Top Tips for a Successful Expo Stand

Top Tips for a Successful Expo Stand

You do not invest time and money for an exhibition stand at an industry expo simply to be there. You do so because you want more brand exposure, want to introduce your products and services to the visitors, and want to generate interest or income from having the exhibition stand.

With the above in mind, follow the tips below to ensure that you get the most buck for your money regarding the exhibitions.

Use the Right Visual Materials

You want the expo stand to be noticed. To this end, capitalise on the high visibility of hanging and roll-up banners, branded counters, printed walls, and digital signage.

Use Colours Effectively

You don’t think that colour plays a role? If you think about fast foods, the colours red and yellow come to mind. If you think about solar power, green comes to mind. If you think about the ocean or fish, blue comes to mind. The colour scheme does make a difference. You want it to be inviting, relevant to your industry, and relevant to your company’s branding. However, if the branding colours limit your choice of expo colour schemes, make sure to use the right visuals to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

Colour Is for the Sub-Conscious and Text is for Active Processing

You have their attention with the right visuals and colours. Now, you want to drive the sales or brand message home. This is where text comes in. You want “stopping power”, which is best achieved with single words or short phrases. Once you have attracted visitors to your exhibition stand, you can hand out clear sales copy and information pieces. Also, consider interactive iPad- or tablet-based kiosks.

Keep in mind when presenting your text, the important copy must be at the right eye level to ensure that the visitors see the sales material immediately.

Portability Gives Movability

Make use of our portable display stands, as they are customisable according to your space requirements. Portable displays are lightweight in design, enabling quick and easy setup. Portable displays are also compact in design, ensuring a small storage footprint.

Keep with the Times

Don’t attempt to attract attention with an archaic design or material. You want your exhibition stand to be trendy and relevant. This includes using technology to appeal to the need for interactivity. Use technology effectively and you can make the right first impression without overwhelming the visitors.

Pay Attention to Flooring

You want your visitors to be comfortable. This means having an expo floor that is attractive, easy to walk on, and just as easy to match to your displays. We provide a range of flooring options to help your expo booth stand out for all the right reasons.

Keep Storage Needs in Mind

You want to avoid having a cluttered expo stand. If you have additional materials, opt for an exhibition booth design that allows for a neat and tucked away storage space. As an alternative, select display shelves and counters that allow you to store materials out of sight, yet in easy reach of the sales representatives.

For more advice, give us a call today.

Ideas for Successful Custom Exhibition Stands

Some Ideas for Successful Custom Exhibition Stands 

Exhibiting uses time, human resources, and money. Therefore, if you want to set up one or more exhibition stands, it pays to invest in the right designs and materials. Custom exhibition stands help you to save time and money, whilst receiving a superb return on your expo investment.

We share a few ideas below to help you get started and to get the best return on your investment regarding custom exhibition stands.

Bigger Is Not Always the Answer

Even if you have a small budget, you can still compete favourably with large exhibitors at exhibitions. If you use the small space effectively, you can create a memorable and effective visual journey. It is possible to add a bit of height and thereby gain more display space, helping you to avoid having to pay for more floor space.

A Real-Life Environment for Maximum Interactivity

A pop-up custom exhibition stand may very well be what you need to introduce visitors to your product offering. Instead of digital or static displays, consider creating a real-life environment where visitors can test your products, use them as if in real life, and then give their feedback. They will tend to spend more time in your booth, get a better understanding of what your product is about, and get the opportunity to interact with your sales people. Their opinions count and you should take note.

Flexibility for Cost-Effectiveness

It is possible to create a custom, yet flexible exhibition stand design. Modular units enable you to add onto or take away from your expo stand without affecting its effectiveness. Speak to our design team to learn more about the benefits of modular designs. You can use the stand at a seminar and then make it smaller for a retail hallway exhibition. You can store the sections not needed and when you have a large trade show to attend, simply bring forth the other parts of the stand.

Use Visual Elements

Yes, you can create a 4D stand, but with 2D and 3D elements. This provides for various depths of display. The banners and other graphics in 2D convey messages. The 3D brings interactivity, and the 4D provides the space in which the visitor can move. It is all about meeting your exhibiting needs.

Get in touch with our design team for expert help and professional products.

The Perfect Expo Stand for Your Next Exhibition

Where to Find the Perfect Expo Stand for Your Next Exhibition

You compete with many other exhibitors at trade shows. It is thus essential to stand out for the right reasons. The expo stand should be your first priority to ensure that you make a good first impression.

Regardless of the size or type of exhibition you attend, you want an expo stand that is functional, easy to set up, and just as easy to take down.

