A Custom or Modular Retail Kiosk? Which One Is Best?

Many prospective retailers and exhibitors want to know whether they should get a modular retail kiosk or have one custom designed to meet their requirements. To answer the question, let’s first consider what a modular retail kiosk entails.

It is the basic product that can be customised, expanded, or layout changed to meet your specific retail or display requirements. Custom simply means a kiosk made specifically to meet your particular requirements.

Which One to Choose?

The custom retail kiosk is popular because it is possible to create an exact layout and visual appeal. You can order from various functionality options without having to consider whether standard features will fit in the space. The height and dimensions are according to your requirements. However, it is more expensive than the modular retail kiosk, but it is specific to a particular function and appearance.

Modular, as the word suggests, entails a base product from which one works. It is comprised of preassembled parts. This type of retail kiosk can be used in just about any exhibition setting. Whether you want to use it in store, make such available to exhibitors in your retail centre, or want to use it at trade shows, it is lightweight, easy to change, and features standardised components. To this end, the modular retail kiosk is also more budget friendly.

If you are looking for exhibition spaces that can easily be changed for various events or retailers in your shopping mall, then the modular retail kiosk system provides superb value for your investment. The setup is quick, so if time is of the essence, the modular retail kiosk is the answer.

With the custom-designed option, our designers work with you to determine specific power outlet spots, maintenance needs, and more. It is thus a perfect fit for your requirements. With the modular concept, the designers plan before the time to ensure easy maintenance and optimal functionality.

If, for instance, older electronic equipment fails with a custom kiosk setup, it may not be as easy as with a modular design to fit a new piece of equipment. The old type of equipment may no longer be available and you may thus have no other choice than to fit a new piece of electronic equipment, such as a newer-model lightbox or monitor. With the modular retail kiosk, it is no problem and quick replacement can thus be done.

What About a Hybrid Solution?

In some instances, it may even be better to work with a hybrid of custom and modular. To this end, you can also rely on our team of designers to customise modular retail kiosks to fit your mall, exhibition, or event requirements. In this way, you receive the advantages offered by both options. Sometimes, a custom design is just not practical enough. And, sometimes, a bit more customisation may be needed to ensure the modular retail kiosk can work with a particular brand or functionality requirement.

We provide you with all three options, ensuring that your display and retail needs can be met.