How Brochure Stands at Exhibitions Help to Make Your Brand More Visible

With exciting events coming up, such as Africa’s Travel Indaba (2-4 May 2019) in Durban, exhibitors are getting ready to amaze and dazzle visitors to the large trade show. Others are getting ready for We Are Africa to be hosted in Cape Town from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019. This is said to be one of the most prestigious trade shows of its kind with luxury travel providers coming together to showcase their offerings.

If you have not yet booked space at one of these two travel tradeshows, do so quickly. You will have the opportunity to interact with thousands of potential clients and can make your brand stand out. To this end, we also recommend ordering one or more brochure stands for exhibitions.

We are one of the proud suppliers of brochure stands for exhibitions, such as the ones mentioned above. You can thus expect many of the exhibitors to use our brochure stands. Made specifically for exhibitions, these brochure stands are lightweight in design, easy to maintain, and just as easy to transport.

With years of experience in designing modular and custom kiosks, trade booths, light boxes, counters, and brochure stands for exhibitions, we understand the requirements of exhibitors.

These brochure stands provide additional display spaces. Visitors to your trade booth can take brochures from the floor-standing, wall-mounted, or counter-top brochure display stands. We know how important sturdiness, safety, quality, and functionality are when it comes to the design and manufacturing of brochure stands for exhibitions. As such, we do not disappoint with our extensive range.

Yes, you can make use of digital kiosks to provide information to visitors, but many visitors at exhibitions want material that they can take with them, rather than just getting information from digital kiosks. To this end, you will want to use brochure stands to enable visitors access to information without the need for sales consultants. The brochure stands should complement your exhibition style, should be sturdy enough not to fall over from the slightest of bumps, and elegant enough to ensure that your display materials are seen and appreciated as stylish.  

View our full range of brochure stands for exhibitions and give us a call for more information to ensure that your booth has everything needed.