Custom Display Booths

How Innovative Fabric Shell Schemes Make Custom Display Booths Possible

The traditional shell scheme used by event organisers and exhibition venues have some limitations, especially when it comes to the creation of custom display booths.


Problems with traditional shell schemes

The panels are heavy and difficult to set up. With posts separating the panels, it is almost impossible to create seamless graphic display walls. In addition, the panels scratch, and the vinyl-based graphic prints cannot be re-used. This makes custom display stands expensive and tedious to design and set-up.


How our solutions make it easier to set up exhibition stands

With the new and innovative fabric shell scheme as available through us, it is possible to address all the mentioned problems. Seamless fabric walls are easily attached to the posts. With the lightweight of the scheme, setting up event booths is faster and more cost-efficient; the latter being an added bonus.


Components of the fabric shell scheme

It consists of a modular aluminium system that makes it easy to create display stands that feature seamless fabric walls. This is possible because of the silicone edge graphic technology offered. The white poly twill fabric is stretched over the posts, from one corner to the other. These panels can be replaced with custom graphic fabric walls.


The standard scheme consists of a 3 x 3 m booth. With only four aluminium posts as compared to the 10 posts of the traditional scheme, it is faster and easier to set up. Traditional schemes for exhibition booths consist of 32 locks and nine panels to insert. The new schemes have only 12 locks to tighten with three panels to attach.


The system is dark grey powder-coated for easy fading into the background. This also helps to emphasise the graphics. We offer the scheme in 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, and 4 m wall modules. As such, it is possible to create display booths according to space availability.


The fabric can be re-used, washed, and stored. With several wall-length options, all the exhibition booths at an event can look as if custom designed. The scheme has a sophisticated look and feel, which adds visual appeal to any stand. The fabric scheme can also be used at conference entrances.


Re-usability of graphics and easy transportation

The lightweight components of the scheme make it easier to dismantle and transport. Clients can use their graphics at other events as well. With such, fully customisable display booths are possible at a fraction of the time and cost of the conventional plastic panel schemes that are heavy and take up more space in storage.


Improve your exhibition spaces with our range of solutions

We offer a range of options to create stunning and innovative stalls. Such also includes counters, pop-up displays, brochure stands and banners. Offer your exhibitors more choices and improved booths with our custom options. Get in touch for more information about our stand building options including the innovative fabric shell schemes for your exhibition or trade show.

Africa Health

Africa Health: Top Event for Healthcare Professionals on the Continent


Africa Health is considered the largest event for healthcare professionals in Africa, to be hosted from 12-14 May 2020 in Johannesburg at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. It is the must-attend convention for manufacturers, pharmaceutical representatives, and healthcare professionals.

With hospital services, clinic offerings, accessories, equipment and services on display, in addition to medicine showcasing and discussions on medical chemicals to form part of the prestigious event, it is one of the best-attended medical conventions on the continent. Healthcare professionals from around the world attend while the exhibitors gain opportunities to showcase their latest breakthrough technologies to a targeted audience.

With over 600 exhibitors and more than 10 500 professionals expected to attend from several exhibiting countries, it is the convention to visit for optimal networking, brand exposure, and product launches. With so many visitors to attend, companies have every reason to display their products and services, enhance their corporate images, and build brand visibility.

Attendees from 68 countries provide for an exceptionally large target base, all interested in the newest, most innovative and cost-effective technologies and services relevant to the healthcare industry.

Visitors and exhibitors alike have ample opportunities to network with trade specialists and healthcare professionals. From suppliers to customers and investors will attend in the hopes of establishing contacts and meeting potential suppliers or clients.

The product scope is just as impressive as thousands of products will be on display. This, of course, gives visitors more options and chances to negotiate contracts or to compare offerings.

Attendance also serves to stay current with the latest developments and ongoing trends in the industry. Visiting helps to gain insight as to the direction of healthcare over the next ten years.

Attendees can improve their skills and expertise levels through participation in workshops, seminars, group discussions, training classes, and conference attendance. Visitors and exhibitors can also explore nearby attractions in the surrounding areas.

