Seamless Africa 2020

Seamless Africa 2020 – Leading Event for Payment Systems

Seamless Africa, with its over 200 exhibitors and 1000 attendees, is hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 7 to 8 April 2020. The event is relevant to the retail finance and insurance industries.


As the leading event on payment and commerce systems in southern Africa, Seamless boasts a conference and tradeshow. With separate agendas for the tradeshow and the conference, it is an exciting and must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in payment systems, retail, and E-commerce.


Seamless Africa 2020 also includes the free shared expo where the leading technology service providers in southern Africa display their newest technologies. Several product demonstrations form part of the event. These demonstrations take about 30 minutes each.


With a networking app in place, attendees can connect with participants at the event. To do so is as easy as downloading the app and scheduling meetings for the event days. In addition, the event includes seminars where experts share their knowledge and insights. It provides the perfect platform to exchange ideas and benefit from credible peer-to-peer teaching and learning.


The event also includes the Seamless E-commerce University that covers all the how-to questions regarding the setting up and managing of an online business. Attendees thus gain valuable knowledge and tools to achieve a competitive edge in the world of online business generation.


The exhibitor component is equally exciting with top players in the industry displaying their innovations alongside start-ups gaining a foothold in the industry.


Organised by Terrapin (Pty) Ltd South Africa, the event addresses the disruptive elements in the payment industry. Revolutionary technologies for payments in the retail industry, banking, lending, and insurance technologies are introduced at the event.


Participants from the bank, insurance, and financial technologies attend and exhibit, catering to the knowledge and networking needs of the senior-level audience. Commerce professionals have opportunities to forge new business partnerships, gain access to the best technologies, and discuss challenging issues.


Who should attend, sponsor or exhibit at Seamless Africa?


Role players, start-ups, manufacturers, representatives, and marketing teams operating in the categories listed below benefit from attendance, sponsoring and exhibiting at the event:


  • Payment processors
  • Chip manufacturers
  • Chip integrators
  • NFC
  • Banking technology
  • Fintech innovation
  • ID & security
  • Payment platforms
  • Payment issuers
  • CRM
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Implementation partners
  • Mobile commerce solution providers
  • Cash handling
  • POS solutions
  • Data analytics


The event provides a venue for meeting up, sharing ideas, exhibiting technologies and learning from experts. With its target audience being mainly professionals in the categories mentioned, exhibitors and sponsors have a targeted audience, relevant to their particular industries. As such, they receive superb value for their time and money.


More than 150 speakers from over 25 African countries address delegates at the conference.


Topics covered include, but are not limited to:


  • Block-chain
  • Open banking
  • Payment evolution
  • Mobile interoperability
  • Transforming banking
  • Data-driven innovation
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital banking
  • Alternative technologies
  • ID and authentication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital ID
  • Financial technology
  • Financial integration
  • VAS, CX and UX
  • Insurance technology
  • Regulatory framework for insurtech
  • Insurtech customer technology
  • Data and analytics relevant to insurtech
  • Core banking technology
  • Data innovation in banking technology
  • Innovation in banking
  • Connected banking


Separate agendas are set for insurance technology, bank technology, financial technology and payments. Don’t miss the leading payments conference and expo. Visit, sponsor, and exhibit at the Seamless Africa 2020 event.





Africa Health

Africa Health: Top Event for Healthcare Professionals on the Continent


Africa Health is considered the largest event for healthcare professionals in Africa, to be hosted from 12-14 May 2020 in Johannesburg at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. It is the must-attend convention for manufacturers, pharmaceutical representatives, and healthcare professionals.

With hospital services, clinic offerings, accessories, equipment and services on display, in addition to medicine showcasing and discussions on medical chemicals to form part of the prestigious event, it is one of the best-attended medical conventions on the continent. Healthcare professionals from around the world attend while the exhibitors gain opportunities to showcase their latest breakthrough technologies to a targeted audience.

