Africa Energy Indaba in Cape Town as the Must-Attend Event for March 2020


The Africa Energy Indaba Conference will be hosted from 3 to 4 March 2020 in South Africa’s Mother City. The Cape Town Convention Centre will play host to the prestigious event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The energy conference plays an integral part in the development and direction of the African continent’s energy sector and policy governing activities in the sector.


Important issues relevant to energy production and supply on the continent are investigated, analysed and discussed at the key event. With it being the premier event of its kind and focus in Africa, the conference and exhibition bring together top influencers, buyers, and suppliers in the industry.


The event belongs to the World Energy Council (WEC) and is a regional event of the WEC, in which close cooperation with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency and the South African National Energy Association take place, in addition to the partnerships with key trade associations with the likes of SAOGA and SAEEC.


Attendees from many countries around the globe attend to discuss and seek solutions for energy supply to the African continent. Role players include financing houses, investors, industry leaders, government representatives, developers, manufacturers, and energy clients.


With sustainable energy supply being the focus for industries today, it is also a key discussion point at the conference. Solutions are sought for ongoing sustainable energy supply to reduce environmental impact and improve the wellbeing of people on the continent.


Improved energy supply is essential for economic growth, better healthcare and improvements in education on the African continent. With it being the 12th Africa Energy Indaba, the event already has a substantial media following as well.


Reasons to attend and exhibit at the Africa Energy Indaba in 2020 are briefly noted below.


Gain Insight from Industry Gurus

Expert keynote speakers will share their knowledge and insights with conference attendees about the changing energy sector on the continent. Top company executives and high-ranking government representatives will also address attendees.


Several Networking Opportunities

With conference lunch and refreshment intervals, receptions and business matchmaking initiatives on the cards, attendees have ample opportunities to forge strong business relations.


Insight into the Future of the Energy Sector

The landscape is changing fast and with disruptive processes eminent, new and innovative financing methods may be needed. The proposed changes are in the pipeline and knowing how it will affect companies in the industry and end-users, will help you gain a competitive edge.


New and Improved Technologies Will Be Introduced

Grid technologies are rapidly changing and so are the off-grid energy supply technologies. Learn about the new ways forward and how such will affect everyday business and life. From electric cars to more efficient energy storage technologies will come under the spotlight.


Exhibitors and attendees hoping to attract investment cash for energy projects will benefit from the matchmaking opportunities. Access limits to energy in Africa remain a problem. With over six million people still without access to reliable energy and more than 700 million still relying on biomass for energy supply, there is still a long road ahead.


Become part of the solution, rub shoulders with the industry leaders and expand your business footprint by joining many other company leaders for discussions and exhibitions at the 2020 Africa Indaba.