Modular Retail Kiosk

A Custom or Modular Retail Kiosk? Which One Is Best?

Many prospective retailers and exhibitors want to know whether they should get a modular retail kiosk or have one custom designed to meet their requirements. To answer the question, let’s first consider what a modular retail kiosk entails.

It is the basic product that can be customised, expanded, or layout changed to meet your specific retail or display requirements. Custom simply means a kiosk made specifically to meet your particular requirements.

Which One to Choose?

The custom retail kiosk is popular because it is possible to create an exact layout and visual appeal. You can order from various functionality options without having to consider whether standard features will fit in the space. The height and dimensions are according to your requirements. However, it is more expensive than the modular retail kiosk, but it is specific to a particular function and appearance.

Modular, as the word suggests, entails a base product from which one works. It is comprised of preassembled parts. This type of retail kiosk can be used in just about any exhibition setting. Whether you want to use it in store, make such available to exhibitors in your retail centre, or want to use it at trade shows, it is lightweight, easy to change, and features standardised components. To this end, the modular retail kiosk is also more budget friendly.

If you are looking for exhibition spaces that can easily be changed for various events or retailers in your shopping mall, then the modular retail kiosk system provides superb value for your investment. The setup is quick, so if time is of the essence, the modular retail kiosk is the answer.

With the custom-designed option, our designers work with you to determine specific power outlet spots, maintenance needs, and more. It is thus a perfect fit for your requirements. With the modular concept, the designers plan before the time to ensure easy maintenance and optimal functionality.

If, for instance, older electronic equipment fails with a custom kiosk setup, it may not be as easy as with a modular design to fit a new piece of equipment. The old type of equipment may no longer be available and you may thus have no other choice than to fit a new piece of electronic equipment, such as a newer-model lightbox or monitor. With the modular retail kiosk, it is no problem and quick replacement can thus be done.

What About a Hybrid Solution?

In some instances, it may even be better to work with a hybrid of custom and modular. To this end, you can also rely on our team of designers to customise modular retail kiosks to fit your mall, exhibition, or event requirements. In this way, you receive the advantages offered by both options. Sometimes, a custom design is just not practical enough. And, sometimes, a bit more customisation may be needed to ensure the modular retail kiosk can work with a particular brand or functionality requirement.

We provide you with all three options, ensuring that your display and retail needs can be met.

Brochure Stands for Exhibitions

How Brochure Stands at Exhibitions Help to Make Your Brand More Visible

With exciting events coming up, such as Africa’s Travel Indaba (2-4 May 2019) in Durban, exhibitors are getting ready to amaze and dazzle visitors to the large trade show. Others are getting ready for We Are Africa to be hosted in Cape Town from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019. This is said to be one of the most prestigious trade shows of its kind with luxury travel providers coming together to showcase their offerings.

If you have not yet booked space at one of these two travel tradeshows, do so quickly. You will have the opportunity to interact with thousands of potential clients and can make your brand stand out. To this end, we also recommend ordering one or more brochure stands for exhibitions.

We are one of the proud suppliers of brochure stands for exhibitions, such as the ones mentioned above. You can thus expect many of the exhibitors to use our brochure stands. Made specifically for exhibitions, these brochure stands are lightweight in design, easy to maintain, and just as easy to transport.

With years of experience in designing modular and custom kiosks, trade booths, light boxes, counters, and brochure stands for exhibitions, we understand the requirements of exhibitors.

These brochure stands provide additional display spaces. Visitors to your trade booth can take brochures from the floor-standing, wall-mounted, or counter-top brochure display stands. We know how important sturdiness, safety, quality, and functionality are when it comes to the design and manufacturing of brochure stands for exhibitions. As such, we do not disappoint with our extensive range.

Yes, you can make use of digital kiosks to provide information to visitors, but many visitors at exhibitions want material that they can take with them, rather than just getting information from digital kiosks. To this end, you will want to use brochure stands to enable visitors access to information without the need for sales consultants. The brochure stands should complement your exhibition style, should be sturdy enough not to fall over from the slightest of bumps, and elegant enough to ensure that your display materials are seen and appreciated as stylish.  

View our full range of brochure stands for exhibitions and give us a call for more information to ensure that your booth has everything needed.

How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions

Tips on How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions in 2019

With hundreds of top-notch exhibitors competing for the attention of visitors at exhibitions such as the My Biz Expo hosted on the 20th to the 21st of February or the Meetings Africa on the 25th-27th of February, you may benefit from an answer to your question of “how to make my brand stand out at exhibitions in 2019”.

Here’s how you can make your booth attention grabbing at the above events, as well as many other events, such as the Wedding Expo in March. If you work with our team, you can rest assured that we will help you every step of the way, from planning to executing, and we provide superb products to make your brand stand out at exhibitions. Many of our clients exhibit at the above events and other similar events.

