5 Top Tips on Creating the Most Effective Outdoor Displays 

If you would like to get your business, brand or product into the minds of your customers and new potential customers, investing in outdoor displays can be a cost-effective and valuable way in which to do this. When you look around you, you will soon see how much outdoor advertising we are surrounded by, and there are many reasons that people choose effective outdoor displays to draw their clients and their businesses together.

Because there is so much outdoor advertising, we do tend to get a little bit overwhelmed by it, especially if we walk through a shopping mall or a busy city street. This means that if you want your brand’s outdoor display to stand out above the visual noise of all the advertising out there, you have to invest in some really clever design. Here are some tips that will help you to create better and more effective outdoor displays.

  1. Use very little text: Be stingy with your words. When it comes to outdoor advertising, you will find that it is usually visible to people who are on the move – whether you drive past it or whether it drives past you, billboards, vehicle decals and wraps will only be visible for a short time, and few people will have the time to read more than three or four words. Keep the text as short and as visible as possible, and try to create an accurate image of your brand using only a few words that are highly descriptive.
  1. Avoid obsolete images: If the image you use is not directly linked to your brand, get rid of it. Any image that is used on outdoor displays should tap straight into the message you are trying to convey to your consumer. It is also best to keep images to a minimum – too many of them will cause the eye to go adrift and the focus will be lost. When it comes to vehicle wraps or other outdoor displays, it is best to cut the pictures and photos quite drastically, and focus on colour and image.
  1. Choose colours carefully: While bright colours can draw the eye and a crazy design may attract attention, going too busy or too crazy can actually detract from the message. A mad mix of media, pictures, words and colours can confuse the eye, and thus the identity of the brand that it is associated with in in shambles. The colours you use should represent the identity and personality of your brand, and appeal to your target market. The message you are trying to convey with your outdoor display should be subtle and memorable – it should tell the potential consumer a lot about your brand, without them necessarily realising it. Nowadays, graphic design is so clever that design can be used to bring about practically any idea or message.
  1. Use one contact detail: Don’t bombard your outdoor displays with heaps of contact details. Just use one, such as a phone number, a text number or a web address. Nowadays, it is better to provide a website name, as people spend so much more time on the internet, and if they remember the name of your business or promotion, they will be more likely to be able to locate it on the internet.
  1. Stay with quality: Don’t go cheap or low grade when it comes to your advertising, and stay far away from generic content or images that everybody else is using. Use a unique design that will make you stand out from the others, so that you don’t end up being seen as part of the general visual rubble. It is much better to use high-quality materials, vinyl and prints.

If you are looking for the most effective designs for your outdoor displays, contact our design team at Scan Display. We pride ourselves on the creativity and effectiveness of our design, and our experience will stand you in very good stead!