Banners and Flags

Advertising Your Products or Brand with Banners and Flags from Scan Display 

Attracting new business and holding on to old business is not something that happens magically. It takes time and effort. Even if you have a great product that is available at a highly competitive price, chances are that no one will know about you if you do not make your presence known. All markets are highly competitive these days, so it is vitally important for all business owners to take their advertising seriously. If you are looking for an affordable and effective way of achieving a wide reach that is targeted, without taking on the hefty expense of television and radio advertising, printed banners and flags are great options.

Banners and flags offer versatility. You could have them placed along main routes, outside shopping centres, or even in continuous display outside your business premises so as to attract attention. It is also great that flags are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The designs can be simple or elaborate, brightly coloured or not quite as bold. There are so many options and with the right advertising and manufacturing team on your side, there is every reason to believe that your branded banners and flags will do a world of good for your business’ exposure.

If you are going to use banners and flags, we can provide you with a few pointers to ensure that they are noticed and have the desired effect:

  • Use your company or brand colours so that people who see them can make the association between your company and the flags and banners.
  • Do not try to do too much with your artwork and design. Overloading your banner or flag with images, symbols, or text will prove distracting and your advertising message might be lost. Try to keep things simple and the message clear.
  • Choose a size that is appropriate and will be easy to see. It is pointless to choose the smallest banners and flags if they need to be visible from afar. Take your placement into consideration when designing your banners and flags. Ensure that images, as well as the size and type of font that you use, are large enough. An advert that is illegible or blurry is simply a waste of money.

In addition to being a great form of advertising, banners and flags are useful in other ways too. First and foremost, they are highly portable because they are so lightweight. This means that they can be moved around and re-positioned as needed in short order. As they are compact as well, they can be stowed easily, which is a boon if you have a small amount of space at your premises.

At Scan Display, we can assist you with selecting the right type of banner or flag, and we can help you to brand it with your artwork. For a top-quality result, make sure that you consult one of our professionals when planning to advertise with these mediums.

If you would like to learn more about the types, styles, and sizes of banners and flags that we stock at Scan Display, take the time to contact us via email or telephone today.

Advertising Banners

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Advertising Banners for Indoor and Outdoor Display

It is vital for any business to have a solid marketing strategy to bring the brand into the public domain, and to reach the desired target market. Customers cannot make use of the brand if they don’t know that it exists and therefore, it is vital that the potential customer is introduced to the brand, product, or service in an appealing way. This draws the interest of the customer and encourages them to make use of the brand.

Secondly, it is important that, once the customer has used the brand, they return to use it again, and this is where customer loyalty plays a role. Advertising helps to bring the customer and the brand together, to remind customers of the presence of the brand, and to encourage customers to make use of the brand. Once the brand has been established in the mind of the customer, they will usually choose the brand that they are familiar with over another brand that they have not used before. This is why advertising is so important.

Traditional advertising media is very expensive, whether you opt for print, television, or radio. This is why other advertising media that are more reasonably priced is now becoming increasingly attractive, and advertising banners and other branded items, such as gazebos and flags are used to draw the attention of a specific audience. Advertising banners are hugely practical – not only can they be used indoors and outdoors, but they are cost-effective and easy to store, transport, and erect.

Advertising banners also allow the advertiser to aim the brand at a particular demographic, and therefore achieves much more targeted marketing than other methods, such as television. These banners are used in situations where the density of potential customers is high, and therefore it has a better hit rate than “shotgun approach” advertising, such as print media. Being able to zone in on a particular market can yield excellent results and the advertising spend will not be in vain. Tradeshows, outdoor events, and sports days draw exactly the type of customer you want, and introducing or reinforcing your brand presence through the use of advertising banners can be very beneficial.

Another benefit of using banners is that they are re-usable and can be used in many different situations. Once you have had your banners made up and printed, you can use them in practically any situation where you are exposed to your target market. Clever design plays an important role, and therefore it is vital that your banners are well designed. Ideally, this should be done by professional designers who can translate the identity of the brand, product, or service in the design, which means that the visual perception of the advertising banners will be fully representative of the character and identity of the brand.

If you are looking for one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand, you should consider investing in advertising banners. Give our team at Scan Display a call to find out more about how we can bring your customer and your brand together with clever design and high-quality products!

Outdoor Displays

5 Top Tips on Creating the Most Effective Outdoor Displays 

If you would like to get your business, brand or product into the minds of your customers and new potential customers, investing in outdoor displays can be a cost-effective and valuable way in which to do this. When you look around you, you will soon see how much outdoor advertising we are surrounded by, and there are many reasons that people choose effective outdoor displays to draw their clients and their businesses together.

