AAD 2020 Expo

The African Aerospace and Defence 2020 Exhibition


Mark September 2020 as the month of importance on your calendar. Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2020, as the most impressive aerospace and defence expo, will be hosted from 16 to 20 September 2020 at the Waterkloof Air Force base in Centurion.


The AAD Expo ranks amongst the country’s top GDP contributors. It is also the only event of its kind that combines an air show with a trade exhibition in Africa. With its status as an income generator for the country, it is revered as a valuable asset for South Africa. The AAD Expo also adds tremendous prestige for the event hosting industry.



  • Business from 10h30 to 17h00 on 16 September 2020.
  • Business from 09h00 to 17h00 from 17 to 18 September 2020.
  • General from 09h00 to 17h00 from 19 to 20 September 2020.



More than 480 exhibitors are expected at the bi-annual event with an estimation of visitors set at over 32 500.



The AAD 2020 is hosted at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in Centurion, Gauteng.



  • Department of Defence, South Africa
  • City of Tshwane
  • Armscor
  • AMD – South African Aerospace Maritime & Defence Industries Association


The main sponsors include the likes of Reutech and Milkor.


Exhilarating Air Show

The AAD air show impresses by any standard. It includes mobility track demonstrations, aerobatic displays and air demonstrations. In addition, visitors are treated to an exceptional range of static displays of air force and aviation technologies, including a range of aircraft from the most prominent names in the aerospace industry.


Several facilities are offered to entertain the young minds as well, including a Youth Development Programme that entails plastic model building, target practice, forensic investigation, aviation simulator and introduction to first aid. These activities are hosted at a pavilion, specifically purposed for the youth activities.


Reasons to Visit

Public visitors are impressed with the range of displays, many activities offered, and the exceptional air demonstrations. Trade visitors attend because it is the only event of its kind in Africa that includes an international conference and defence exhibition, covering sectors in defence on land, sea and air.


The latest technologies are on display, providing insight as to the design trends in the industries. In addition, it provides the perfect platform for meeting key players and forging new business relationships. Of course, the event also provides opportunities for reinforcing existing relationships among government departments and defence force sectors across the African continent.


Why Exhibit?

With thousands of trade and public visitors attending, it provides for the ideal platform to showcase your products and brand. The AAD attracts many international investors and key decision-makers in the aerospace and defence sectors.


Participation in the event provides for access to policymakers and opportunities to showcase projects to defence and prime contractors. Global media coverage of the event provides superb brand exposure and the chance to align your firm’s brand with top international brands. The event also includes a jam-packed programme for the international defence delegations.


Exhibition opportunities exist for small- to medium-sized businesses to gain more brand exposure on the local market at the Country Pavilions.


More information is available at the official website for AAD 2020.




Travel Indaba

Travel Indaba: Mark May 2020 for the Travel and Tourism Event for Africa


Travel Indaba is a travel and tourism event of format, specifically hosted in celebration of the African economy. With the main aim being to promote travel and tourism on and to the continent to boost the economies of African countries, it is an exciting event by any standard.


The 2020 Travel Indaba is to be hosted from 12-14 May in Durban, known for its superb tourism opportunities and high turnout of holidaymakers over the December festive season. With the event hosted during the winter, attendees can look forward to fair weather during the exhibition period.


The 11th of May 2020 is reserved for business networking before the big event. As such, exhibitors and visitors hoping to work on their contact lists and possible agreements, should mark the date on their event calendar.


From 12-14 May 2020 will be allocated to an international and local trade exhibition. Showtimes will be from 10:00 to 18:00 on the 12th and 13th with the showtime for the 14th being from 10h00 to 17h30. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to set-up and get ready daily from 8h00.


Considered one of the top three bucket-list events to attend if operating in the travel and tourism industry, Africa’s Travel Indaba attracts thousands of visitors. The trade show will be hosted in the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (Durban ICC) and the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC). With the largest part of the event hosted indoors, the risk of rain-out is minimised.


South African Tourism owns the event, which is hosted every year by Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd. It is an award-winning exhibition with the event having won the best travel and tourism trade show award from the Association of World Travel Awards.


Three important groups will attend:

  • Buyers
  • Exhibitors
  • Media


Buyers consist of airline operators, booking agencies, foreign travel agencies, inbound tour operators, online booking firms, DMCs and transport providers.


The Travel Indaba exhibitors consist of provincial authorities and African country representatives who exhibit in the Durban Exhibition Centre while the International Convention Centre hosts exhibitors from various categories. Such categories range from tour operators to luxury product providers, online travel agencies and media, game lodges, industry leaders and media applications. The outdoor exhibitors also showcase at the event. This category consists of exhibitors from camping and safari operators, suppliers and transport firms.


Media attendees include top travel magazines, website companies, television media operators, and newspapers.


The organisers have set up a website where guidance is given to exhibitors on how to exhibit, prices and rules to keep in mind. Specific criteria must be met before exhibitors are approved. A careful study of the criteria is thus essential before booking a stand.


Buyers welcome the opportunities to gain insight on global travel and tourism trends and developments. They get to meet the key players in the industry and forge stronger relationships with suppliers at the event. With over 1100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, it is an event that has something for everyone.

