Africa Rail 2020

Africa Rail 2020 – The Largest and Most Impressive Rail Event in Johannesburg


The largest and most impressive conference and exhibition in the African rail industry will be hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 30 June to 1 July 2020. Called Africa Rail, the event is for stakeholders and leaders invested in the rail and transport service delivery in Africa.


More than 7 500 attendees are expected at the event where more than 250 exhibitors will showcase their products and services. The exhibition will run alongside the conference where 250 speakers will deliver exciting and thought-provoking speeches. Discussion groups and 220 sessions are more reasons to consider visiting or exhibiting at this impressive event. Representatives from over 30 countries are expected at the two-day event too.


Key Focus of Africa Rail 2020

The event is about investment opportunities, development discussions, and technology exhibitions by and for rail stakeholders, operators, investment partners, consultants, transport experts, governments, and users of the services. It provides a platform for idea development, industry disruptions, and staying in the loop regarding freight and passenger rail transport services and needs on the African continent.


Industry professionals, end-users, and other attendees visit the exhibition and participate in the conference because they have a vested interest in rail technology and innovative projects in transportations of goods and people.


The Africa Rail 2020 will be hosted for the 23rd time. As a long-standing event, it has become the most important of its kind for all role players in Africa. It is the go-to-event for networking with solution providers in the rail industry.


Among the many important speakers are:

  • Professor Johan du Plessis from the University of Johannesburg
  • Victor Radebe as the Executive Director at the Mobility Centre for Africa
  • Duncan Bonnett as Director at Africa House, South Africa
  • Howard Rosen as Chairman of the Rail Working Group from Switzerland
  • Leonard Makwinja as CEO of Botswana Railways


With more than 245 other speakers also on the list, the event will be jam-packed with important discussions.


Sponsors and Exhibitors

The event organisers have called for sponsors and exhibitors to book their stands and pledge their sponsorships. The target audience is mostly senior-level decision-makers in the rail and transport industry. Africa Rail’s event organisers provide tailored spaces for exhibitors. Sponsors benefit from naming rights, opportunities to host panels and guaranteed meetings, in addition to keynote branding.


Top Reasons to Attend Africa Rail 2020

Attendees benefit from the exceptional programme packed with innovative keynote addresses, product launches and demonstrations, and peer-to-peer meetings. The event will also feature:

  • Skills development seminar
  • Workshops on leadership
  • Rail tech academy
  • Start-up pavilion
  • Rail maintenance discussion
  • Inter-model display
  • Smart mobility display
  • Hosted purchaser programme
  • Operators pavilion
  • Site visits
  • Women in transport
  • Transport awards
  • Africa Rail bursary


Influential buyers will attend, while top brands and players in the industry will exhibit. Past sponsors and exhibitors include names such as RailPro, Liquid Telecom and Union Tiles, to name only three.


Interested parties should not pass on the opportunity to visit, host, and participate at the Africa Rail 2020.



Mining Indaba 2020

Mining Indaba 2020 Planned to Be Bigger Than Ever

The Mining Indaba 2020 is set to be hosted for the 26th time next year. The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) at 1 Lower Long Street in the Foreshore of Cape Town is where it all will happen.

This coming event is expected to be even more impressive than previous events, as more space has been allocated to the junior and mid-tier participants at the Investment Pavilion. The organisers are planning the Mining Indaba 2020 to be bigger than ever.

The CTICC is located close to the V&A Waterfront, where several of the top hotels of Cape Town can be found, in addition to numerous entertainment options ranging from harbour cruises to fine dining.

If your company operates within the mining industry or you report on the sector, then this is one event not to miss. It is noted as the largest and most important of its kind on the African continent.

The main stage will be used for hosting presidents and ministers from around the world alongside CEOs from companies in the industry. Several industry experts at all levels of the supply chain will address topics of critical importance. Such topics range from sustainability measures to climate change and the reduction of the carbon footprint for the next ten years.

