Mining Indaba 2020

Mining Indaba 2020 Planned to Be Bigger Than Ever

The Mining Indaba 2020 is set to be hosted for the 26th time next year. The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) at 1 Lower Long Street in the Foreshore of Cape Town is where it all will happen.

This coming event is expected to be even more impressive than previous events, as more space has been allocated to the junior and mid-tier participants at the Investment Pavilion. The organisers are planning the Mining Indaba 2020 to be bigger than ever.

The CTICC is located close to the V&A Waterfront, where several of the top hotels of Cape Town can be found, in addition to numerous entertainment options ranging from harbour cruises to fine dining.

If your company operates within the mining industry or you report on the sector, then this is one event not to miss. It is noted as the largest and most important of its kind on the African continent.

The main stage will be used for hosting presidents and ministers from around the world alongside CEOs from companies in the industry. Several industry experts at all levels of the supply chain will address topics of critical importance. Such topics range from sustainability measures to climate change and the reduction of the carbon footprint for the next ten years.

The giants in the industry will participate and exhibit at the formidable event. Trailblazers, influencers, and disruptors of the future are expected to rub shoulders, making attendance essential for networking with the best-of-the-best in the industry.

The 3 Main Reasons to Attend the Mining Indaba 2020 Are:

  • Staying abreast with what is coming, what is trending at the moment, and which partnerships and strategies are to take centre stage during the next ten years.
  • Learn about the drivers in the industry and how they will affect businesses operating within the mining sector.
  • Participate in networking and partnership opportunities over the course of four days.

The 3 Reasons Companies Sponsor the Event:

  • Optimise exposure opportunities for better deal-making and partnership structuring.
  • Gain greater exposure to role players in the industry.
  • Increase brand awareness for credibility in securing new business deals.

Why Businesses Attend for Match-Making:

  • Ample networking opportunities.
  • Introduction to suitable project financiers.
  • Access to investment funding opportunities.

Why Companies Exhibit:

  • Gain international exposure with several large media corporations attending, including but not limited to Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, Business Day TV, and CNBC.
  • Position your brand amongst the giants in the industry.
  • Connect with executives from top companies and government organisations.
  • Create a deal-making platform.
  • Showcase products and services.

Companies can host their own round tables for the week, set up networking hubs, and make use of several advertising opportunities. Whether sponsoring or exhibiting, having an award-winning stand or space at the eventwill add to your company’s prestige.

If you haven’t yet booked space or connected your brand with the Mining Indaba 2020, do so right away. Visit their website at for more information about the event. Speak to our consultants should you require help with the creation of an exhibition space at the event.

Exhibition Booth

Your Exhibition Booth – Cool Ways to Attract and Keep Attention

Booking space for an exhibition booth is only the first step. True, pitching up to engage with attendees can be the second step if you make use of our expertise to help your brand stand out at the next event.

Considering that every exhibitor wants to be seen and competes to attract attendees, what can you do to get the best value for time and money with your exhibition booth? Besides letting our team get creative on the layout and attributes, you can think of innovative ways to highlight your brand.

Product Prop

If your firm sells laptops, consider using a large flat-screen television and cardboard design keyboard to give it the feel of a larger-than-life notebook. Add your best brand advert and the visitors will notice. Of course, your exhibition booth may not have all that much space. In this instance, read on as we share more tips on how to make your exhibition booth the talk of the show.

Special Offer – Limited Time

Many event attendees expect discounts and giveaways. Advertise a special offer only available to visitors at the event. Promote the discount through your website, social media pages, and newsletters. But, don’t stop there. Yourdisplay stand must be visible and so must the special.

Forward to Freebies

Swag bags, free beverages, gifts, and discount vouchers are the honeycombs that attract the bees. Make sure that you have enough and advertise them boldly. Everything you give away must have your brand all over it.

Create engagement with competitions at your exhibition booth, enabling attendees to win several small items and have the chance to win something impressive. Announce that attendees must be at your trade stand at a certain time and day for a chance to win the big item.

Go Big or Go Even Bigger

Gigantic swag bags with your brand splashed all over will attract attention. Best of all, the visitors will walk around the trade show advertising your brand. Many more attendees will pop in for their free bags.

Phone-Charging Station

Show you care about customer needs. Add a phone-charging station and offer free beverages for the visitors while they wait. Think about it. The visitors are in your booth, glued to the phone-charging station. They have nowhere else to be and you have their attention. Create interactive displays and use the opportunity to engage with them.

Notebook or Laptop Stations

Provide free Internet access and notebook stations. Add comfortable seating and you have people willing to stay. During this period, your interactive displays run and customer engagement activities are offered.

Selfie Booth

Gone are the days of photo booths. Today, we have selfie booths. Make yours so amazing that visitors will want to stop. Guess what’s in the background? Your brand message is all over it. Every selfie taken is thus an advert for your brand. Create hashtags and provide a range of props to intrigue and inspire. Your exhibition booth will become the hotspot for sharing and posting selfies.