Africa Energy Indaba

Africa Energy Indaba in Cape Town as the Must-Attend Event for March 2020


The Africa Energy Indaba Conference will be hosted from 3 to 4 March 2020 in South Africa’s Mother City. The Cape Town Convention Centre will play host to the prestigious event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The energy conference plays an integral part in the development and direction of the African continent’s energy sector and policy governing activities in the sector.


Important issues relevant to energy production and supply on the continent are investigated, analysed and discussed at the key event. With it being the premier event of its kind and focus in Africa, the conference and exhibition bring together top influencers, buyers, and suppliers in the industry.


The event belongs to the World Energy Council (WEC) and is a regional event of the WEC, in which close cooperation with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency and the South African National Energy Association take place, in addition to the partnerships with key trade associations with the likes of SAOGA and SAEEC.


Attendees from many countries around the globe attend to discuss and seek solutions for energy supply to the African continent. Role players include financing houses, investors, industry leaders, government representatives, developers, manufacturers, and energy clients.


With sustainable energy supply being the focus for industries today, it is also a key discussion point at the conference. Solutions are sought for ongoing sustainable energy supply to reduce environmental impact and improve the wellbeing of people on the continent.


Improved energy supply is essential for economic growth, better healthcare and improvements in education on the African continent. With it being the 12th Africa Energy Indaba, the event already has a substantial media following as well.


Reasons to attend and exhibit at the Africa Energy Indaba in 2020 are briefly noted below.


Gain Insight from Industry Gurus

Expert keynote speakers will share their knowledge and insights with conference attendees about the changing energy sector on the continent. Top company executives and high-ranking government representatives will also address attendees.


Several Networking Opportunities

With conference lunch and refreshment intervals, receptions and business matchmaking initiatives on the cards, attendees have ample opportunities to forge strong business relations.


Insight into the Future of the Energy Sector

The landscape is changing fast and with disruptive processes eminent, new and innovative financing methods may be needed. The proposed changes are in the pipeline and knowing how it will affect companies in the industry and end-users, will help you gain a competitive edge.


New and Improved Technologies Will Be Introduced

Grid technologies are rapidly changing and so are the off-grid energy supply technologies. Learn about the new ways forward and how such will affect everyday business and life. From electric cars to more efficient energy storage technologies will come under the spotlight.


Exhibitors and attendees hoping to attract investment cash for energy projects will benefit from the matchmaking opportunities. Access limits to energy in Africa remain a problem. With over six million people still without access to reliable energy and more than 700 million still relying on biomass for energy supply, there is still a long road ahead.


Become part of the solution, rub shoulders with the industry leaders and expand your business footprint by joining many other company leaders for discussions and exhibitions at the 2020 Africa Indaba.

Meetings Africa 2020

Meetings Africa 2020 Focusses on Shared Economies


Meetings Africa 2020 will be hosted in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre from 24 to 26 February 2020. It is considered the epitome of international travel, tourism and recreational services events.


The focus of expo is the highlighting of the continent as a prime tourism destination. During the expo, an extensive view is given about the travel industry on the continent. The exhibition is a superb spot for meeting influencers in the industry and developing an international network of experts, investors and key role players.


For visitors to the expo, it also represents the ideal place for booking holiday trips to places across the continent. With the aim of the event being to create a platform for business to business networking and business to client marketing exposure, it covers the entire spectrum of tourism, travel, recreational, and hospitality services on both the business- and client-side of things.


A diverse range of brands, services, products, and opportunities are displayed and introduced during the event. Industry professionals meet up to promote the continent and create awareness of Africa as a holiday destination.


It will be the 15th event, and as such, the event is expected to be exceptional. It is hosted by the South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB). Trade exhibitors have been invited to showcase their offerings at the event whilst interested attendees are invited to book tickets early on.


The Pan-African trade event has the theme of Shared Economies for 2020. This highlights the collaboration needs of industry professionals and the importance of working together as a continent because tourism is key to improving the economies on the African continent.


Products from many countries will be on display. In addition, the Meetings Incentive Conference and Exhibition (MICE) will add the discussion and decision-making element to the event.


With thousands of meetings taking place between exhibitors and visitors, it is an event not to miss as a trade exhibitor or buyer. The impact of the MICE players is huge as it affects not only the tourism industry, but also larger economies because of the positive ripple effect of job creation and business opportunities.


The event targets from travel agencies to associations, event planners, executives, and booking agencies. Exhibitors benefit from opportunities to meet with more than 400 qualified hosted buyers in face-to-face meetings. A targeted business match-making platform is in place and industry peers can network across the different sectors. Participants can launch their new products or be introduced to such, have opportunities to network, in addition to gaining information through educational sessions.


Participants from cruise liners to spa resorts, conference organisers, travel publications, accommodation providers, and tourism authorities form part of the participant and buyer lists. PR agencies, marketing companies, incentive houses, association buyers, and sales agents also participate in the expo. The participating country list is impressive whilst people and organisations from countries such as Argentina, France, Singapore, Sweden, Kenya, China, and Korea, to name only a few, are expected at the event.


