Advertising Your Products or Brand with Banners and Flags from Scan Display 

Attracting new business and holding on to old business is not something that happens magically. It takes time and effort. Even if you have a great product that is available at a highly competitive price, chances are that no one will know about you if you do not make your presence known. All markets are highly competitive these days, so it is vitally important for all business owners to take their advertising seriously. If you are looking for an affordable and effective way of achieving a wide reach that is targeted, without taking on the hefty expense of television and radio advertising, printed banners and flags are great options.

Banners and flags offer versatility. You could have them placed along main routes, outside shopping centres, or even in continuous display outside your business premises so as to attract attention. It is also great that flags are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The designs can be simple or elaborate, brightly coloured or not quite as bold. There are so many options and with the right advertising and manufacturing team on your side, there is every reason to believe that your branded banners and flags will do a world of good for your business’ exposure.

If you are going to use banners and flags, we can provide you with a few pointers to ensure that they are noticed and have the desired effect:

  • Use your company or brand colours so that people who see them can make the association between your company and the flags and banners.
  • Do not try to do too much with your artwork and design. Overloading your banner or flag with images, symbols, or text will prove distracting and your advertising message might be lost. Try to keep things simple and the message clear.
  • Choose a size that is appropriate and will be easy to see. It is pointless to choose the smallest banners and flags if they need to be visible from afar. Take your placement into consideration when designing your banners and flags. Ensure that images, as well as the size and type of font that you use, are large enough. An advert that is illegible or blurry is simply a waste of money.

In addition to being a great form of advertising, banners and flags are useful in other ways too. First and foremost, they are highly portable because they are so lightweight. This means that they can be moved around and re-positioned as needed in short order. As they are compact as well, they can be stowed easily, which is a boon if you have a small amount of space at your premises.

At Scan Display, we can assist you with selecting the right type of banner or flag, and we can help you to brand it with your artwork. For a top-quality result, make sure that you consult one of our professionals when planning to advertise with these mediums.

If you would like to learn more about the types, styles, and sizes of banners and flags that we stock at Scan Display, take the time to contact us via email or telephone today.