The giants in the industry will participate and exhibit at the formidable event. Trailblazers, influencers, and disruptors of the future are expected to rub shoulders, making attendance essential for networking with the best-of-the-best in the industry.

The 3 Main Reasons to Attend the Mining Indaba 2020 Are:

  • Staying abreast with what is coming, what is trending at the moment, and which partnerships and strategies are to take centre stage during the next ten years.
  • Learn about the drivers in the industry and how they will affect businesses operating within the mining sector.
  • Participate in networking and partnership opportunities over the course of four days.

The 3 Reasons Companies Sponsor the Event:

  • Optimise exposure opportunities for better deal-making and partnership structuring.
  • Gain greater exposure to role players in the industry.
  • Increase brand awareness for credibility in securing new business deals.

Why Businesses Attend for Match-Making:

  • Ample networking opportunities.
  • Introduction to suitable project financiers.
  • Access to investment funding opportunities.

Why Companies Exhibit:

  • Gain international exposure with several large media corporations attending, including but not limited to Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, Business Day TV, and CNBC.
  • Position your brand amongst the giants in the industry.
  • Connect with executives from top companies and government organisations.
  • Create a deal-making platform.
  • Showcase products and services.

Companies can host their own round tables for the week, set up networking hubs, and make use of several advertising opportunities. Whether sponsoring or exhibiting, having an award-winning stand or space at the eventwill add to your company’s prestige.

If you haven’t yet booked space or connected your brand with the Mining Indaba 2020, do so right away. Visit their website at for more information about the event. Speak to our consultants should you require help with the creation of an exhibition space at the event.

Exhibition Booths

6 Basic Design Tips for Trade-Show Success with Exhibition Booths

Since you will invest a lot of time and money to display your services, brand, and products at trade shows, it makes sense to ensure that your exhibition booths are attractive, functional, and unique. We share a few tips below to help you maximise the potential of your exhibition booths.

  1. Work with Available Space

If the space is restrictive, you need to minimise obstructions, especially stands, display cases, and furniture at the entrance or exit areas of the exhibition booths. You want a natural flow. As soon as visitors feel restricted in their movement, they will become irritated and won’t pay attention to the exceptional displays.

  • Use Vertical Space to Your Advantage

It is not all that easy to stand out from the crowd, especially if all the exhibition booths are of superior design. To this end, enquire if there is a vertical space limit. If not, use the space above your exhibition stand for tower signs, and hang displays or any other type of advert that can draw attention to your stand. This is especially helpful if the trade show is rather crowded. Attendees are likely to see the displays above the booths and follow them to find your particular stand.

  • Work with Fewer Rather Than More Words

Visitors to trade shows have limited time. They are bombarded with information. Give them something easy to remember. Think of a slogan that’s catchy and go with it, rather than use long sentences to convey messages. Grab their attention with the displays by making them memorable with short action verbs and drive the message home with a catchy slogan. Place text at the top part of the booth to minimise the risk of it being obstructed by people passing it.

  • Light Up the Message

Far too many exhibition booths rely on the trade show’s lights for illumination. Be different. Use uplights, downlights, angle lights, LED light boxes, and even colour lights to highlight messages. Create the right mood with lights and use angle lights at the entrance to direct people into the stand.

  • Images Sell More Than Words

People are lazy when it comes to reading, especially if bombarded with thousands of text ads. They scan and they walk past. If you want them to stop, pay attention, and remember, use images. Make sure that the images are powerful or memorable. Go big on this with life-size images to attract attention. The images must be visible, so avoid placement at the bottom part of the stand.

  • Be Creative with Materials

Speak to our consultants about possible materials to use. You can create different textures – highlight your involvement in tech products with aluminium materials for counters or use graphic walls to display nature images if you supply natural products. Smooth and silky materials work well if you operate within the medical industry, while a feeling of ruggedness can be attained with roughly textured materials if you operate a 4×4 dealership.