Thousands of visitors are expected with the estimated exhibitor count at more than 500. It is a must-visit and participate event. Join other role players, exhibitors, and buyers at the significant Meetings Africa 2020 expo.

Exhibition Booths

6 Basic Design Tips for Trade-Show Success with Exhibition Booths

Since you will invest a lot of time and money to display your services, brand, and products at trade shows, it makes sense to ensure that your exhibition booths are attractive, functional, and unique. We share a few tips below to help you maximise the potential of your exhibition booths.

  1. Work with Available Space

If the space is restrictive, you need to minimise obstructions, especially stands, display cases, and furniture at the entrance or exit areas of the exhibition booths. You want a natural flow. As soon as visitors feel restricted in their movement, they will become irritated and won’t pay attention to the exceptional displays.

  • Use Vertical Space to Your Advantage

It is not all that easy to stand out from the crowd, especially if all the exhibition booths are of superior design. To this end, enquire if there is a vertical space limit. If not, use the space above your exhibition stand for tower signs, and hang displays or any other type of advert that can draw attention to your stand. This is especially helpful if the trade show is rather crowded. Attendees are likely to see the displays above the booths and follow them to find your particular stand.

  • Work with Fewer Rather Than More Words

Visitors to trade shows have limited time. They are bombarded with information. Give them something easy to remember. Think of a slogan that’s catchy and go with it, rather than use long sentences to convey messages. Grab their attention with the displays by making them memorable with short action verbs and drive the message home with a catchy slogan. Place text at the top part of the booth to minimise the risk of it being obstructed by people passing it.

  • Light Up the Message

Far too many exhibition booths rely on the trade show’s lights for illumination. Be different. Use uplights, downlights, angle lights, LED light boxes, and even colour lights to highlight messages. Create the right mood with lights and use angle lights at the entrance to direct people into the stand.

  • Images Sell More Than Words

People are lazy when it comes to reading, especially if bombarded with thousands of text ads. They scan and they walk past. If you want them to stop, pay attention, and remember, use images. Make sure that the images are powerful or memorable. Go big on this with life-size images to attract attention. The images must be visible, so avoid placement at the bottom part of the stand.

  • Be Creative with Materials

Speak to our consultants about possible materials to use. You can create different textures – highlight your involvement in tech products with aluminium materials for counters or use graphic walls to display nature images if you supply natural products. Smooth and silky materials work well if you operate within the medical industry, while a feeling of ruggedness can be attained with roughly textured materials if you operate a 4×4 dealership.

The above tips are only starting guidelines. Speak to our design consultants for professional assistance in making exhibition booths successful.

Display Booth

Innovative Design Ideas for Display Booths to Attract More Visitors

For a successful exhibition at one of the upcoming trade events, you need a display booth that attracts more visitors. The same old designs simply don’t cut it. Everyone at these events wants to attract visitors. The design of your display booth must be unique for it to be noticed.

We share a few ideas to spark interest, helping you to see how being different can attract more attendees.

Secret Space

Humans are curious by nature. So, when something is hidden or secret, the urge to investigate quickly takes over. But, how can you be secretive?

Enclose your stand, almost as if it’s a cube. With most of the display stands open and airy, the enclosed design will spark interest. With this concept, the visitors must enter to see what’s inside. Don’t disappoint them once they’re in. This is where you must optimise the use of our display walls, event flooring, and lights to create the right highlights. Hand something out, spoil them with beverages and a relaxation area, and give them a reason to talk about their amazing experience.

Mini Spa, Kitchen, or Demo Room

Visitors want something different and they enjoy being pampered. A mini cook-off or spa treatment appeals to the need for attention. Of course, your product doesn’t have to be related to the kitchen or food. You can use the cooking demonstration to explain how your product or service works and then hand out delicious food samples. The same applies to the spa idea. If a scientific approach is more appealing, consider hosting a little science show as if in a lab. Remember to create interest through engagement.

Small Space? Use the Ceiling as a Hanging Space!

Even if your floor space at the Propak Cape event is limited, you can still get your brand noticed. Do so by hanging displays from the ceiling over your booth. Visitors will see the displays from far and come closer to investigate.

Lifestyle Booth

Appeal to the need for relaxation with elegant and inviting couches. Add two trendy hanging chairs and spruce up the ambience with stylish beverages.

Magic for Stopping Power

People are intrigued by the mystique of magicians. Having an experienced close-up magician at your display booth to entertain ensures a large crowd. Add brand power through giveaways or let the magician use some of your products in his or her show.

Virtual Reality – Space Exploration

Create a space where visitors have opportunities to try out virtual reality hardware. Take them to fantasy worlds or let them play games. This type of interactive display booth tends to attract the younger tech-savvy crowds.

Everything you need to stand out at the Wines2Whales event on the 25th of October to the 3rd of November 2019 is available from us. Don’t forget about Windaba from the 4th to the 6th of November and the Africa Oil Week from the 4th to the 8th of November 2019.

We provide trade booths and a range of modular stands according to customer needs. Get in touch for more information about our award-winning stand designs for the above and other exciting display opportunities.