There are six basic things to do before planning to attend an exhibition;

  1. Go to various expos in the same line as your business and make a note of which of your competitors are attending and their stands look like.
  2. Talk to your business customers and find out which of these expos they attend, and if they don’t go to exhibitions ask if they might be interested in attending some.
  3. Decide whether you want to rent or buy your stand equipment. Either way is worth your while, depending on how many exhibition you plan on attending over time. Scan Display is an established company devoted to exactly this.
  4. Your Staff; make sure your team consists of qualified individuals who are capable of handling so many potential customers.
  5. Carefully plan your promotional plan, make sure you are prepared for your target audience and are fully equipped to attend to each prospective client individually.
  6. Generate a solid follow up plan. Keeping in touch with all the leads you’ve gathered is as important as attending the exhibition in the first place.

For more information on how to prepare yourself for an exhibition, contact us at Scan Display.