Where to Go for Help

You are already at the right place. Our design team has extensive experience in designing branded, modular, and custom expo stands. Indeed, if you are looking for an award-winning expo design within your budget range, we believe that you cannot ask for better than what is offered by our design team.

How It Works

We work with you during the visualisation process, design it to fit your needs, and do so within your budget. Whether you want a complete expo stand created from scratch, or want one of our modular units branded and customised to fit your exhibition needs, we make it happen.

Why Us?

We have a proven track record of accomplishments. Many of our exhibition stand designs have won awards. Both small business owners and large blue-chip companies make use of our services. Quality is not something we are willing to compromise on. Every design is completed with client satisfaction in mind. Indeed, design is our passion and we love challenges.

Our gallery of completed work is proof of our capabilities. You are bound to be impressed with the:

  • Standard of work.
  • Sturdiness of the frames.
  • Creative mastery of the designs.
  • Functionality of the expo stands.

How to Ensure You Get the Perfect Expo Stand

View our product range for inspiration. The ideal exhibition stand may already be in our collection, and then it is simply a matter of branding or customising it according to your requirements.

Next, consider the purpose of the exhibition stand. Do you want something that is lightweight and portable? Perhaps you are looking for a stand that can be disassembled by one person. Do you only plan to use it at large trade shows or do you want a stand that can be used at seminars, workshops, retail exhibitions, or for small sale events?

Do you want to create a shopping environment with numerous interactive displays, including a digital kiosk, or do you plan on creating a lounge-type setting? Deciding on the purpose of the stand is just about as difficult as the planning part will get for you. The rest we handle. Indeed, we assist you in choosing a design according to the exhibition stand’s purpose.

Make It Happen

Get in touch with our team to make your vision for an award-winning expo stand a reality.

Festive Exhibition Ideas

7 Cost-Effective Festive Exhibition Ideas to Brighten Up Your Trade Booth

With the festive season around the corner, you may wonder how you can cheer up your exhibition stand without compromising on the efficacy of the display. Not recognising the festive season whilst exhibiting during the month of December can create the impression that you are more focused on your business than what is important for the customers.

However, acknowledging that the festive season is important for many of the trade-show visitors doesn’t mean that your display booth should look like something out of a toy store. The idea is to keep the focus on your service or product offering, but at the same time bring a bit of cheer to the world of business.

Below are a few festive exhibition ideas for inspiration. Using these festive exhibition ideas can help to make your booth stand out while you still maintain the normal display routine.

  1. Use Lights Effectively

Decorate with a few festive lights to add to the appeal of the display and draw in more visitors. LED lights are energy efficient, stylish, and attractive. Stay away from lights that are on the extravagant side, if you want to create the right balance.

  • Decorations with a Festive Feel

Here too, be cautious about overdoing it. Hanging a few bells or candy sticks adds a bit of extra appeal. Do so at the overhangs or customer tables.

  • Santa Hats for Sales Representatives

Give each representative a Santa hat and your consultants become representatives of the festive season. Brand the hats with your logo.

  • Socks Are for Gifts

Fill festive red gift socks with brochures, product samples, and branded promotional gifts. Hand the socks out instead of the normal branded gift bags.

  • Bows Are Just as Effective as Small Decorations

If you are looking for subtle festive exhibition ideas, consider adding red, gold, or green bows to the various trade displays. Your products can look like gifts, and who doesn’t like gifts? Of course, with bows tied around products, you also remind visitors that your products make good gifts. Place the products at strategic locations and once again, don’t go overboard. Only use bows on the products that you want to highlight.

  • Festive Giveaways

Instead of the normal snacks, give away gingerbread cookies or even little candy sticks. These gifts will not make a big dent in your budget.

  • Use Photography in the Display

You can also have a large photo wall depicting a typical festive-season moment. To this end, you will appreciate our ability to brand the stand according to your specific requirements.

Start with the Right Stand Design

View our gallery of products for more ideas and get in touch for assistance in making your booth or exhibition stand out this festive season. Our consultants have superb ideas, and we have the products and design capabilities to ensure that you have an award-winning stand for every season or occasion. Contact us today for more advice.

Turnkey Solutions for Exhibition Stands and Trade Shows

Where to Get Turnkey Solutions for Exhibition Stands and Trade Shows

Are you looking for a turnkey solution for your exhibitions? Do you want to show the visitors that you care about quality? If you do, the answer is right here. We provide an extensive range of exhibition services to meet your particular trade show or exhibition stand needs. Below are some of our useful services.

3D Designs for a Truly Visual Experience

Gone are the days of having to work with abstract drawings. Now, you can observe your exhibition or trade show stand more effectively, as we have a team of qualified interior designers who specifically offer professional 3D design. They use the Mac platform that enables them to render quality three-dimensional designs.

