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Attending an exhibition or trade show is not as simple as just arriving and setting up. There is a great deal of pre-planning that must go into it. For starters, you will need to work closely with professional exhibition stand builders to ensure that your stand is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, remember that your stand is prime advertising space for your business, its brand and, of course, its products and services. As such, it needs to exude the same appeal and image that you want for your business. This can only be achieved when working closely with professionals in the exhibition stand building field.

Currently, Unibox Tension Fabric Stands are proving to be a great option for clients, as they offer a greener approach to stand building. The fabric of these stands can be used over and over, which means that while they are “greener”, it also means that they present a cost savings for companies that need to have a presence at a variety of shows and exhibitions throughout the year. If the fabric is properly cared for, there is no limit to the amount of times that it can be reused. Fabric system stands offer clients the option of enjoying endless sizes and unlimited configuration options. Once designed and manufactured, the stand is lightweight for easy transportation and manoeuvring. The frames used are also lightweight and easy to assemble with the use of just one convenient tool.

Our professional exhibition stand builders will also introduce you to a range of other options, such as the Unibox Modular System, Unibox Metro Stands and a range of exhibition counters, furniture and accessories to complement each type of system.


exhibition stand builders sample stand

The Fabric Pop-up System at AAXO’s Exhibition of Exhibitions 2018

exhibition stand builders sample stand

Exhibition Stand Builders Building Professional Stands for Your Brand


Of course, realising your needs is the first step towards ensuring that your exhibition stand is built precisely according to your specifications. At Scan Display, we will take the time to understand your stand objectives and then present you with a variety of configuration options to consider. We can then render a computerised example of the stand using our advanced software. Each of our designers is skilled and dedicated to ensuring that your stand is designed to meet with your needs and the demands of the exhibition that you are attending. If you want to be noticed, we offer the best team of exhibition stand builders to work with.

At Scan Display, we offer full-service stand building. This means that we can handle the creation of your exhibition stand, from the conceptualisation stage right through the final printing of advertising and setting up of the stand. All of the products, accessories and items used in the process are of the highest possible quality and we will ensure that you are presented with a stand option that you can use in the future.

To learn more about our skills as exhibition stand builders, peruse our online portfolio or get in touch with us at Scan Display. We are available via email or telephone to tend to your needs and ensure that your questions are answered.