Top Tips for a Successful Expo Stand

You do not invest time and money for an exhibition stand at an industry expo simply to be there. You do so because you want more brand exposure, want to introduce your products and services to the visitors, and want to generate interest or income from having the exhibition stand.

With the above in mind, follow the tips below to ensure that you get the most buck for your money regarding the exhibitions.

Use the Right Visual Materials

You want the expo stand to be noticed. To this end, capitalise on the high visibility of hanging and roll-up banners, branded counters, printed walls, and digital signage.

Use Colours Effectively

You don’t think that colour plays a role? If you think about fast foods, the colours red and yellow come to mind. If you think about solar power, green comes to mind. If you think about the ocean or fish, blue comes to mind. The colour scheme does make a difference. You want it to be inviting, relevant to your industry, and relevant to your company’s branding. However, if the branding colours limit your choice of expo colour schemes, make sure to use the right visuals to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

Colour Is for the Sub-Conscious and Text is for Active Processing

You have their attention with the right visuals and colours. Now, you want to drive the sales or brand message home. This is where text comes in. You want “stopping power”, which is best achieved with single words or short phrases. Once you have attracted visitors to your exhibition stand, you can hand out clear sales copy and information pieces. Also, consider interactive iPad- or tablet-based kiosks.

Keep in mind when presenting your text, the important copy must be at the right eye level to ensure that the visitors see the sales material immediately.

Portability Gives Movability

Make use of our portable display stands, as they are customisable according to your space requirements. Portable displays are lightweight in design, enabling quick and easy setup. Portable displays are also compact in design, ensuring a small storage footprint.

Keep with the Times

Don’t attempt to attract attention with an archaic design or material. You want your exhibition stand to be trendy and relevant. This includes using technology to appeal to the need for interactivity. Use technology effectively and you can make the right first impression without overwhelming the visitors.

Pay Attention to Flooring

You want your visitors to be comfortable. This means having an expo floor that is attractive, easy to walk on, and just as easy to match to your displays. We provide a range of flooring options to help your expo booth stand out for all the right reasons.

Keep Storage Needs in Mind

You want to avoid having a cluttered expo stand. If you have additional materials, opt for an exhibition booth design that allows for a neat and tucked away storage space. As an alternative, select display shelves and counters that allow you to store materials out of sight, yet in easy reach of the sales representatives.

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