Tips on How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions in 2019

With hundreds of top-notch exhibitors competing for the attention of visitors at exhibitions such as the My Biz Expo hosted on the 20th to the 21st of February or the Meetings Africa on the 25th-27th of February, you may benefit from an answer to your question of “how to make my brand stand out at exhibitions in 2019”.

Here’s how you can make your booth attention grabbing at the above events, as well as many other events, such as the Wedding Expo in March. If you work with our team, you can rest assured that we will help you every step of the way, from planning to executing, and we provide superb products to make your brand stand out at exhibitions. Many of our clients exhibit at the above events and other similar events.

  1. How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Avoid Vagueness

You invest a considerable amount to be at trade shows. Your brand certainly deserves better than vague messages. Avoid fading into the background by planning your exhibition strategy. What do you want visitors to see and experience when they interact with your brand? How do you want them to perceive your messages? What can make your brand stand out in terms of the message? Have a story and tell it in a way that is unique to your brand. See each element in the trade booth as a component of the overall story. Develop the plot and provide clarity in the message.

  • How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Your stand is where your brand comes to life. It is the only representation of your company and its products or services at the event. Think of it as the only contact point with your brand. Be inviting, as you want all visitors to feel welcome. They must enjoy the experience and interaction. As such, roll out the welcome mat. Create a comfortable setting. Entertain and host as if the visitors are guests at your home.

Give them comforts, such as a resting place, free beverages, desks where they can use free Wi-Fi, padded seating, and more. You don’t have to include everything mentioned, but consider what would make you linger longer at an event booth and offer this to the visitors, since they are your VIP guests.

  • How to Make My Brand Stand Out at Exhibitions – Give Them Extraordinary

Keep in mind that every trade show visitor will see several booths. Hundreds of exhibitors have stunning booths at the Meetings Africa and My Biz Expo. As such, the visitors are already familiar with the typical designs of booths. You need to go beyond what they expect if you want the visitors to recommend your stand, products, services, and brand. It must be a memorable experience that is specifically connected with your brand. Visitors already expect to see the incorporation of the latest technologies in stands, so you should include these, but what don’t they expect? Think beyond what is trendy and incorporate it into the experience.

The above are three tips to help your exhibition stand be memorable. Make use of our expertise and range of products to ensure that your brand becomes the talking point at every event.