8 Benefits of Using Tension Fabric Systems for Exhibition Stands

Tension fabric systems boast a host of features to ensure optimal functionality when it comes to using them at exhibitions. If you plan to exhibit at Meetings Africa or the My Biz Expo this year, make sure you have the best possible graphics and shell schemes. Below are some of the top benefits offered, giving you an idea of why tension fabric systems are so popular with exhibition stand and display designers.

  1. Easy Setup and Removal

Time is of the essence when it comes to stand or display setup. If graphics can be installed and removed with ease, you don’t need special technical expertise or tools. When it comes to tension fabric systems, it is a matter of pressing the graphics into place in the frame, which causes the fabric to tense once all the edges have been attached. The end result is a flat surface with no creases. To remove the graphics, simply unclip the fabric from the modular system at the edges. Fold up and store. It is a straightforward process of setting up and removing the graphics panel.

  • Seamless Displays

Make your graphics stand out using the tension fabric systems available from us. You can do so with small or larger-than-life graphics. Using the tension system, all the graphics displays are seamless without any signs of creases. Your visual displays will be professional and eye catching for the right reasons.

  • More Options with Single- and Double-Sided Fabric Systems

Whether you only need an interior or exterior graphics display or want to create a visual impact on both sides of the fabric wall, you can do so with the modular tension fabric systems available from us.

  • Cost Effectiveness

You don’t have to buy a new shell system if you want to change your displays. Order all the graphics that you want and then use them interchangeably according to your needs.

  • Cut the Corners – Go Round with the Curving Ability of Fabric Systems

If you want your stand to attract attention, simply move away from the conventional cube display. With fabric systems, you can even have curved walls, enabling you to create a silo if you want. This is the type of creativity that can make your stand memorable.

  • Easy to Transport

You don’t need to rent a large trailer to move the stand to the exhibition. When you use fabric systems, you can easily move the stand from one important event, such as the My Biz Expo, to the next one, such as Meetings Africa, which are both hosted in the same month. Everything in the system can be disassembled for easy transportation. The fabric is rolled and takes up very little space. With it also being exceptionally lightweight in design, you save on transportation costs. You can also get carry bags or wheeled boxes for more mobility.

  • Superb Visual Impact

You can also opt for fabric light box systems for maximum visual impact. The fabric material can be used in conjunction with light boxes, giving you highly visible displays. Whether you want to use this for counters, walls, or 3D structures, you can rest assured that the tension fabric systems are versatile enough to create high-impact spaces.

  • Modular to Match Your Display Needs

You can easily add onto or change the layout because the systems are modular in design.

Benefit from our cost-effective and durable tension fabric system products. Get in touch to discuss your graphics and display needs.