Make the most of events such as the upcoming Wines2Whales, Windaba, and Africa Oil Week. Let us provide you with the ultimate exhibition booth.

FIATA World Congress

FIATA World Congress: Exciting Event in Cape Town for Freight Forwarders

If you have not registered for theFIATA World Congressto be hosted in Cape Town from 1-5 October 2019, do so immediately. It is the most exciting event for freight forwarders and logistics providers in the world.

Who is FIATA?

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations – the largest non-governmental association of its kind. The association represents more than 4000 players in the industry in over 150 countries.

Who hosts the FIATA World Congress?

FIATA and the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) host this year’s World Congress in South Africa.

How many participants and exhibitors can you expect?

A whopping 1200 participants and 60 exhibitors have already registered for the 2019 FIATA World Congress.

How many hours of networking are available?

With 15 potential hours of networking, it is an event not to miss. Brand exposure, the ability to develop long-standing and trusted business relationships, and getting your firm noticed are among the many reasons to exhibit at or, at the very least, attend the 2019 edition of the FIATA World Congress.

Should you attend?

Yes, if you want to rub shoulders with key players, stakeholders, and influencers in the freight and forwarding industry. It is an event for all stakeholders in the industries of customs and excise, logistics and distribution, and freight and forwarding. If you fall in one of the categories listed below, it is an event you simply must attend and that should be high on your priority list:

  • Director, general manager, or president of the company.
  • Chief executive officer.
  • Buying officer.
  • Sector director.
  • Manager in the supply chain, fleet operation, finance, or business-development domain.
  • Logistics-planning consultant.
  • Customs and excise officer.
  • Industry supplier.
  • Freight forwarder.
  • Student a relevant to logistics or freight forwarding qualification.
  • Import & export officer.

The FIATA World Congress is relevant to businesses and stakeholders in the following sectors:

  • Cargo handling.
  • Health and safety.
  • Customs and clearance.
  • Border management.
  • Government departments.
  • Logistics, distribution, and warehousing.
  • Port management.
  • Insurance.
  • Cargo-tracking systems.
  • Port and terminal security.
  • Marine.
  • Supply-chain management.
  • Payment management.
  • Information and communications technology.
  • Financial services.
  • Transportation.

Freight forwarding plays an integral role in successful international trade. Sponsoring, attending, or exhibiting at the FIATA World Congress thus hold several benefits for your company, including, but not limited to:

  • Participation in international discussions on topics surrounding freight and forwarding.
  • Networking with thousands of visitors and a plethora of exhibitors.
  • Getting brand exposure.
  • Developing long-standing business relationships.
  • Creating valuable sales leads.

The jam-packed programme includes various social events and activities for accompanying people, such as wine and Bo-Kaap tours. It also includes discussion forums, top speakers addressing highly relevant issues in the industry, and group discussions, in addition to exciting exhibitions.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to be part of the exhibitors, participants, or sponsors of this event because it provides a powerful platform for discussion, growth, and networking in the industry. Register to exhibit at the event and get in touch with our team to help you make the best possible impression with a superb exhibition stand at the 2019 FIATA World Congress.

Exhibition Infrastructure

The Trends and Exciting Upcoming Events of Exhibition Infrastructure in 2019

The exhibitions, trade shows, and event trends in 2019 show an increasing need for fast-and-easy-to-set-up infrastructure and stands. Time is limited and event organisers, as well as exhibitors, require infrastructure solutions that can be set up and disassembled quickly, without compromising on the professional display.

Exhibition facilitators are looking for ways in which to do more without adding to their infrastructure or extending the amount of time spent on setting up. To this end, more and more organisers are looking for solutions that are available from leading display and exhibition design companies.

Organisers want to maximise the participation of the exhibitors and sponsors. As such, they are looking for ways in which to incorporate product launching, live demonstrations, and meetings to engage attendees. This also helps to create more revenue streams. To this end, organisers are looking for flexible infrastructure solutions, such as the ability to quickly set up a meeting venue or special product display box.

The use of more technology in exhibition infrastructure is also a trend that can be expected to continue. Visual impact, professional display environments, and optimal engagement are improved when using technology such as 3D rendering and fabric light boxes. Some of the events where the mentioned trends in exhibition infrastructure are noticeable in 2019 are briefly noted below.

Local South African Manufacturing Expo

This exhibition covers all aspects of manufacturing and is the perfect place for the display of local manufacturing capabilities in the country. Here, the exhibitors present their solutions to an expert audience. With manufacturing being a technology-driven industry, the event boasts superb exhibition infrastructure. Exhibitors have the opportunity to engage with the audience, showcase their products and expertise, increase their revenues, and benefit from greater brand awareness.

