Outdoor Branding

Outdoor Branding Products for Applications Ranging from Exhibitions to Sponsored Events

Outdoor branding is just as important as in-store or exhibition stand branding. However, the materials and products used indoors cannot always work outdoors. Sun exposure, wind, rain, and general exposure to outdoor elements should be considered. You want products that are perfectly suited to be used in all weather conditions.

Perhaps you are planning to exhibit at one of the upcoming events listed below:

  • Africa’s Travel Indaba (May 2019)
  • We Are Africa (May 2019)
  • Manufacturing Expo (June 2019)
  • Professional Beauty Exhibition (September 2019)

If so, you will want superior quality products to get your brand message across. Of course, the same products to be used at the above exhibitions can be utilised at your corporate and sponsored events. Indeed, use your next charity run or golf day to build brand awareness with the products introduced below.

Telescopic Banner

This type of banner folds up to be extremely small. It is lightweight in design and takes up little space when not in use. Simply pull out the shaft and you have a highly visible flag type of banner. Due to its design, the banner is highly visible and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Popup Frame

Use the popup frame to gain brand exposure on two sides. It is perfectly suited for use on grass surfaces. The fabric is washable and the frame design makes the changing of brand messages a breeze.

Banner Wall

Now, you can have an attractive banner wall system for indoor applications. The outdoor stand can be erected quickly. Even though it has a light frame for easy transportation and more mobility, the banner wall stand is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. When folded, it takes up little space, which is useful for transporting or storing your exhibition products in a small storage space.

Flag Fountain

Do you want to add flair and more visibility to your flag displays? Use our flag fountain system, which allows multiple flags to be displayed at the same space.


As popular today as when the design first made its appearance in the outdoor branding arena, the sharkfin is as suitable for exhibitions as it is for realtor shows, product launches, and sponsored events.


When it comes to outdoor events, you want a product display area that protects against the weather elements. Our lightweight gazebo structure can be erected quickly without any special tools and it is sturdy enough to hold its own against winds.

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Outdoor Branding

The Great Outdoors

 South Africa is a very beautiful country, offering a fantastic selection of internationally acclaimed wines from the Cape countryside. CapeWine 2018 will play host to some of the biggest names and brands in the South African wine business, offering the opportunity for any wine fanatic to explore and discover the very best in South African wine. Should you be in the wine business yourself and looking for viable solutions to approach outdoor branding for an event such as CapeWine 2018, Scan Display offers an array of products that will not only provide viable outdoor branding, but can also be implemented within your exhibition stands at other expos and events where the wind will not play a factor to the exhibiting environment.

CapeWine 2018 takes place in September and offers the exhibitors professional display stands to showcase their brand and wines for everyone attending. If you are in Cape Town for the event, be sure not to miss anything. When it comes to outdoor branding, Scan Display offers standardised and customisable solutions to clients, with branding at the forefront and versatility to ensure that you can easily transport and reuse them at the next expo or event. Here is a range of outdoor branding products that can take your outdoor exhibits to the next level.


Outdoor Branding

As we all are aware of, not every single day offers sunshine and clear skies. Weather will always be a factor regarding outdoor branding, which influences the way people approach outdoor branding in general. As a default rule, these products should be able to withstand specific weather conditions, with rain and wind playing decisive factors when the sun does not beat down on us. Telescopic banners offer a way to effectively display your branded graphics in the great outdoors, with flexibility to handle winds from various directions and a specific design to handle the outdoors with ease. Having a collection of three telescopic banners at your outdoor exhibit will give you more than enough display area to convey your brand and market your products effectively.

Another popular choice for outdoor branding comes in the form of the pop-up A-frame. Its design offers display space for brands, products, and other information needing to be on display at your outdoor exhibit. Both the A-frame and telescopic banner use materials that can handle and withstand wind and rain, but there is another way as well – the Modulbox. Offering a customisable modular stand, the Modulbox can be branded to suit your specific preferences and folded into a lockable box structure when the day is done. The Modulbox is ideal for a professional approach to outdoor branding, with various elements to ensure that you can successfully manage your outdoor exhibit with the least amount of problems.

CapeWine 2018 is only a couple of months away. Scan Display can offer various outdoor branding solutions to give you the tools to host a successful outdoor exhibit, as well as various products for the indoor events. For more information, please peruse our website for images and details surrounding our products, or contact us directly for any enquiries.