The above tips are only starting guidelines. Speak to our design consultants for professional assistance in making exhibition booths successful.

Exhibition Stands

How to Unleash the Power of Display: Create Unforgettable Exhibition Stands

Research on exhibition stands shows most trade-show visitors have buying power, so every visitor is a potential buyer. Having a booth at a trade show provides tremendous brand exposure and income-generating potential. But this is true for every exhibitor; if your competitors exhibit at the same trade show, you have to pull out all stops to make your booth stand out from the rest of the exhibition stands. You have limited space and time to make an impact and create an unforgettable experience for visitors. To this end, follow these tips on how to get the most from trade shows with great exhibition stands. Before you start with the design or selection of the booth, you must understand your goals. List them in order of priority. What do you want to achieve? Who is your audience? What brand message do you want to convey? What do you sell?

Everyone Has A Story – Tell Yours with Passion

Limited time and space mean you cannot waste money with a vague message. Don’t make your booth a mere space filler. It either fades into the background or makes an impact. To do so, you need to tell your brand’s story in a striking way. If told right, it makes your brand offering more valuable. You want the audience to listen, see, ask, learn, buy, and become loyal supporters. Think of ways to tell the story in a way that creates interaction with the visitor. Every element must work together to bring the visitor to your call to action – and thus the desired outcome:

  • Does the lighting highlight the brand message?
  • Does the layout lead the visitor through the journey?
  • Does the counter provide exhibition possibilities?
  • Does the colour scheme support the story and the feel you want to create?
  • Is it an immersive experience?

Create an environment in which the visitor becomes part of the brand, gets the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. They must explore. The banners, walls, flooring, lighting, LED light boxes, furniture, and brochure stands all work together to create that immersive and positive environment.

Give Visitors What They Want

Exhibition stands form part of a larger event. For the duration of the event, the brands have set addresses. As such, your booth has only one store front. You have to create a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors want to relax and they want to be entertained. Give them both. People are creatures of comfort. Create an environment with all the comforts they want, such as inviting seats, a bottled-water bar, beverages and snacks, interactive displays, information kiosks, and demonstrations. Give visitors opportunities to participate in demonstrations.

What do you want after a long day of visiting exhibition stands? You are thirsty, hungry, and tired. You want a welcoming oasis where you can linger longer. Re-energise your visitors with displays using bold colours and eye-catching messages. Create the “Wow!” factor and give them something to take home.

Unleash the power of your brand with our design expertise and award-winning exhibition stands. Get in touch for professional assistance to create showstopping spaces for all your trade-show events.

Exhibition Display Stands

5 Proven Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Exhibition Display Stands

Even with the best exhibition display stands available, you still need to make the right choice regarding layout, ambience, and functionality. In addition, you and your marketing team need to plan for the event day. This means marketing ahead of time.

1. Pre-Exhibition Marketing

Of course, you depend on the visibility of exhibition display stands to attract visitors, but with pre-trade marketing, you can ensure that your loyal customers will visit your booths. Use your email newsletters to announce where you will host a stand or several such trade stands. Invite your clients to drop in at your booths. Better yet, offer an incentive to do so.

Have your clients register online at your website to attend the exhibition where you will have display stands. Give them free tickets to the event and offer further freebies for attending your exhibition display booths. Create a Facebook event and invite your page followers to attend. Add an incentive for sharing and provide them with useful information about particular trade fair events where your brand will be represented.

2. Offer Skills Workshops at Your Exhibition Display Stands

If you have space, consider hosting short skills courses in your particular product or service offering. Make sure you notify your current clients of the workshops. With such offered, visitors stay longer.Boothsthat look busy attract more visitors.

