How to Set Up a Successful Exhibition Stand

Creating “stopping power” for your exhibition stand is essential if you want to get a return from your trade show exhibit. Even though, by now, it is a cliché to say that first impressions are important, we cannot stress enough how important the first moment of contact is for your exhibition.

Your booth competes with several others for some quality time from visitors to the trade show. Keep in mind that the visitors want to see and do everything they can at the trade show. As such, time is of the essence. They need to know what your exhibition is about and you must give them a reason to detour from their stroll path to spend time at your exhibition.

The stand design is thus the key to getting the attention you crave from visitors. It must be eye-catching and must clearly communicate what you want to say. Keep the above in mind throughout the planning, designing, and managing phases.

Consider the factors below to ensure a successful exhibition stand design.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Even with the most amazing exhibition stand design, if it fails to speak to the intended target audience, your exhibition will fail. Focus your concept according to the wants, preferences, and needs of your target audience. There is simply no value in attracting visitors that are not interested in your particular product or service.

Optimise the Use of the Available Space

You pay per square metre and as such, you will want to use every square metre wisely. If the stand can be higher than normal, then maximise the potential of the height. You can, for instance, display your company’s logo high for good visibility. Add a tall tower structure or add a rotating sign. Use the space to add an arch for more visibility. Minimise barriers or any types of obstacles that can prevent visitors from entering and exiting the booth, as you don’t want bottlenecks.

Visible Text for Maximum Readability

Don’t try to write an essay. When it comes signage at exhibitions, bold, clear, and less are worth more. It isn’t necessary to use complete sentences. Use single words if you can convey the message effectively. Rather use fewer words than try to convince with sentences. Single words can be eye catching. The secret is to use action words.

Equally important is the font you use. If you think about traffic signs, you can agree that streamlined fonts rather than fancy ones work better for optimal visibility and readability from a distance. The text must be placed higher up on the exhibition stand, so as to prevent people from blocking the view.

A Picture Is Better Than Text

Choose images with your target audience in mind. You want to get the message across in the fastest and most effective way possible, and selecting the right graphics and images is the way to do so.

Exhibition Stand Material to Convey Your Company Culture

The selection of booth materials should be done with your company’s culture and the industry in which it operates in mind.

Get Professional Help and Quality Products

Now that you know the basics of designing your stand for success, get professional help in making your exhibition stand out. Get in touch for assistance and quotes.