Display Booth

Innovative Design Ideas for Display Booths to Attract More Visitors

For a successful exhibition at one of the upcoming trade events, you need a display booth that attracts more visitors. The same old designs simply don’t cut it. Everyone at these events wants to attract visitors. The design of your display booth must be unique for it to be noticed.

We share a few ideas to spark interest, helping you to see how being different can attract more attendees.

Secret Space

Humans are curious by nature. So, when something is hidden or secret, the urge to investigate quickly takes over. But, how can you be secretive?

Enclose your stand, almost as if it’s a cube. With most of the display stands open and airy, the enclosed design will spark interest. With this concept, the visitors must enter to see what’s inside. Don’t disappoint them once they’re in. This is where you must optimise the use of our display walls, event flooring, and lights to create the right highlights. Hand something out, spoil them with beverages and a relaxation area, and give them a reason to talk about their amazing experience.

Mini Spa, Kitchen, or Demo Room

Visitors want something different and they enjoy being pampered. A mini cook-off or spa treatment appeals to the need for attention. Of course, your product doesn’t have to be related to the kitchen or food. You can use the cooking demonstration to explain how your product or service works and then hand out delicious food samples. The same applies to the spa idea. If a scientific approach is more appealing, consider hosting a little science show as if in a lab. Remember to create interest through engagement.

Small Space? Use the Ceiling as a Hanging Space!

Even if your floor space at the Propak Cape event is limited, you can still get your brand noticed. Do so by hanging displays from the ceiling over your booth. Visitors will see the displays from far and come closer to investigate.

Lifestyle Booth

Appeal to the need for relaxation with elegant and inviting couches. Add two trendy hanging chairs and spruce up the ambience with stylish beverages.

Magic for Stopping Power

People are intrigued by the mystique of magicians. Having an experienced close-up magician at your display booth to entertain ensures a large crowd. Add brand power through giveaways or let the magician use some of your products in his or her show.

Virtual Reality – Space Exploration

Create a space where visitors have opportunities to try out virtual reality hardware. Take them to fantasy worlds or let them play games. This type of interactive display booth tends to attract the younger tech-savvy crowds.

Everything you need to stand out at the Wines2Whales event on the 25th of October to the 3rd of November 2019 is available from us. Don’t forget about Windaba from the 4th to the 6th of November and the Africa Oil Week from the 4th to the 8th of November 2019.

We provide trade booths and a range of modular stands according to customer needs. Get in touch for more information about our award-winning stand designs for the above and other exciting display opportunities.

Exhibition Stands Available To Businesses throughout South Africa

You often find that there are plenty exhibitions running throughout South Africa and all throughout the year, with exhibition stands being supplied by https://www.scandisplay.co.za. Events managers often hire out these massive halls where you can literally cram in thousands of people at a time and you can have hundreds of stalls and exhibition stands scattered throughout the venue. There are a number of venues in each of the major metropolitan areas of South Africa that are able to match that description and can handle that kind of capacity.

You will often find an international convention centre of sorts in one of the major CBD areas, and then you also come across independently owned venues that have more than enough space to host a fairly big conference. Either way, the space is invariably going to be limited to a specific amount for each vendor or stall holder. They will need to be allocated a specific amount of space as a part of their fee for being a part of the whole event, and charged extra for a bigger stand.

It doesn’t really matter which province you are in, and which venue you choose to run a stall at, you will always have to make sure that you have your entire stand planned out and ready to go for the first day of the trade show or exhibition.

Planning Your Exhibition Stand Properly

If you carefully consider all the options available for your stand, you will see that the possibilities are limitless and you can literally go all out with your display, so that you maximise the interaction possibilities with the people that are interested in your business. Setting up exhibition stands in Johannesburg and Pretoria is fairly simple when you have a big venue available to you, like Pretoria’s Loftus Versfeld or Johannesburg’s Coca-Cola Dome, and generous amount of space to make the most of. The inland provinces are normally easily accessible for everyone, and you will often find that you have access to a lot more people.

You will normally get given a floor plan that shows you were all the stalls are and there exact shape and size. You can choose stand according the required size you need, or you can look for a specific shape, such as a corner stand where you can make the most of your space and still have the most traffic walking by. If you have given enough thought to your display, then you will have an idea of the layout and subsequently the type stand that you need.

You need to be able to interact with your potential visitors, so your stand needs to be fairly open and accessible. You may even want to allow them to walk into your stand where they can get a better look at your products and services, and you can also have staff in there to help attend to any questions and handle any on-site sales that might happen there and then. You can really go all out for your displays if you want, but as long as you give them easy access, you should be just fine.

Exhibition Stands in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town

The coastal provinces of South Africa also have similar facilities in their conference centres, with the exception that they are on the ocean. In most cases the only thing you really have to worry about there is the weather, because it tends to be a bit temperamental at times and you need to bear that in mind when you are looking for exhibitions that are specially arrange for your type of visit.

Durban and Port Elizabeth tend to be more humid at times and Cape Town will literally experience four seasons in a single day. As long as you have place to be under cover when things go bad, you should be fine, or else it could end up being a complete waste of time when people don’t turn up. Exhibition stands in Durban should be the same as the Exhibition stands in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town for that matter.

However it may be easier just to get what you need from the one supplier and transport it around to the rest if you plan to visit the whole country. There are simple and convenient ways to make use of a single unit from a single place and still have all your bases covered around the country.