3. Offer Product Demonstrations

As an alternative to skills workshops, you can offer product demonstrations. Advertise such on your website and social media pages well ahead of time. Also be sure to advertise such on banners or LED light box displays at the venue. You can even offer freebies for attending or provide certificates for attendance. Discount vouchers should form part of the marketing campaign to drive current clients to your trade booths. The benefit of such is that the customers will want to use the vouchers while they can. Make the vouchers redeemable only at your trade booths if you use such as pre-trade marketing items. If you use such at your trade booths, make sure the vouchers can be used at your stores as well.

4. Social Media Hub

People no longer leave home without their iPhones, tablets, or smartphones. They tweet, like, post, share, and upload the entire time. They often do so even more when at trade fairs. Make sure your booths are interactive to attract attention. Indeed, by turning your booths into social media hubs, you create focus points. Have relaxation spaces in addition to live projected feeds. Tap into the power of hashtags to have your product demonstrations go viral.

5. Interactivity Creates a Bond

People do not just want to observe while visiting trade booths. They want to participate. Games enable them to interact with your product. This can be a solar experiment or perhaps a 3D puzzle. You can even create a social experiment. Think of your product and how you can have visitors interact with it, using some type of game set-up.

Display Stands for DENTASA Summit

Display Stands for the DENTASA Summit in Cape Town

If you have not yet reserved space at the DENTASA Summit on 19-20 July at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, you need to do so as soon as possible. Do not be concerned about not having time to set up your display stands, as we provide a full range of products and services to help create inviting and functional booths.

Why You Should Book One of the Display Stands for the DENTASA Summit

DENTASA stands for the Dental Technicians Association of South Africa. Membership of the association is voluntary. The association is an industry advocacy body that offers its members several benefits, such as keeping members informed on national issues pertaining to the dental technology industry. It offers liaison with medical schemes, the Department of Health, and other regulatory bodies.

Delegates of the DENTASA Summit include dental technicians and key stakeholders in the industry. Various top brands have booked display stands and as such, you will be among the prestigious exhibitors at the summit.

How to Make Your Exhibition Count

Of course, simply being an exhibitor at the event is not enough. You want to connect with key players in the industry and introduce your innovative technologies and services to the visitors. With an extremely targeted audience, you can expect the visitors to be in the market for your products or services related to dental technology. However, with other exhibitors also targeting the same audience, it is imperative that your exhibition has all the bells and whistles to ensure optimal engagement and visual appeal.

To this end, you can benefit from our expertise in the design of custom display stands, provision of modular booths to meet your space and exhibition requirements, branding expertise, and printing services. In addition, we provide innovative solutions to enhance the appeal and functionality of your exhibition space.

Our product and service offering is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Exhibition booths – modular box and portable.
  • Counters – custom, Mo5, and registration.
  • Furniture – ottomans, chairs, tables, and couches.
  • Brochure holders.
  • Accessories.
  • Audio visual – laptops, TV screens, computers, projectors, DVD players, plasma screen brackets, iPad holders, and touch screens.
  • Tension fabric systems.
  • Roll-up banners.
  • Poster display equipment.
  • Showcases.
  • LED fabric lightboxes.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Carpet and flooring.
  • Design, printing, and branding.

We can thus help you with all your exhibition needs. As a provider of display stands for DENTASA Summit, we understand the target audience, space requirements, and showcase needs of the exhibitors.

Why Us?

We have many years of experience in the exhibition and design industries. Our history dates back to 1996 and since then, we have won several awards and accolades, including the Bronze Award in the US-based Exhibitor Magazine Best Green Stands Awards. Our firm was also a finalist in the Loeries Live Event Category for our involvement at COP 17. Justin Hawes, our MD, was a finalist in the Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (2012).

We were a finalist in the Most Empowered Tourism Business category at the FEDHASA’s Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards event in 2012. Our firm was the winner of the IFES Sustainability Award in 2013 and we have been acknowledged several times at the EXSA Awards. The above awards are only some of our many accomplishments, showing our commitment to sustainability and top-quality products and services.

Get in touch for more information about our display stands for the DENTASA Summit and other exhibitions or conferences in South Africa.