Because there is so much outdoor advertising, we do tend to get a little bit overwhelmed by it, especially if we walk through a shopping mall or a busy city street. This means that if you want your brand’s outdoor display to stand out above the visual noise of all the advertising out there, you have to invest in some really clever design. Here are some tips that will help you to create better and more effective outdoor displays.

  1. Use very little text: Be stingy with your words. When it comes to outdoor advertising, you will find that it is usually visible to people who are on the move – whether you drive past it or whether it drives past you, billboards, vehicle decals and wraps will only be visible for a short time, and few people will have the time to read more than three or four words. Keep the text as short and as visible as possible, and try to create an accurate image of your brand using only a few words that are highly descriptive.
  1. Avoid obsolete images: If the image you use is not directly linked to your brand, get rid of it. Any image that is used on outdoor displays should tap straight into the message you are trying to convey to your consumer. It is also best to keep images to a minimum – too many of them will cause the eye to go adrift and the focus will be lost. When it comes to vehicle wraps or other outdoor displays, it is best to cut the pictures and photos quite drastically, and focus on colour and image.
  1. Choose colours carefully: While bright colours can draw the eye and a crazy design may attract attention, going too busy or too crazy can actually detract from the message. A mad mix of media, pictures, words and colours can confuse the eye, and thus the identity of the brand that it is associated with in in shambles. The colours you use should represent the identity and personality of your brand, and appeal to your target market. The message you are trying to convey with your outdoor display should be subtle and memorable – it should tell the potential consumer a lot about your brand, without them necessarily realising it. Nowadays, graphic design is so clever that design can be used to bring about practically any idea or message.
  1. Use one contact detail: Don’t bombard your outdoor displays with heaps of contact details. Just use one, such as a phone number, a text number or a web address. Nowadays, it is better to provide a website name, as people spend so much more time on the internet, and if they remember the name of your business or promotion, they will be more likely to be able to locate it on the internet.
  1. Stay with quality: Don’t go cheap or low grade when it comes to your advertising, and stay far away from generic content or images that everybody else is using. Use a unique design that will make you stand out from the others, so that you don’t end up being seen as part of the general visual rubble. It is much better to use high-quality materials, vinyl and prints.

If you are looking for the most effective designs for your outdoor displays, contact our design team at Scan Display. We pride ourselves on the creativity and effectiveness of our design, and our experience will stand you in very good stead!

Advertising Banners

Clever Design Can Help to Make Advertising Banners Much More Effective

No business has a chance of survival if marketing isn’t a serious part of their business strategies. The logic is there, especially when it comes to a new brand or business; if your customers don’t know that you are there, they cannot make use of your brand, product or service. In addition to this, once they know that you are there on the market, they have to have the confidence to pay for or buy into your brand. After that, it becomes crucial to keep customers coming back for more, and if possible, give them the confidence to stick to your brand in the face of other competitors. This means that your advertising strategy has to address all these things: brand visibility, brand familiarity and brand loyalty.

While a lot of companies invest heavily in traditional advertising media, such as print advertising, radio and television advertising, it is not always the most effective way to do things. The marketing plan has to be streamlined according to the business. For instance, a small business that just operates in Durban will not get much value from paying a lot of money for a countrywide television advertisement, as they only serve the local community. It also means that large, countrywide businesses should be the only ones who invest in this type of advertising. For smaller and medium enterprises, there are other means of marketing that can be very effective, including social media, advertising banners, gazebos, and even branded corporate clothing and other items.

When compared with the cost of television, print or radio, using branded advertising banners or flags actually brings a lot of benefits – not only is it vastly cheaper, but the clever design of these items make them highly visible and can create a perception of the brand identity in a flash. These items can also be used again and again, and they are particularly effective at trade fairs, sports days and other corporate events.

The design of the advertising banners, gazebos or branded flags has to be well thought out, because it has to draw attention to the brand, while also providing the observer with an idea of what the brand is about and how they can benefit from using the brand. It is vital that the potential client or consumer of the product or service is able to form the right impression of the business or brand, and banners should not only be eye catching, but also attractive and functional.

Great banner design will allow your advertising banners to be effective outdoors and indoors. Designs may be highly elaborate, but they still have to act as representatives of the brand, which is why it is important that the designers are knowledgeable and well trained to capture the best brand image. Outdoor events are usually a little more fast-paced, which makes it harder for the banner to be read, while indoor events, such as trade shows, enable users to spend some time with the design and perhaps read some text. Usually, good graphics and minimal but clear text are recommended.

If you are looking to boost your presence at any given event, contact our team at Scan Display to find out more about our range of banners, gazebos, and other eye-catching advertising media.

What is Branding and How Important is it to Your Marketing Strategy?

Many business owners have silently considered, but not had the courage to ask, one question that may be a vital part of marketing strategy. The question is a simple one, namely, what is branding and how important is it to your marketing strategy? Branding is a form of labelling certain items to increase awareness about your business, what it stands for and its unique goods or services and if you were to look around you anywhere, you would notice it on bottles, telephones, even the food you buy from your favourite store.

