SA Innovation Summit 2019 – Superb Platform for Innovative Thinking and Technology

The SA Innovation Summit is the leading events platform for entrepreneurs in South Africa. This year’s event was hosted from 11 to 13 September 2019 in Cape Town. The 2019 theme was “From Africa to the World” with the focus on true leadership aimed at being the change and the capacity builder. In addition, it was about showcasing entrepreneurial talent. With over 450 entrepreneurs, more than 150 investors, and as many as 600 companies on the attendance list, it is certainly an event that represents the creative and innovative spirit of South Africa very well. The event has something for everyone. Everything from striking exhibits and incredible learning opportunities to exceptional networking potential and unforgettable keynote deliveries form part of the exciting programme.

Innovation Summit – Value Proposition for Entrepreneurs

It provides an opportunity to learn from the industry gurus and influencers. The event also provides a myriad of networking opportunities, ways to find new markets, and a place to pitch concepts to investors. It is the event to attend if you want to be inspired or seek funding for innovative new ideas.

Innovation Summit – Identify Investment Opportunities

Where else can you discover such a variety of concepts, the most innovative new ideas, proven approaches, and tech start-ups to fund? With access to over 1500 entries, a range of masterclasses and several panel discussions, it is an event that potential investors simply must attend.

Headhunt Talent

Recruit top-tier talent for your business by making use of all the opportunities available at the event. Exploit the platform to expand your company’s support incentives and programmes for new companies. Use the event to host workshops and position your firm as a leader in your particular industry.

Full Programme to Attract and Retain Interest

TheSA Innovation Summit is about creativeness, technology, design, and invention. It is about the people who take challenges head-on and are agents of change. To this end, the event programme reflects the true spirit of the entrepreneurs attending the event. It includes keynote deliveries by local industry and thought leaders, researchers, and experienced entrepreneurs. The summit has an annual programme and this year’s offering did not disappoint. It included the launch of three crowdsourcing campaigns, the building of innovative ecosystems, and panel discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence investment, innovation in justice, and accelerating incubators. It also included pitching dens and lessons founders learnt on their entrepreneurial journeys. Panel discussions, furthermore, focused on topics related to the ethics of investors and commercialisation into Africa, to name only a few. If you have missed this year’s SA Innovation Summit in Cape Town, make sure you are at the next event.

Plan Your Exhibition at the Next Event

Though there is enough time to prepare for your business’s involvement or the pitching of your entrepreneurial concept for the upcoming event in 2020, it is vital to start early. Contact our professional design and print team for expert help to design, print, and manufacture your exhibition stand at the next SA Innovation Summit.