For parties interested in exhibiting, a warm invite has been given to book their spots as early as possible since 72% of the 2019 exhibitors have reserved space at the 2020 convention and exhibition. Space is thus limited and to stay competitive in the industry, it is important to have a stand at the 2020 event.

Companies not yet convinced of the benefits of showcasing at Africa Health 2020 should take note of the reasons 2019 exhibitors have rebooked their sites.


New Business Opportunities


With over 10 500 visitors to the event, opportunities to meet new clients and suppliers abound. Tradeshows provide the perfect platforms for informal contact building. Agreements worth millions of rands come in place at such exhibitions. If your plan is to grow your brand in 2020, then visiting and exhibiting at the largest gathering of its kind in the healthcare industry of Africa is a must-do activity.

An exclusive selection of opportunities only open for exhibitors gives even more reason to book a stand for maximum brand exposure. If you have not yet booked your stand or visitor ticket, do so right away to become part of the growing network of successful healthcare professionals and service providing companies in Africa.

Propak Cape 2020

Propak Cape 2020 Boasts an Impressive Exhibitor Profile


The Propak Cape 2020 event will be hosted from 20-22 October 2020 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in the Western Cape and will be open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Interested parties have been invited to connect with thousands of visitors to increase brand awareness, establish contacts and expand markets.


Exhibitors will have the opportunity to generate sales leads, as well as increase conversion rates at the event where buyers and sellers get face-to-face meeting time. With over two decades of hosting the event, Propak Cape 2020 is already a favourite trade show with key players in the industry. With large scale face-to-face marketing, promotion, and sales opportunities to a targeted audience of close to 6 000 attendees, exhibitors have every reason to book their stands at the impressive packaging trade show.


Benefits of exhibiting at the Propak Cape 2020 event include:


  • Opportunity to sell directly to willing buyers and key influencers.
  • Build brand exposure in the Western Cape.
  • Exposure to new customers.
  • Generate qualifying sales leads.
  • Forge stronger customer relations.
  • Introduce products in front of important decision-makers.


The event is as beneficial for exhibitors as it is for the many thousands of visitors. Exhibitors and sponsors have opportunities such as brand exposure in the event’s e-zine publication, establishing a presence on the website, and gaining extra coverage of their brands through the Propak Cape app. Participants can also benefit from the profiling opportunities in the Propak Cape Visitor Guide and inclusion in the event social media marketing and platforms. Various types of sponsorship opportunities exist to maximise the potential of brand exposure.


Visitors can also realise several benefits including opportunities to learn more about products, services, and key industry aspects at the free seminars. The premier visitor lounge is expected to be as popular as ever and the opportunity to see new product displays before such products have reached the market is another reason to visit the event. Thousands of new and innovative products and services will be showcased at the exciting packaging trade show.


The event is co-located with the Print Expo, FoodPro Expo, Pro-Label Expo, as well as the Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo. The exhibitor and product portfolio includes but is not limited to substrates, polymers, paper, boxes, cans, containers, closures, pouches, drums, bottles, and flexible packaging, to name only a few.


From manufacturers and suppliers to agents of plastics processing materials and equipment will exhibit. Service providers and suppliers of blow moulding and injection moulding equipment are also on the exhibitor list. Providers of converting, extrusion and chilling equipment will also be among the exhibitors. In addition, suppliers and key role players in the provision of processing aids, recycling materials and equipment, as well as feeders will display their products.


If not comprehensive enough, the exhibitor list includes the likes of suppliers printing and labelling products such as bar-coding and label applications. The list is by no means exhaustive, and for a full exhibitor profile visit the Propak Cape 2020 website. Whether you want to showcase, meet with suppliers or buyers, or want to gain insight into the industry, it is the event to attend if you are involved in the packaging industry.

Stand Building for Festive Events

Stand Building for Festive Events: 7 Tips to Get You Going


Your stand can either fade into the décor of the exhibition or make a lasting (and positive) impression. By following the stand building for festive events tips below, you can set the design path to a successful booth at any event.