Graphic Design at the Heart of Stunning Displays

Benefit from our expertise in graphic design for creating attention-grabbing and visually appealing wall, stand, and marketing material displays. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced software to create jaw-dropping and amazingly professional designs.

Printing for Quality

Whether you need printing done on canvas, promotional items, exhibition booth walls, or trade show equipment, you want quality. We don’t disappoint. With an extensive range of printing options available, you can rest assured that we use the most appropriate, cost-effective, and professional print method for the particular application.

Project Management for Seamless Events

Here is where the turnkey solution comes in. If you want everything from the designs to the stand manufacturing, transportation, setup, and equipment provision to be handled by professionals, make use of our project management services. These services are especially useful if your company plans to host a trade show or want to exhibit at national exhibitions.

Shell Schemes for All Types of Exhibitions

With a national infrastructure manager on the team, we are geared for managing all types and sizes of shell scheme projects. You will appreciate our complimentary layout and design services, the online platform for ordering such management services, and the professionalism with which we oversee projects. Our range of innovative products for shell scheme-based exhibitions is impressive by any standard. Expect to see everything from registration counters to electrical wiring, LED lights, Modulbox, and sound-dampened meeting rooms as part of our offering. Our offering includes from modular to standard shell schemes, fabric booths, and more.

Safe Electrics

With specific regulations regarding the safety at trade shows, you want a team of qualified electricians that are experienced in setting up and installing the electric wiring and components at exhibitions. To this end, we also don’t disappoint. We have professional electricians who possess the skills and experience to ensure the safety and efficiency of their work.

Carpets and Flooring for Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

Whether you want rolled or tiled carpets, you can rest assured that we have the flooring options to suit your trade show stands and exhibitions. Our product offering also includes wood flooring.

The above are only a few of the products and services that we offer as part of our turnkey solutions. Our products also include a range of exhibition furniture, display stands, and audiovisual equipment. Save money and time by making use of our expertise, services, and products for all your trade show needs.

Expo Exhibition – Africa Rail

Grab Hold of the Opportunity to Exhibit at the Africa Rail 2019 Convention in Sandton

The Africa Rail Convention 2018 was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg during June. It ran over the course of two days and brought together the best of the best in the international railway industry. No fewer than 800 delegates attended and 250 expo exhibition stands provided many opportunities to discover, network with suppliers, and impress the 7 000 plus attendees.

The Africa Rail is the largest railway exhibition and conference event in Africa. The 2019 expo will be hosted from the 19th to the 20th of June 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. More than 30 African countries will be represented and more than 7 000 attendees are expected. There will be more than 200 speakers, 800+ VIP delegates and over 180 exhibition stands.

If your business operates in any of the industries or provides related services as shown below, then you will benefit from having an exhibition stand at this amazing expo:

  • Track and station infrastructure development.
  • IOT and analytics.
  • Signalling, telecommunications, and IT infrastructure.
  • Energy production and power supply.
  • Rolling stock and relevant components.
  • Engineering and construction.
  • Equipment and maintenance.

Various awards are associated with the exhibition and convention, including awards such as the African Transport Innovation Award and Women in Transport Award. It is a prestigious event with a truly continental footprint. With delegates from 30+ countries and thousands of visitors, your company will have many opportunities to display your products or services, build a brand image, and expand your network base.

Of course, exhibiting at such a large event entails planning. Start by booking your stand space. The next step is to have the stand designed to ensure maximum visibility, superior functionality, and exceptional appeal. This is where our range of services and products comes in handy. We offer everything from custom to modular and portable stands, branded to your requirements. Indeed, many of our expo stands have won awards and you can thus expect to have a stand design that will make your exhibition stand out at the unique railway expo and convention.

Our expo range is impressive by any standard. The stands in our range are portable and reusable. These stands come in small carry cases and are modular in design to meet your size requirements. Select a small stand and then add the additional frames to transform it into a medium or even large stand. With the reusability of the expo stands, your company stands to get a good return on your investment.

We offer various types of frames, enabling curves, waves, and corners to form part of your innovative exhibition stand. With such, you can create eye-catching displays of your products and services.

Our firm has a proven record of accomplishment when it comes to expo stands and display designs. Indeed, we have been around since 1996 and use our experience in design to ensure that our clients get value for money. We create cost-effective event and expo stand solutions that are easy to maintain and are professional in appearance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain maximum brand exposure at the Africa Rail 2019. Book your stand today and let us provide you with an expo stand that will bring your brand to life at the exhibition.