Your Exhibition Booth – Cool Ways to Attract and Keep Attention

Booking space for an exhibition booth is only the first step. True, pitching up to engage with attendees can be the second step if you make use of our expertise to help your brand stand out at the next event.

Considering that every exhibitor wants to be seen and competes to attract attendees, what can you do to get the best value for time and money with your exhibition booth? Besides letting our team get creative on the layout and attributes, you can think of innovative ways to highlight your brand.

Product Prop

If your firm sells laptops, consider using a large flat-screen television and cardboard design keyboard to give it the feel of a larger-than-life notebook. Add your best brand advert and the visitors will notice. Of course, your exhibition booth may not have all that much space. In this instance, read on as we share more tips on how to make your exhibition booth the talk of the show.

Special Offer – Limited Time

Many event attendees expect discounts and giveaways. Advertise a special offer only available to visitors at the event. Promote the discount through your website, social media pages, and newsletters. But, don’t stop there. Yourdisplay stand must be visible and so must the special.

Forward to Freebies

Swag bags, free beverages, gifts, and discount vouchers are the honeycombs that attract the bees. Make sure that you have enough and advertise them boldly. Everything you give away must have your brand all over it.

Create engagement with competitions at your exhibition booth, enabling attendees to win several small items and have the chance to win something impressive. Announce that attendees must be at your trade stand at a certain time and day for a chance to win the big item.

Go Big or Go Even Bigger

Gigantic swag bags with your brand splashed all over will attract attention. Best of all, the visitors will walk around the trade show advertising your brand. Many more attendees will pop in for their free bags.

Phone-Charging Station

Show you care about customer needs. Add a phone-charging station and offer free beverages for the visitors while they wait. Think about it. The visitors are in your booth, glued to the phone-charging station. They have nowhere else to be and you have their attention. Create interactive displays and use the opportunity to engage with them.

Notebook or Laptop Stations

Provide free Internet access and notebook stations. Add comfortable seating and you have people willing to stay. During this period, your interactive displays run and customer engagement activities are offered.

Selfie Booth

Gone are the days of photo booths. Today, we have selfie booths. Make yours so amazing that visitors will want to stop. Guess what’s in the background? Your brand message is all over it. Every selfie taken is thus an advert for your brand. Create hashtags and provide a range of props to intrigue and inspire. Your exhibition booth will become the hotspot for sharing and posting selfies.

Make the most of events such as the upcoming Wines2Whales, Windaba, and Africa Oil Week. Let us provide you with the ultimate exhibition booth.