxes display even better. Of course, this also means that lighter frames, perfectly suited for stunning visual displays at exhibitions where top service providers showcase their products.

Widely Used at Prestigious Events

You can also expect to see our stunning lightboxes at the prestigious Africa’s Travel Indaba (2-4 May 2019) and the We Are Africa exhibition (13-16 May 2019). Both these events attract thousands of visitors and with travelling often being about visual experiences, what better way to brand and make your products stand out than with the 50-mm lightbox systems available from us? If you have not yet booked your space at these events, do not delay. We also provide modular and custom-designed stands to this effect.

The easier-to-fit lightbox includes features such as:

  • A newly developed block-out fabric all the way from Germany, which prevents the LED light bulbs from being visible through the fabric display, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.
  • Adjustable light placement, thereby allowing for more creativity when it comes to light effects.
  • Options of warm or pure white light, or a combination of the two for stunning effects.

The lightbox features heat sink in the back panel, in addition to flame-retardant fabrics. This is important for safety features, thus helping to keep your insurance company happy and ensuring that you are compliant with the occupational health and safety requirements. All our products meet the required safety standards, making them perfect for use at events such as the Africa’s Travel Indaba and the We Are Africa exhibition.

Whether you need a lightbox for a shopping centre display, a retail store, trade booth, or an international exhibition, you can rely on our products to meet your requirements. Give us a call on +27 11 447 4777 or send us an email for more information about our new lightbox system and how it can benefit you.

Custom Stand Designers

Custom Stand Designers


Running an exhibition stand at an event or expo requires that you need the ideal set of equipment and stands to pull off a successful exhibition. Various decisive factors determine the level of success and functionality of your exhibition, starting with your allocated budget to put towards custom stands and their designs. Having an uncomplicated and basic layout will not necessarily have a negative effect on your exhibition if it is utilised correctly with unique and strategic designs to get the attention of people at the event. At Scan Display, we have custom stand designers who offer viable options to create the right designs to deliver exceptional and eye-catching results that will not only fit your preferences, but your budget as well.

Being custom stand designers, we offer a wide range of options to ensure that your exhibition stands are optimised to increase efficiency and functionality at events and expos, giving you the advantage over the competition through innovative design and functional implementation before, during, and after the events. We will ensure that your custom stand turns out exactly the way you envisioned. Let’s take a brief look at the services we provide as custom stand designers, and how you can benefit from selecting a custom stand from Scan Display.


Our Services


As custom stand designers, Scan Display offers quality services to ensure that your custom stand does not only function as intended, but also provides aesthetic value to catch the eyes of potential future business. Our team of qualified interior designers specialises in 3D design and uses the MAC platform to optimise results and deliver stunning custom designs to our clients. When it comes to custom graphic design, our team uses the Adobe Suite software to ensure that your custom graphics are properly designed and match the necessary resolutions to fit on those custom stands. The designs are then printed onto the various fabrics. Our in-house printing division can handle, fabric, vinyl, and PVC surface printing for large-scale surfaces.

Should you want to take complete advantage of our services, we offer a turnkey solution for events and retail displays, giving you a viable option to ensure that an entire event’s custom stands, layouts, exhibition areas, and even pop-up meeting rooms are taken care of from a singular source. We also provide a selection of shell scheme options, electronics, carpets and flooring, audio-visual solutions, and furniture options to give you a comprehensive approach to attending your next exhibition. As a result, Scan Display goes beyond being custom stand designers for exhibits and can offer the solutions you need to take events and expos to the next level with our comprehensive selection of services.

Choose Scan Display when selecting your custom stand designers, and get the upper hand for your exhibition stand and event without having to break your budget in the process. For more information, you can browse our website and view our company’s portfolio to get an idea of our capabilities, or feel free to contact us directly and one of our team members will gladly assist you.