Professional Beauty

The annual trade fair focuses on bringing together all aspects of beauty products, services, and treatments. Technology plays an important part in the modern beauty industry and it is just fitting that the exhibition infrastructure includes the usage of top-notch technology. Exhibitors of cosmetics, skincare treatments, and accessories go all out to make their stands unique, attractive, and relevant to the audience.

The event is the biggest of its kind in the beauty sector. If your business operates within this sector, be sure to book your stand. Well over 200 exhibitors provide for an exciting display environment where audience interaction is of extreme importance. Should you wish to set up a stand, make use of our expertise in exhibition infrastructure to help you create a unique, technology-driven, and quick-to-set-up stand.

Windaba 2019

Hosted in November every year, it is South Africa’s leading expo on wind and renewable energy. The event attracts thousands, as it is focused on sustainable technologies. To stand out amongst the many exhibitors, your exhibition stand must have all the bells and whistles needed to ensure optimal engagement, easy flow, a professional appearance, and brand appeal. As experts in exhibition infrastructure and stand design, we should be your first call to help you achieve a good return on investment.

Contact us for assistance in exhibition infrastructure and more information about our products ranging from flooring to lighting, modular stands, and 3D rendering.

Event Infrastructure

Event Infrastructure for Events

Scan Display offers a wide range of products and solutions that are ideal for events and retail displays for retail purposes, as well as infrastructure solutions for events such as expos and conferences. Should you be looking for a company that can handle display infrastructure for your event, Scan Display can provide a range of products along with floorplan layouts to ensure that your event has correctly spaced areas for every exhibition stand at your event.

With a range of innovative exhibition products, such as registration counters, sound-dampened meeting rooms, electrical products, and flooring options, your event will be in professional hands, and we will give you the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your planning and leave the exhibitions to us. With a choice between standard shell schemes and fabric booths, your event infrastructure will not only be simplistic and effective, but also aesthetically friendly and easy to navigate.

Our standard shell scheme offers a modular system and is versatile to adapt to almost any configuration, depending on your event’s requirements. Our fabric booth option, which is also available in a modular option, uses the Tension Fabric System to construct the booths, taking distracting structure poles out of the equation and offering a solid fabric wall that can be branded with graphics as well. If you wish to see our event infrastructure in action, be sure to come check out the Markex and Madex 2018 events, where Scan Display will not only provide the infrastructure, but we will also incorporate our brand-new Fabric Pop-Up Systems in the exhibitions.

Markex | Madex 2018

Showcasing the very best of marketing, advertising, and design that South Africa has on offer, this event should not be missed by anyone in the industry. Markex 2018 is Africa’s premiere promotional product event, proving the power of promotional products and events as an effective marketing tool in the modern industry. This incredible event will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 6th and 7th of June 2018, from 9:00 in the morning to 16:00 in the afternoon. With a wide range of hotels in the immediate area and it only being a couple of minutes’ drive from O. R. Tambo International Airport, the event is accessible for anyone in Africa and across the world, giving you even more reasons to attend and experience the effectiveness of our event infrastructure for yourself.

With Markex 2018 putting the focus on promotional items and aspects surrounding the effectiveness of these items, the Madex 2018 event will focus on marketing, advertising, and design surrounding the specific market. If you find yourself operating within one of these industries, Madex 2018 is not to be missed, with a variety of exhibitions to not only entertain, but also highlight the latest market trends, as well as showcase the newest and most effective tools in the business.

Scan Display makes life easy for exhibitions, whether you oversee events or simply run your own exhibition stand. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images of our products, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

Exhibition Designers & Rentals

Scan Display is one of the leading exhibition designers & rentals providers in South Africa. Started at 1996 by Justin and Alex Haws the company has grown its market far beyond the scope of South African borders to become a competitive force amongst exhibition designers & rentals providers in the world, and particularly in South Africa.

Our head office is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg providing the central location needed by big and small business. We also have branches in other cities ofSouth Africa including that of Cape Town and Durban with a distributor network reaching Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. It is essential for exhibition designers & rentals providers to be well represented throughout to the world. As such we also have distributors in Swaziland, Windhoek, and Lusaka and a branch in Gaberone.

Our network extends to include partnerships in countries such as Australia, the USA, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. We offer expertise in the areas of stand design and construction, a range of exhibition services, advanced graphic design, exhibition architecture, project management, and client service & events.

We have an onsite team of 3D and graphic design specialists to produce concepts in a format that will provide the client a realistic view of the display from every angle before the production of the stand commences.

Our culture is one of lateral and creative thinking ensuring innovative solutions to fit client requirements. Our longstanding commitment to service excellence has earned us many rewards including no fewer than 16 annual stand awards from the Exhibition & Event Association of Southern Africa. Contact us today to discuss your particular stand and display design as well as construction requirements.