7 Cost-Effective Festive Exhibition Ideas to Brighten Up Your Trade Booth

With the festive season around the corner, you may wonder how you can cheer up your exhibition stand without compromising on the efficacy of the display. Not recognising the festive season whilst exhibiting during the month of December can create the impression that you are more focused on your business than what is important for the customers.

However, acknowledging that the festive season is important for many of the trade-show visitors doesn’t mean that your display booth should look like something out of a toy store. The idea is to keep the focus on your service or product offering, but at the same time bring a bit of cheer to the world of business.

Below are a few festive exhibition ideas for inspiration. Using these festive exhibition ideas can help to make your booth stand out while you still maintain the normal display routine.

  1. Use Lights Effectively

Decorate with a few festive lights to add to the appeal of the display and draw in more visitors. LED lights are energy efficient, stylish, and attractive. Stay away from lights that are on the extravagant side, if you want to create the right balance.

  • Decorations with a Festive Feel

Here too, be cautious about overdoing it. Hanging a few bells or candy sticks adds a bit of extra appeal. Do so at the overhangs or customer tables.

  • Santa Hats for Sales Representatives

Give each representative a Santa hat and your consultants become representatives of the festive season. Brand the hats with your logo.

  • Socks Are for Gifts

Fill festive red gift socks with brochures, product samples, and branded promotional gifts. Hand the socks out instead of the normal branded gift bags.

  • Bows Are Just as Effective as Small Decorations

If you are looking for subtle festive exhibition ideas, consider adding red, gold, or green bows to the various trade displays. Your products can look like gifts, and who doesn’t like gifts? Of course, with bows tied around products, you also remind visitors that your products make good gifts. Place the products at strategic locations and once again, don’t go overboard. Only use bows on the products that you want to highlight.

  • Festive Giveaways

Instead of the normal snacks, give away gingerbread cookies or even little candy sticks. These gifts will not make a big dent in your budget.

  • Use Photography in the Display

You can also have a large photo wall depicting a typical festive-season moment. To this end, you will appreciate our ability to brand the stand according to your specific requirements.

Start with the Right Stand Design

View our gallery of products for more ideas and get in touch for assistance in making your booth or exhibition stand out this festive season. Our consultants have superb ideas, and we have the products and design capabilities to ensure that you have an award-winning stand for every season or occasion. Contact us today for more advice.