5 Proven Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Exhibition Display Stands

Even with the best exhibition display stands available, you still need to make the right choice regarding layout, ambience, and functionality. In addition, you and your marketing team need to plan for the event day. This means marketing ahead of time.

1. Pre-Exhibition Marketing

Of course, you depend on the visibility of exhibition display stands to attract visitors, but with pre-trade marketing, you can ensure that your loyal customers will visit your booths. Use your email newsletters to announce where you will host a stand or several such trade stands. Invite your clients to drop in at your booths. Better yet, offer an incentive to do so.

Have your clients register online at your website to attend the exhibition where you will have display stands. Give them free tickets to the event and offer further freebies for attending your exhibition display booths. Create a Facebook event and invite your page followers to attend. Add an incentive for sharing and provide them with useful information about particular trade fair events where your brand will be represented.

2. Offer Skills Workshops at Your Exhibition Display Stands

If you have space, consider hosting short skills courses in your particular product or service offering. Make sure you notify your current clients of the workshops. With such offered, visitors stay longer.Boothsthat look busy attract more visitors.

3. Offer Product Demonstrations

As an alternative to skills workshops, you can offer product demonstrations. Advertise such on your website and social media pages well ahead of time. Also be sure to advertise such on banners or LED light box displays at the venue. You can even offer freebies for attending or provide certificates for attendance. Discount vouchers should form part of the marketing campaign to drive current clients to your trade booths. The benefit of such is that the customers will want to use the vouchers while they can. Make the vouchers redeemable only at your trade booths if you use such as pre-trade marketing items. If you use such at your trade booths, make sure the vouchers can be used at your stores as well.

4. Social Media Hub

People no longer leave home without their iPhones, tablets, or smartphones. They tweet, like, post, share, and upload the entire time. They often do so even more when at trade fairs. Make sure your booths are interactive to attract attention. Indeed, by turning your booths into social media hubs, you create focus points. Have relaxation spaces in addition to live projected feeds. Tap into the power of hashtags to have your product demonstrations go viral.

5. Interactivity Creates a Bond

People do not just want to observe while visiting trade booths. They want to participate. Games enable them to interact with your product. This can be a solar experiment or perhaps a 3D puzzle. You can even create a social experiment. Think of your product and how you can have visitors interact with it, using some type of game set-up.