  1. Space is Limited

Space equals money and with limited space, you want to maximise the area usage. Confirm how much space you have to work with before you start building the stand. Festive events are all about visitors being able to walk through and utilise your stand without having to navigate through narrow entrances. Remove all obstacles at the entrance and exit points that can hinder natural movement through the stand. Set up meeting spaces to the back of the booth, allowing people to come in and walk around without having to wait for others to complete their conversations with your salespeople.


      2.   Choose the Right Colours

Keep with the event theme. If it is Christmas, then red, green, white, gold or silver are expected colours. If your brand doesn’t have any of the colours in the brand logo or message, don’t despair, because you can still decorate in your colours and add one of the expected colours that fits with your brand colours. If blue is the main colour of the brand, you can add white as the contrasting colour or work with blue and silver.


  1. First Impressions Count Really Do Count

Your stand competes with many other superbly designed booths for attention. Expect most of the booths to maximise on the festive event theme. To stand out, you need to do something different without ignoring the festive theme. Use lights to highlight and pay attention to the floor. It is about the entire experience, which is why you need to think about your choices when it comes to walls, layout, ad messages, handouts, seating, comfort and enjoyability of the visit to your booth. Think what will create a strong message and superb first impression. Angled light boxes with attention grabbing ad messages at the entrance can help to create interest and thus enticement to explore the surrounds.


  1. No Graphics?

It is about visual enticement. With limited space and time to grab attention and retain it you need to work with powerful graphics as opposed to loads of text. Choose images and graphics that can convey targeted messages without extensive wording or explanations.


  1. Text Must Be Bold and Limited

Keep text to a minimum, but make sure every text message is at eye level and highly visible. Short, powerful and memorable text messages work rather than long form copy messages.


  1. Use Various Types of Materials

Sometimes materials that would otherwise not work together, can be used to create interesting stands. Use aluminium, glass, plastic and fabric in unique combinations rather than just working with one type of texture.


  1. Tech Society Means Tech-Hungry Visitors

Add display or information kiosks for more interaction. Use light dimming effects. Make sure the sound equipment is top-notch if you play music or announcements. You want the visitors to appreciate your mastery of technology without overwhelming them. Utilise virtual reality for demonstrations of your products or services. Have apps ready for download and interactive gaming where relevant.


Get help from professionals to make your booth truly pop at the next festive event by making use of our design expertise.

AfricaCom 2019

AfricaCom 2019 in Cape Town: Must-Attend Event on Digital Tech & Telecoms

If digital technology is of interest to you, then the AfricaCom 2019 conference and exhibition to be hosted from the 12th to the 14th of November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in Cape Town, South Africa is an event you don’t want to miss.

Noted by some as one of the top five events of its kind in Africa, the event brings together communication and connectivity role players who are critical to the digital revolution on the African continent.

With 15 000 attendees, a whopping 450 notable speakers, and 500 exhibitors participating in the AfricaCom 2019, it is easy to understand why it is considered such a significant event. With broad-spectrum support, the event is where anyone interested in Africa-based telecommunications and technology can meet.

Whether your firm operates within the connectivity sphere or is involved in one of the disruptive technologies, the content of the conference, together with the offerings of exhibitors, is something to cherish. Everything from digital services to disruptive technologies, ITC strategies, and connection technology come under the spotlight at the conference and exhibition.

For participants who are more focused on technology, the AfricaTech event running with AfricaCom 2019 is the place to be. It is focused on topics ranging from data centre management to Fintech, AI, and IoT, to name just a few topics of interest.

Connectivity industry players and interested parties appreciate the in-depth discussions, workshops, demonstrations, and keynote deliveries regarding digital video distribution, wholesale telecommunications, and 5G.

The organisers have also invited visitors to enjoy a drink with them at the opening of the AfricaCom and AfricaTech 2019 event at the on-site bar. Of course, this provides ample opportunities for networking with influencers in the digital and telecommunication industries. Tech DJs entertain while attendees mingle and exchange business cards on Tuesday the 12th of November 2019 at the AfricaTech Centre Stage Bar.