While branding itself is easy to define, its place in your marketing strategy is not. After all, with so many brands virtually shouting at consumers in every place they go, even on social media, is there a place for your branding? The quick and definitive answer is that there is, as long as you use it in a way that is smart, that opens a conversation with consumers and that makes it stand out.

Add Branding That Stands Out to Your Marketing Strategy

A business that successfully filters through the myriad of messages and into the minds of consumers must stand out and this means not branding in traditional ways. While your competitors may be printing water bottles and t-shirts, which have their value, you should look to cornering the branding market in less obvious places. A company that sells shoes for example could successfully brand stairs in every mall in the country, a clever and relatable way to communicate your brand message.

Remember that in terms of marketing, you are not limited to just physical branding. Branding comes in the form of outdoor media, online and social media and even activations and experiential campaigns. Your branding should fit your budget but be diverse and smart enough to catch attention.

But How Do You Do It?

Looking at non-traditional media in terms of branding means you are surprising your target audience into thinking about your brand and relating to it. While your competitors are all spending their budgets on billboards and TV advertisements, why not consider branding shelves in store, or making your marketing spend work for you through social media? What it important is not how much branding you have, but how you use it.

Remember that wherever you brand, you need to be sure you are fulfilling your marketing purpose, and if you don’t have one of these, your strategy needs to be completely revised. For example, spending money on a billboard when you are trying to sell to a niche market is a big waste of your budget. Conversely, targeting 20 stores in major cities to sell orange juice means you won’t have sufficient reach to sell your product.

So why is Branding So Important to Your Marketing Strategy?

All of this comes down to where, when and how much. If you can answer these questions in your marketing plans, you will never again have to ask the question, what is branding and how important is it to your marketing strategy? You will have the ability to corner a million markets and speak to the consumers you want to target without wasting your whole budget to do it.

Advertising and Marketing Tips

Advertising and Marketing Tips that are Guaranteed to Work

Advertising and marketing for a business is all about creating messages to your customers and making them remember who you are whenever they need your products or services. You need to be able to stand out and create an impact that will last long after they have seen your messages. Most people will forget an advert within the first couple of minutes after seeing something, but if you make it memorable enough you will go a long way to securing customers for your business.

Businesses can only thrive on customers and when you don’t have any customers knocking your door to do business with you, you might as well keep them closed forever. The point here is that if a business has no way to secure its customers, it has to generate new ones all the time, and that is where these advertising and marketing tips will come in handy. All you need to do is put a little thought and planning into your next campaign and you are guaranteed to make a success of it.

Promote Your Business the Right Way

The art of promoting a business correctly is always subtle and clever. It’s well thought out, well planned and well executed from the concept to the final cut where everything is ready to be viewed by your customers. The trick is to figure out what you want to say and where you want to say it.

Coming up with the message is always the hard part, because you need to get really creative and come with new and interesting ways to get a person’s attention. You have to be able to create a message that sticks in the mind of your customers and then find a way to tie it into your business and your new product or service. Once you have your key concept or idea for your campaign, you can get started on putting all the pieces together.

Decide Where You Want to Advertise Your Business

Picking your medium is just as important as deciding on your message and it’s important to make sure you choose the right one. Ideally it starts off by knowing who your customers are, where they are and what mediums they pay attention to. For existing business with existing customers, you should know who your customers are, but when it comes to a new product or services, you will have to put a little homework into that too.

Defining who your customers are is so important because it will help you determine the message and it helps determine the mediums you use. If you are looking for a broad spectrum to appeal to a wider audience then at least you always the option of choosing mediums that do exactly that. The mediums you choose also determine the numbers and amount of response you get from your advertising effort, so it’s important to find out exactly how many people you are going to reach.

Get a Feel for Good Advertising Mediums

It’s a well-known fact that radio and television adverts are expensive to make and air on the radio or television, and they can only be used when you have the budget to make such an advert in the first place. For the companies that want to still get maximum exposure without having to break the bank to get on the telly, you have to choose more affordable mediums that have the kind of reach you are looking for.

Billboards and magazine inserts also work well to an extent but you have to realise that it’s not always a targeted place to put your message. Advertising in those mediums can get very expensive and will eat into your budget quite quickly. If you want your campaign to be successful, you need to be able to keep it running for as long as possible so that you can maximise the impact of your campaign.

Advertising and Marketing the Affordable Way

Banners and flags are an effective way for you to get the exposure if you really have a tight budget, because they don’t cost a lot and you can use them over and over again. As long as you can find a good place to put them and you can create an effective message for your customers, you will go a long way to creating an effective advertising and marketing campaign.