Custom Display Stands: How to Engage and Impress Event Attendees

Inspiration may lack when it comes to how you can make a splash with custom display stands. Fortunately, you have us to make your dreams true. With several award-winning custom display stands in our product portfolio, we have all the inspiration we need to make your exhibition booth the new benchmark.

To get you started on ideas for creating engagement at your booth, let’s look at ways to make custom display stands work for you.

Stunt Shows at the Event

Creativity is the key here. Even though an elephant at one of the custom display stands will attract attention, the animal most probably will also fill the entire inside of a booth. But, don’t let that stop you. Do something such as running a sitcom or perhaps a talk show with a celebrity on a stage? Even a little carnival game or a dunk tank with your marketing director on the chair can attract visitors.

A Special Deal Just for the Event

Visitors to trade shows love freebies and specials. Create a deal that’s good enough to have people visit the show just to come to your custom display stand.

Comfort Is King

Sore feet, rumbling tummies, and dry throats are characteristics attendees share by mid-afternoon. Offer your special deal, giveaways, and/or competitions at the same time. Provide fresh water, drinks, and snacks at your booth, plus comfortable seating, and charging stations. By now, you will have addressed their needs. They will be willing to listen and engage.

Let Customers Engage with Your Products

What’s the use of custom design stands if they are not attractive? Once the visitors are at your booth, let them interact with the products. If you sell hair products, let them try them. If your business is in the wine industry, give away sample bottles. If it is food, let the visitors in on some of your secrets. Show them how to prepare their own cupcake designs. If your business is apps, then let the visitors use a few.

Play a Game

Urban gaming is still alive and well. Create a game that can be played at the event. It can even be a photo scavenger hunt or a race for collecting business cards from several exhibitors.

Let People Know Beforehand

Notify you social media fans about your brand presence at the particular event way before the time. Give your customers free entry tickets to visit your booth. People enjoy being VIP guests. Reserve a few VIP tickets for your best clients.

Contact industry bloggers, the local reporter, and a few of your favourite publications beforehand to let them know you will be at the event. Mention the event in your email newsletters. Even though you are one of many exhibitors, everyone benefits if more visitors attend.

Let Your Stand Be Visible

Elegant, chic, cool, trendy, functional, and fun are words that spring to mind when considering the overall feel you can create for your booth. Consider the image you want to portray, and we will do the work with our custom display stands.