Some Ideas for Successful Custom Exhibition Stands 

Exhibiting uses time, human resources, and money. Therefore, if you want to set up one or more exhibition stands, it pays to invest in the right designs and materials. Custom exhibition stands help you to save time and money, whilst receiving a superb return on your expo investment.

We share a few ideas below to help you get started and to get the best return on your investment regarding custom exhibition stands.

Bigger Is Not Always the Answer

Even if you have a small budget, you can still compete favourably with large exhibitors at exhibitions. If you use the small space effectively, you can create a memorable and effective visual journey. It is possible to add a bit of height and thereby gain more display space, helping you to avoid having to pay for more floor space.

A Real-Life Environment for Maximum Interactivity

A pop-up custom exhibition stand may very well be what you need to introduce visitors to your product offering. Instead of digital or static displays, consider creating a real-life environment where visitors can test your products, use them as if in real life, and then give their feedback. They will tend to spend more time in your booth, get a better understanding of what your product is about, and get the opportunity to interact with your sales people. Their opinions count and you should take note.

Flexibility for Cost-Effectiveness

It is possible to create a custom, yet flexible exhibition stand design. Modular units enable you to add onto or take away from your expo stand without affecting its effectiveness. Speak to our design team to learn more about the benefits of modular designs. You can use the stand at a seminar and then make it smaller for a retail hallway exhibition. You can store the sections not needed and when you have a large trade show to attend, simply bring forth the other parts of the stand.

Use Visual Elements

Yes, you can create a 4D stand, but with 2D and 3D elements. This provides for various depths of display. The banners and other graphics in 2D convey messages. The 3D brings interactivity, and the 4D provides the space in which the visitor can move. It is all about meeting your exhibiting needs.

Get in touch with our design team for expert help and professional products.