There are many types of promotional banners that you can use at exhibitions, trade fairs and shows to best promote your brand and products.  The design of the printing on your promotional banners is very important, because you rely on these promotional banners to capture people’s attention, even when they are still some distance away from your exhibition.  It stands to reason that the banner should be clear; the corporate identity should be prominent; the graphics should be bold and the use of colour should enhance the message.

The type of promotional banners you use will differ, depending on whether your display area is indoors or outdoors.  Certain promotional banners, like pull-up banners, offer a large and very usable surface but are unsuitable for outdoor use because they tend to blow over easily.  The best banners to use outdoors are A-frame banners and vertical banners.  The cheaper type of A-frame banner folds up very compactly and pops open at once to be place on the ground; however, they should be anchored down in windy conditions.  More permanent and sturdy aluminium A-frame banners are available too, but they take longer to set up and break down.  However, they are strong, stable and heavier and can be used over and over again by just changing the canvas.

Vertical promotional banners include sharkfin, teardrop, flag and telescopic banners.  All these banners use a single rod that is inserted into the ground.  They are tall and visible from afar and, importantly, they are virtually impervious to wind; they will simply align themselves with the wind and point downwind all the time.  An added advantage is that they use up little horizontal space, so many of them can be used on the same stand.  Of course, your outdoor display can also do with a branded gazebo.

Beautiful Roll-Up Banners Can Liven Up Any Exhibition Stand

Roll-up banners are among the most frequently used and versatile banners for use at exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and displays.  They roll up compactly into a tube that is as long as the width of the banner and this makes them very easy to carry and transport.  The other big advantage is that the roll-up is a vertical banner – the typical ones are over two metres high – yet they require extremely little horizontal floor space, making them ideal for exhibitions where space is at a premium.


Roll-up banners have very few disadvantages and these mostly have to do with their tall format.  They may be prone to falling over when walked into and they do not work very well at outdoor exhibitions, because they offer little resistance to wind and blow over relatively easily.  For outdoor shows, flag and sharkfin banners work best where vertical banners are required and A-frame banners work best where horizontal banners are required.


However, roll-up banners have many more advantages than disadvantages:

  • They are easy to carry, transport and set up
  • They are very compact when rolled up
  • They stand tall (up to 2.1 m), so they attract people’s attention and are easy to spot from afar
  • They use very little floor space when set up
  • Many different sizes are available
  • Almost anything can be printed on them, from colourful graphics to text
  • They can be printed with different designs on each side

These advantages have made roll-ups deservedly popular at almost all types of shows and exhibitions.

A Range of Models and Sizes

The Wing roll-up banners come in several different sizes, the smallest being the aptly-named Mini Wing; its banner surface measures 595 mm by 1,720 mm.  The Wing and Wing Lite both have banner sizes of 845 mm by 2,100 mm, but the Lite has a more compact, lighter and narrower tube for a foot at the expense of some stability.  Maxi Wing offers the latter two’s 2,100 mm height but is nearly a metre wide at 995 mm.  Even larger are the 1.2 m and 1.5 m Wing models: both measurements refer to their widths, while they retain the 2,100 mm height.  The biggest offers a very significant 3.15 square metres banner space on each side for elaborate designs.

A Crowd-Puller

Roll-up banners are a veritable crowd-puller, especially at trade fairs and exhibitions where the regulations stipulate the use of similar, cubicle-like exhibits that can be depressingly alike.  The use of floor textures, furniture and display cases can do a lot to spice up your cubicle, but it will be your banners that will be visible from some distance away.  They will attract people to your stand and it is that much easier if your roll-ups are large, striking, well-designed and attractive.

Professional Designer and Printing Services

That said, it is little use if your grand ideas are watered down by an unprofessional execution, so be sure to only contract the services of the most professional large format digital printing experts to print your roll-up banners.  They should be able to assist you from the very beginning stages with all the parts of your exhibition display and not just the printing of your banners.  Their designers should help you choose the display shell, furniture, flooring and lighting and help you design timeless, re-usable banner graphics.  Then they should be able to print all your banners too, so that you can benefit from the superior quality and cost savings stemming from a digital printing process, as opposed to the expensive and cumbersome traditional canvas printing processes.