How Innovative Fabric Shell Schemes Make Custom Display Booths Possible

The traditional shell scheme used by event organisers and exhibition venues have some limitations, especially when it comes to the creation of custom display booths.


Problems with traditional shell schemes

The panels are heavy and difficult to set up. With posts separating the panels, it is almost impossible to create seamless graphic display walls. In addition, the panels scratch, and the vinyl-based graphic prints cannot be re-used. This makes custom display stands expensive and tedious to design and set-up.


How our solutions make it easier to set up exhibition stands

With the new and innovative fabric shell scheme as available through us, it is possible to address all the mentioned problems. Seamless fabric walls are easily attached to the posts. With the lightweight of the scheme, setting up event booths is faster and more cost-efficient; the latter being an added bonus.


Components of the fabric shell scheme

It consists of a modular aluminium system that makes it easy to create display stands that feature seamless fabric walls. This is possible because of the silicone edge graphic technology offered. The white poly twill fabric is stretched over the posts, from one corner to the other. These panels can be replaced with custom graphic fabric walls.


The standard scheme consists of a 3 x 3 m booth. With only four aluminium posts as compared to the 10 posts of the traditional scheme, it is faster and easier to set up. Traditional schemes for exhibition booths consist of 32 locks and nine panels to insert. The new schemes have only 12 locks to tighten with three panels to attach.


The system is dark grey powder-coated for easy fading into the background. This also helps to emphasise the graphics. We offer the scheme in 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, and 4 m wall modules. As such, it is possible to create display booths according to space availability.


The fabric can be re-used, washed, and stored. With several wall-length options, all the exhibition booths at an event can look as if custom designed. The scheme has a sophisticated look and feel, which adds visual appeal to any stand. The fabric scheme can also be used at conference entrances.


Re-usability of graphics and easy transportation

The lightweight components of the scheme make it easier to dismantle and transport. Clients can use their graphics at other events as well. With such, fully customisable display booths are possible at a fraction of the time and cost of the conventional plastic panel schemes that are heavy and take up more space in storage.


Improve your exhibition spaces with our range of solutions

We offer a range of options to create stunning and innovative stalls. Such also includes counters, pop-up displays, brochure stands and banners. Offer your exhibitors more choices and improved booths with our custom options. Get in touch for more information about our stand building options including the innovative fabric shell schemes for your exhibition or trade show.