With over 600 exhibitors and more than 10 500 professionals expected to attend from several exhibiting countries, it is the convention to visit for optimal networking, brand exposure, and product launches. With so many visitors to attend, companies have every reason to display their products and services, enhance their corporate images, and build brand visibility.

Attendees from 68 countries provide for an exceptionally large target base, all interested in the newest, most innovative and cost-effective technologies and services relevant to the healthcare industry.

Visitors and exhibitors alike have ample opportunities to network with trade specialists and healthcare professionals. From suppliers to customers and investors will attend in the hopes of establishing contacts and meeting potential suppliers or clients.

The product scope is just as impressive as thousands of products will be on display. This, of course, gives visitors more options and chances to negotiate contracts or to compare offerings.

Attendance also serves to stay current with the latest developments and ongoing trends in the industry. Visiting helps to gain insight as to the direction of healthcare over the next ten years.

Attendees can improve their skills and expertise levels through participation in workshops, seminars, group discussions, training classes, and conference attendance. Visitors and exhibitors can also explore nearby attractions in the surrounding areas.

For parties interested in exhibiting, a warm invite has been given to book their spots as early as possible since 72% of the 2019 exhibitors have reserved space at the 2020 convention and exhibition. Space is thus limited and to stay competitive in the industry, it is important to have a stand at the 2020 event.

Companies not yet convinced of the benefits of showcasing at Africa Health 2020 should take note of the reasons 2019 exhibitors have rebooked their sites.


New Business Opportunities


With over 10 500 visitors to the event, opportunities to meet new clients and suppliers abound. Tradeshows provide the perfect platforms for informal contact building. Agreements worth millions of rands come in place at such exhibitions. If your plan is to grow your brand in 2020, then visiting and exhibiting at the largest gathering of its kind in the healthcare industry of Africa is a must-do activity.

An exclusive selection of opportunities only open for exhibitors gives even more reason to book a stand for maximum brand exposure. If you have not yet booked your stand or visitor ticket, do so right away to become part of the growing network of successful healthcare professionals and service providing companies in Africa.

Travel Indaba

Travel Indaba: Mark May 2020 for the Travel and Tourism Event for Africa


Travel Indaba is a travel and tourism event of format, specifically hosted in celebration of the African economy. With the main aim being to promote travel and tourism on and to the continent to boost the economies of African countries, it is an exciting event by any standard.


The 2020 Travel Indaba is to be hosted from 12-14 May in Durban, known for its superb tourism opportunities and high turnout of holidaymakers over the December festive season. With the event hosted during the winter, attendees can look forward to fair weather during the exhibition period.


The 11th of May 2020 is reserved for business networking before the big event. As such, exhibitors and visitors hoping to work on their contact lists and possible agreements, should mark the date on their event calendar.


From 12-14 May 2020 will be allocated to an international and local trade exhibition. Showtimes will be from 10:00 to 18:00 on the 12th and 13th with the showtime for the 14th being from 10h00 to 17h30. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to set-up and get ready daily from 8h00.


Considered one of the top three bucket-list events to attend if operating in the travel and tourism industry, Africa’s Travel Indaba attracts thousands of visitors. The trade show will be hosted in the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (Durban ICC) and the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC). With the largest part of the event hosted indoors, the risk of rain-out is minimised.


South African Tourism owns the event, which is hosted every year by Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd. It is an award-winning exhibition with the event having won the best travel and tourism trade show award from the Association of World Travel Awards.


Three important groups will attend:

  • Buyers
  • Exhibitors
  • Media


Buyers consist of airline operators, booking agencies, foreign travel agencies, inbound tour operators, online booking firms, DMCs and transport providers.


The Travel Indaba exhibitors consist of provincial authorities and African country representatives who exhibit in the Durban Exhibition Centre while the International Convention Centre hosts exhibitors from various categories. Such categories range from tour operators to luxury product providers, online travel agencies and media, game lodges, industry leaders and media applications. The outdoor exhibitors also showcase at the event. This category consists of exhibitors from camping and safari operators, suppliers and transport firms.


Media attendees include top travel magazines, website companies, television media operators, and newspapers.


