Innovative Improvements to the Lightbox System for Optimal Performance

The lightbox has become a prominent feature in many state-of-the-art retail displays.

If you want to add a striking visual effect to any display and highlight an advertisement more than ever before, then the lightbox is the answer.

The lightbox offers several distinctive features to the benefit of the brand, including:

  • Light from behind the image to illuminate the image.
  • Proper illumination of an image makes it more striking than a normal fabric display.
  • The versatility of the lightbox makes it suitable for use at events, retail stores, and exhibitions.
  • The image fabric can be changed without having to change the entire light and frame setup.
  • Fabric changes can thus be made cost-effectively, reducing cost-to-company when it comes to branding.

Why Our Light Boxes Are Amongst Our Best Sellers

The recent product modifications to the frame and fabric system have given our particular products several unique advantages. The latest model features the ultra-slim 50-mm aluminium frame system. This makes it possible to install the lightboxes against surfaces and walls. The previous model’s design included a 65-mm frame system. With the thinner frame system, the lightboxes display even better. Of course, this also means that lighter frames, perfectly suited for stunning visual displays at exhibitions where top service providers showcase their products.

Widely Used at Prestigious Events

You can also expect to see our stunning lightboxes at the prestigious Africa’s Travel Indaba (2-4 May 2019) and the We Are Africa exhibition (13-16 May 2019). Both these events attract thousands of visitors and with travelling often being about visual experiences, what better way to brand and make your products stand out than with the 50-mm lightbox systems available from us? If you have not yet booked your space at these events, do not delay. We also provide modular and custom-designed stands to this effect.

The easier-to-fit lightbox includes features such as:

  • A newly developed block-out fabric all the way from Germany, which prevents the LED light bulbs from being visible through the fabric display, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.
  • Adjustable light placement, thereby allowing for more creativity when it comes to light effects.
  • Options of warm or pure white light, or a combination of the two for stunning effects.

The lightbox features heat sink in the back panel, in addition to flame-retardant fabrics. This is important for safety features, thus helping to keep your insurance company happy and ensuring that you are compliant with the occupational health and safety requirements. All our products meet the required safety standards, making them perfect for use at events such as the Africa’s Travel Indaba and the We Are Africa exhibition.

Whether you need a lightbox for a shopping centre display, a retail store, trade booth, or an international exhibition, you can rely on our products to meet your requirements. Give us a call on +27 11 447 4777 or send us an email for more information about our new lightbox system and how it can benefit you.