How to Unleash the Power of Display: Create Unforgettable Exhibition Stands

Research on exhibition stands shows most trade-show visitors have buying power, so every visitor is a potential buyer. Having a booth at a trade show provides tremendous brand exposure and income-generating potential. But this is true for every exhibitor; if your competitors exhibit at the same trade show, you have to pull out all stops to make your booth stand out from the rest of the exhibition stands. You have limited space and time to make an impact and create an unforgettable experience for visitors. To this end, follow these tips on how to get the most from trade shows with great exhibition stands. Before you start with the design or selection of the booth, you must understand your goals. List them in order of priority. What do you want to achieve? Who is your audience? What brand message do you want to convey? What do you sell?

Everyone Has A Story – Tell Yours with Passion

Limited time and space mean you cannot waste money with a vague message. Don’t make your booth a mere space filler. It either fades into the background or makes an impact. To do so, you need to tell your brand’s story in a striking way. If told right, it makes your brand offering more valuable. You want the audience to listen, see, ask, learn, buy, and become loyal supporters. Think of ways to tell the story in a way that creates interaction with the visitor. Every element must work together to bring the visitor to your call to action – and thus the desired outcome:

  • Does the lighting highlight the brand message?
  • Does the layout lead the visitor through the journey?
  • Does the counter provide exhibition possibilities?
  • Does the colour scheme support the story and the feel you want to create?
  • Is it an immersive experience?

Create an environment in which the visitor becomes part of the brand, gets the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. They must explore. The banners, walls, flooring, lighting, LED light boxes, furniture, and brochure stands all work together to create that immersive and positive environment.

Give Visitors What They Want

Exhibition stands form part of a larger event. For the duration of the event, the brands have set addresses. As such, your booth has only one store front. You have to create a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors want to relax and they want to be entertained. Give them both. People are creatures of comfort. Create an environment with all the comforts they want, such as inviting seats, a bottled-water bar, beverages and snacks, interactive displays, information kiosks, and demonstrations. Give visitors opportunities to participate in demonstrations.

What do you want after a long day of visiting exhibition stands? You are thirsty, hungry, and tired. You want a welcoming oasis where you can linger longer. Re-energise your visitors with displays using bold colours and eye-catching messages. Create the “Wow!” factor and give them something to take home.

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