The organisers have set up a website where guidance is given to exhibitors on how to exhibit, prices and rules to keep in mind. Specific criteria must be met before exhibitors are approved. A careful study of the criteria is thus essential before booking a stand.


Buyers welcome the opportunities to gain insight on global travel and tourism trends and developments. They get to meet the key players in the industry and forge stronger relationships with suppliers at the event. With over 1100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, it is an event that has something for everyone.

Exhibition Booth

Your Exhibition Booth – Cool Ways to Attract and Keep Attention

Booking space for an exhibition booth is only the first step. True, pitching up to engage with attendees can be the second step if you make use of our expertise to help your brand stand out at the next event.

Considering that every exhibitor wants to be seen and competes to attract attendees, what can you do to get the best value for time and money with your exhibition booth? Besides letting our team get creative on the layout and attributes, you can think of innovative ways to highlight your brand.

Product Prop

If your firm sells laptops, consider using a large flat-screen television and cardboard design keyboard to give it the feel of a larger-than-life notebook. Add your best brand advert and the visitors will notice. Of course, your exhibition booth may not have all that much space. In this instance, read on as we share more tips on how to make your exhibition booth the talk of the show.

Special Offer – Limited Time

Many event attendees expect discounts and giveaways. Advertise a special offer only available to visitors at the event. Promote the discount through your website, social media pages, and newsletters. But, don’t stop there. Yourdisplay stand must be visible and so must the special.

Forward to Freebies

Swag bags, free beverages, gifts, and discount vouchers are the honeycombs that attract the bees. Make sure that you have enough and advertise them boldly. Everything you give away must have your brand all over it.

Create engagement with competitions at your exhibition booth, enabling attendees to win several small items and have the chance to win something impressive. Announce that attendees must be at your trade stand at a certain time and day for a chance to win the big item.

Go Big or Go Even Bigger

Gigantic swag bags with your brand splashed all over will attract attention. Best of all, the visitors will walk around the trade show advertising your brand. Many more attendees will pop in for their free bags.

Phone-Charging Station

Show you care about customer needs. Add a phone-charging station and offer free beverages for the visitors while they wait. Think about it. The visitors are in your booth, glued to the phone-charging station. They have nowhere else to be and you have their attention. Create interactive displays and use the opportunity to engage with them.

Notebook or Laptop Stations

Provide free Internet access and notebook stations. Add comfortable seating and you have people willing to stay. During this period, your interactive displays run and customer engagement activities are offered.

Selfie Booth

Gone are the days of photo booths. Today, we have selfie booths. Make yours so amazing that visitors will want to stop. Guess what’s in the background? Your brand message is all over it. Every selfie taken is thus an advert for your brand. Create hashtags and provide a range of props to intrigue and inspire. Your exhibition booth will become the hotspot for sharing and posting selfies.

Make the most of events such as the upcoming Wines2Whales, Windaba, and Africa Oil Week. Let us provide you with the ultimate exhibition booth.

Innovation Summit

SA Innovation Summit 2019 – Superb Platform for Innovative Thinking and Technology

The SA Innovation Summit is the leading events platform for entrepreneurs in South Africa. This year’s event was hosted from 11 to 13 September 2019 in Cape Town. The 2019 theme was “From Africa to the World” with the focus on true leadership aimed at being the change and the capacity builder. In addition, it was about showcasing entrepreneurial talent. With over 450 entrepreneurs, more than 150 investors, and as many as 600 companies on the attendance list, it is certainly an event that represents the creative and innovative spirit of South Africa very well. The event has something for everyone. Everything from striking exhibits and incredible learning opportunities to exceptional networking potential and unforgettable keynote deliveries form part of the exciting programme.

Innovation Summit – Value Proposition for Entrepreneurs

It provides an opportunity to learn from the industry gurus and influencers. The event also provides a myriad of networking opportunities, ways to find new markets, and a place to pitch concepts to investors. It is the event to attend if you want to be inspired or seek funding for innovative new ideas.

