Advantages of exhibition brochure stands

Exhibition brochure stands are extremely versatile and useful not only as organisation tools for point of sales materials, but also to enhance the overall functionality of an expo booth. Although the exhibition brochure stands come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes, the most common sizes are that of A4, A5, and A6 holders. There are clear plastic holder types, coloured plastic holders, metal and wire types. The normal depth of the holders is around 3.2 cm with a width of 23 cm for A4 pockets while the A5 sizes are normally 16 cm wide.

Whether you want single pocket or variety holders, the colours and styles available ensure that every expo booth will benefit from the utilization of the exhibition brochure stands.

Apart from the table stand types, you will also find wall units and stand alone display brochure holders. The benefit of using them is that once visitors are at the expo booth not all of they will have the confidence to take a brochure from the sales consultant. Many want to take the brochures while viewing a display and this is where the brochure stand comes in handy. In addition, the sales consultant will not have to run around to ensure that every visitor gets a brochure as brochures can be placed at the relevant sales points.

You can even brand the brochure stands with your company logo, which of course will increase the effectiveness of the display considerably. If you want stunning and highly functional exhibition brochure stands, browse our products catalogue and contact us today for a quote and assistance.