  1. How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Avoid Vagueness

You invest a considerable amount to be at trade shows. Your brand certainly deserves better than vague messages. Avoid fading into the background by planning your exhibition strategy. What do you want visitors to see and experience when they interact with your brand? How do you want them to perceive your messages? What can make your brand stand out in terms of the message? Have a story and tell it in a way that is unique to your brand. See each element in the trade booth as a component of the overall story. Develop the plot and provide clarity in the message.

  • How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Your stand is where your brand comes to life. It is the only representation of your company and its products or services at the event. Think of it as the only contact point with your brand. Be inviting, as you want all visitors to feel welcome. They must enjoy the experience and interaction. As such, roll out the welcome mat. Create a comfortable setting. Entertain and host as if the visitors are guests at your home.

Give them comforts, such as a resting place, free beverages, desks where they can use free Wi-Fi, padded seating, and more. You don’t have to include everything mentioned, but consider what would make you linger longer at an event booth and offer this to the visitors, since they are your VIP guests.

  • How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Give Them Extraordinary

Keep in mind that every trade show visitor will see several booths. Hundreds of exhibitors have stunning booths at the Meetings Africa and My Biz Expo. As such, the visitors are already familiar with the typical designs of booths. You need to go beyond what they expect if you want the visitors to recommend your stand, products, services, and brand. It must be a memorable experience that is specifically connected with your brand. Visitors already expect to see the incorporation of the latest technologies in stands, so you should include these, but what don’t they expect? Think beyond what is trendy and incorporate it into the experience.

The above are three tips to help your exhibition stand be memorable. Make use of our expertise and range of products to ensure that your brand becomes the talking point at every event.

Fabric Systems

8 Benefits of Using Tension Fabric Systems for Exhibition Stands

Tension fabric systems boast a host of features to ensure optimal functionality when it comes to using them at exhibitions. If you plan to exhibit at Meetings Africa or the My Biz Expo this year, make sure you have the best possible graphics and shell schemes. Below are some of the top benefits offered, giving you an idea of why tension fabric systems are so popular with exhibition stand and display designers.

  1. Easy Setup and Removal

Time is of the essence when it comes to stand or display setup. If graphics can be installed and removed with ease, you don’t need special technical expertise or tools. When it comes to tension fabric systems, it is a matter of pressing the graphics into place in the frame, which causes the fabric to tense once all the edges have been attached. The end result is a flat surface with no creases. To remove the graphics, simply unclip the fabric from the modular system at the edges. Fold up and store. It is a straightforward process of setting up and removing the graphics panel.

  • Seamless Displays

Make your graphics stand out using the tension fabric systems available from us. You can do so with small or larger-than-life graphics. Using the tension system, all the graphics displays are seamless without any signs of creases. Your visual displays will be professional and eye catching for the right reasons.

  • More Options with Single- and Double-Sided Fabric Systems

Whether you only need an interior or exterior graphics display or want to create a visual impact on both sides of the fabric wall, you can do so with the modular tension fabric systems available from us.

  • Cost Effectiveness

You don’t have to buy a new shell system if you want to change your displays. Order all the graphics that you want and then use them interchangeably according to your needs.

  • Cut the Corners – Go Round with the Curving Ability of Fabric Systems

If you want your stand to attract attention, simply move away from the conventional cube display. With fabric systems, you can even have curved walls, enabling you to create a silo if you want. This is the type of creativity that can make your stand memorable.

  • Easy to Transport

You don’t need to rent a large trailer to move the stand to the exhibition. When you use fabric systems, you can easily move the stand from one important event, such as the My Biz Expo, to the next one, such as Meetings Africa, which are both hosted in the same month. Everything in the system can be disassembled for easy transportation. The fabric is rolled and takes up very little space. With it also being exceptionally lightweight in design, you save on transportation costs. You can also get carry bags or wheeled boxes for more mobility.

  • Superb Visual Impact

You can also opt for fabric light box systems for maximum visual impact. The fabric material can be used in conjunction with light boxes, giving you highly visible displays. Whether you want to use this for counters, walls, or 3D structures, you can rest assured that the tension fabric systems are versatile enough to create high-impact spaces.

  • Modular to Match Your Display Needs

You can easily add onto or change the layout because the systems are modular in design.

Benefit from our cost-effective and durable tension fabric system products. Get in touch to discuss your graphics and display needs.

Custom Exhibition Stands

6 Tips to Help You Get the Best Value from Custom Exhibition Stands

Modular custom exhibition stands provide you with benefits such as easy transportation, the ability to create unique spaces, adaptability, and scalability. Below are six tips to help you maximise on the potential of modular custom exhibition stands, thus ensuring that your stand is well received at top events such as the My Biz Expo hosted from the 20nd to the 21st of February 2019 or the Wedding Expo to be hosted from the 30th to the 31st of March 2019.