Innovation Summit – Identify Investment Opportunities

Where else can you discover such a variety of concepts, the most innovative new ideas, proven approaches, and tech start-ups to fund? With access to over 1500 entries, a range of masterclasses and several panel discussions, it is an event that potential investors simply must attend.

Headhunt Talent

Recruit top-tier talent for your business by making use of all the opportunities available at the event. Exploit the platform to expand your company’s support incentives and programmes for new companies. Use the event to host workshops and position your firm as a leader in your particular industry.

Full Programme to Attract and Retain Interest

TheSA Innovation Summit is about creativeness, technology, design, and invention. It is about the people who take challenges head-on and are agents of change. To this end, the event programme reflects the true spirit of the entrepreneurs attending the event. It includes keynote deliveries by local industry and thought leaders, researchers, and experienced entrepreneurs. The summit has an annual programme and this year’s offering did not disappoint. It included the launch of three crowdsourcing campaigns, the building of innovative ecosystems, and panel discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence investment, innovation in justice, and accelerating incubators. It also included pitching dens and lessons founders learnt on their entrepreneurial journeys. Panel discussions, furthermore, focused on topics related to the ethics of investors and commercialisation into Africa, to name only a few. If you have missed this year’s SA Innovation Summit in Cape Town, make sure you are at the next event.

Plan Your Exhibition at the Next Event

Though there is enough time to prepare for your business’s involvement or the pitching of your entrepreneurial concept for the upcoming event in 2020, it is vital to start early. Contact our professional design and print team for expert help to design, print, and manufacture your exhibition stand at the next SA Innovation Summit.

Exhibition Stand Builders

Exhibition Stand Builders

Scan Display – Your Number One Choice for Exhibition Stand Builders

Attending an exhibition or trade show is not as simple as just arriving and setting up. There is a great deal of pre-planning that must go into it. For starters, you will need to work closely with professional exhibition stand builders to ensure that your stand is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, remember that your stand is prime advertising space for your business, its brand and, of course, its products and services. As such, it needs to exude the same appeal and image that you want for your business. This can only be achieved when working closely with professionals in the exhibition stand building field.

Currently, Unibox Tension Fabric Stands are proving to be a great option for clients, as they offer a greener approach to stand building. The fabric of these stands can be used over and over, which means that while they are “greener”, it also means that they present a cost savings for companies that need to have a presence at a variety of shows and exhibitions throughout the year. If the fabric is properly cared for, there is no limit to the amount of times that it can be reused. Fabric system stands offer clients the option of enjoying endless sizes and unlimited configuration options. Once designed and manufactured, the stand is lightweight for easy transportation and manoeuvring. The frames used are also lightweight and easy to assemble with the use of just one convenient tool.

Our professional exhibition stand builders will also introduce you to a range of other options, such as the Unibox Modular System, Unibox Metro Stands and a range of exhibition counters, furniture and accessories to complement each type of system.


exhibition stand builders sample stand

The Fabric Pop-up System at AAXO’s Exhibition of Exhibitions 2018

exhibition stand builders sample stand

Exhibition Stand Builders Building Professional Stands for Your Brand


Of course, realising your needs is the first step towards ensuring that your exhibition stand is built precisely according to your specifications. At Scan Display, we will take the time to understand your stand objectives and then present you with a variety of configuration options to consider. We can then render a computerised example of the stand using our advanced software. Each of our designers is skilled and dedicated to ensuring that your stand is designed to meet with your needs and the demands of the exhibition that you are attending. If you want to be noticed, we offer the best team of exhibition stand builders to work with.

At Scan Display, we offer full-service stand building. This means that we can handle the creation of your exhibition stand, from the conceptualisation stage right through the final printing of advertising and setting up of the stand. All of the products, accessories and items used in the process are of the highest possible quality and we will ensure that you are presented with a stand option that you can use in the future.

To learn more about our skills as exhibition stand builders, peruse our online portfolio or get in touch with us at Scan Display. We are available via email or telephone to tend to your needs and ensure that your questions are answered.