As with many such events, the place of hosting is just as important. The event is hosted at the CTICC, noted for superb facilities, a central location, and ample parking spaces. The CTICC is located at 1 Lower Long Street in the prestigious Foreshore of Cape Town near top hotels.

With 450 speakers at the event, it is hardly possible to give recognition to each of them. A few of the speakers set to address important topics at the conference are:

  • Prof. Brian Armstrong – Chair of Digital Business at Wits Business School.
  • Lunga Newman – Industry architect from Old Mutual.
  • Mandla Magagula – Blockchain consultant from Rand Merchant Bank.
  • Navindran Naidoo – Executive at network design and planning from the MTN Group.
  • Joseph Hundah – CEO of Econet Media.
  • Cassandra Enyan – Head of Android Platform Partnerships from Google.
  • Warren Hero – CDO from Webber Wentzel.
  • Ben Roberts – CTIO from Liquid Telecom.
  • William Mzimba – CEO of Vodacom Business Group.
  • Hon. Paula Ingabire – Minister of ICT & Innovation from Rwanda.

The speaker list is impressive by any standard. Many more speakers of note also participate in the conference. For more information on the AfricaCom 2019, visit the CTICC website, and for assistance in creating an exhibition booth that will make your company stand out, get in touch with our team at Scan Display.

Africa Oil Week 2019

Africa Oil Week 2019: Where the Future of Africa’s Energy and Gas Is Discussed

TheAfrica Oil Week 2019 is hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) at 1 Lower Long Street in the Foreshore of Cape Town. The event is considered the leading platform for intelligence collection and transactions for role players in the oil and gas sector on the African continent. The event is hosted from the 4th to the 8th of November 2019, giving participants several days in which to form partnerships, seek investments, offer investments, and participate in meaningful discussions relevant to the industry.

The most prestigious and respected E&P stakeholders in the sector attend the event. Being on the list of participating companies already provides exceptional prestige and opportunities for participants. People from international oil conglomerates, investment companies, and governments are among the participants, and the key players with which attendees can rub shoulders.

With top decision-makers on the attendance list, discussions and workshops on topics of importance are set to impact the future of the industry. Numerous beneficial partnerships are formed at this event with its bidding rounds. Energy ministers from various countries on the continent also attend, giving even more weight to the outcomes of discussions and partnerships.

The ministers attending the event include the US Assistance Secretary for Fossil Energy, the Premier of the Western Cape, and ministers from Uganda, Tunisia, and Equatorial Guinea. The focus includes an in-depth look at what the future holds for the energy and gas sectors, and what can be expected from future energies.

The Africa Oil Week has been CPD certified. This means the event has been certified according to the requirements of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This describes the activities by professionals in a particular industry committed to the engagement and development of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The event, therefore, meets the requirements of a proactive development platform for professionals within the oil and gas industries.

Among the Many Notable Speakers Providing Exceptional Insight in the Industry Are:

  • Adewale Fayemi – MD of Exploration and Production in South Africa, as a representative of Total.
  • Karyna Rodriguez – Petroleum Geoscientist from TGS.
  • Ahmet Dik – CEO of Victoria Oil & Gas.
  • Ajay Trikam – Director of Energy from the Western Cape Government.
  • Alan Driscole – Principal Geologist from Beagle Geoscience.
  • Jasper Pejis – Exploration Vice President for BP.
  • Jeremy Asher – CEO of Tower Resources.
  • Richard Nelson – Deputy Coordinator of Power Africa.
  • Thabane Zulu – Director General of the Department of Energy, South Africa.

The above list is indicative of the level of professionalism and influence at the Africa Oil Week. It is by no means exhaustive as several keynote speakers address peer professionals at the event. The event includes an impressive VIP and government attendance programme.

Top brands in the industry sponsor the event and just as many exhibit, so their brands receive tremendous international exposure. Among the many exhibitors are names such as Aveon Offshore, ION, Polarcus, and TGS, to name just a few.

Africa Oil Week is a noteworthy event that puts industry players in the driving seat regarding the future of oil, energy, and gas on the African continent. If you missed this year’s event, make sure to gear up for it next year.