Scan Display is one of the leading exhibition designers & rentals providers in South Africa. Started at 1996 by Justin and Alex Haws the company has grown its market far beyond the scope of South African borders to become a competitive force amongst exhibition designers & rentals providers in the world, and particularly in South Africa.

Our head office is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg providing the central location needed by big and small business. We also have branches in other cities ofSouth Africa including that of Cape Town and Durban with a distributor network reaching Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. It is essential for exhibition designers & rentals providers to be well represented throughout to the world. As such we also have distributors in Swaziland, Windhoek, and Lusaka and a branch in Gaberone.

Our network extends to include partnerships in countries such as Australia, the USA, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. We offer expertise in the areas of stand design and construction, a range of exhibition services, advanced graphic design, exhibition architecture, project management, and client service & events.

We have an onsite team of 3D and graphic design specialists to produce concepts in a format that will provide the client a realistic view of the display from every angle before the production of the stand commences.

Our culture is one of lateral and creative thinking ensuring innovative solutions to fit client requirements. Our longstanding commitment to service excellence has earned us many rewards including no fewer than 16 annual stand awards from the Exhibition & Event Association of Southern Africa. Contact us today to discuss your particular stand and display design as well as construction requirements.