  1. Think Beyond the Here and Now

Don’t think of modular designs as quick solutions for last-minute displays. If you missed the Mining Indaba this year, plan now to ensure that you can have an exhibition stand worth visiting. Think long term. You pay now for the ability to change, add onto, or take away from displays. The adaptability of such stands makes it possible to change your graphics without having to buy completely new systems. You can customise your displays according to your target audiences and venues.

  • Choose Technology That Suits Your Display Needs

Apart from custom exhibition stands, we offer you various technology solutions to ensure that you can create interactive spaces that will make visitors linger for longer. You want more than just virtual reality and gimmicks. It is imperative to select products based on your particular display needs and budget. As such, we suggest making use of our expertise in stand design to ensure that every element selected adds to the functionality and effectiveness of your displays. We assist with audio-visual and electronic technologies, so that your trade show booths at events such as the My Biz Expo stand out from the average booths.

  • Choose the Right Materials

Choose the shell system, tension fabric for the easy display of graphics. You will appreciate our range of custom exhibition stands and the professional assistance available to help you make informed decisions based on your particular display needs.

  • Choose the Artwork

Work with our designers to help you create appropriate artwork that can be applied according to your display needs. Our team of designers understands the importance of visually attractive, appropriate, and targeted artwork. We assist in the design of custom panels that can be used interchangeably on the modular exhibition stands. With this approach, you can create several graphics that can be used as needed to create unique spaces, which provide you with the ability to have a different stand at every trade show and save money in the process.

  • Improve to Ensure Freshness

Don’t settle for mediocre when you can have extraordinary displays with our custom exhibition stands. With the modular structures, you can add new technologies, fresh graphics, and unique counters, chairs, and the likes. Change from straight to curved walls. Change colours where relevant, add a new floor, or include an information kiosk, but endeavour to keep your displays fresh.

  • Intrigue to Create Memorability

Create intrigue and people will enter. Instead of the visitors simply passing, you will find people entering your booth because they are curious. Add interactivity to keep the visitors for longer. Carefully plan the design to ensure that people will want to enter and stay longer. To this end, make use of our expertise regarding custom exhibition stand designs for maximum attraction and retaining value.

Call on our experts for assistance in optimising your custom exhibition stands.

How to Set Up a Successful Exhibition Stand

How to Set Up a Successful Exhibition Stand

Creating “stopping power” for your exhibition stand is essential if you want to get a return from your trade show exhibit. Even though, by now, it is a cliché to say that first impressions are important, we cannot stress enough how important the first moment of contact is for your exhibition.

Your booth competes with several others for some quality time from visitors to the trade show. Keep in mind that the visitors want to see and do everything they can at the trade show. As such, time is of the essence. They need to know what your exhibition is about and you must give them a reason to detour from their stroll path to spend time at your exhibition.

The stand design is thus the key to getting the attention you crave from visitors. It must be eye-catching and must clearly communicate what you want to say. Keep the above in mind throughout the planning, designing, and managing phases.

Consider the factors below to ensure a successful exhibition stand design.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Even with the most amazing exhibition stand design, if it fails to speak to the intended target audience, your exhibition will fail. Focus your concept according to the wants, preferences, and needs of your target audience. There is simply no value in attracting visitors that are not interested in your particular product or service.

Optimise the Use of the Available Space

You pay per square metre and as such, you will want to use every square metre wisely. If the stand can be higher than normal, then maximise the potential of the height. You can, for instance, display your company’s logo high for good visibility. Add a tall tower structure or add a rotating sign. Use the space to add an arch for more visibility. Minimise barriers or any types of obstacles that can prevent visitors from entering and exiting the booth, as you don’t want bottlenecks.

Visible Text for Maximum Readability

Don’t try to write an essay. When it comes signage at exhibitions, bold, clear, and less are worth more. It isn’t necessary to use complete sentences. Use single words if you can convey the message effectively. Rather use fewer words than try to convince with sentences. Single words can be eye catching. The secret is to use action words.

Equally important is the font you use. If you think about traffic signs, you can agree that streamlined fonts rather than fancy ones work better for optimal visibility and readability from a distance. The text must be placed higher up on the exhibition stand, so as to prevent people from blocking the view.

A Picture Is Better Than Text

Choose images with your target audience in mind. You want to get the message across in the fastest and most effective way possible, and selecting the right graphics and images is the way to do so.

Exhibition Stand Material to Convey Your Company Culture

The selection of booth materials should be done with your company’s culture and the industry in which it operates in mind.

Get Professional Help and Quality Products

Now that you know the basics of designing your stand for success, get professional help in making your exhibition stand out. Get in touch for assistance and quotes.