Choosing the Best Options for Poster Displays and Printing

Getting your poster displays and printing done from the same place such as will often save you time and money because you can get everything done at one company. Businesses wanting to display signs of products and services they offer can opt for fast and simple solutions that allow them to get a new poster out in no time at all. The trick however, is to try and find a display unit or module that works best for the given circumstance.


The first thing you notice about all these display units is the fact that they can used just about anywhere. The only thing you really need to worry about is the weather, and it’s only when you have to place your displays outside somewhere. Even then, all you need to do is choose a display option that is unaffected by weather.


Poster displays are often thought of a regular A3 and A4 sized pages, stuck up on a wall somewhere, but there is so much more to it than that. You can enhance the way the poster is viewed by highlighting it or making it stand out so people can see it clearly without unnecessary clutter all around it, and without it getting lost on a wall somewhere with people thinking it’s just another poster.


Poster Displays That Stand Out From All the Rest


Making a poster stand out is not just about the actual image on the poster itself, it also has to be clearly visible and eye-catching as well. When you resort to sticking a poster on a wall you have to think about everything on the wall and whether or not it’s going to attract the attention that it deserves. Fortunately, you have the choice of a poster frames, stand-alone poster frames as well as light-boxes that highlight your poster quite nicely.


A poster on a wall is nothing more than a simple poster on the wall, but at least when you add a frame to it, then it begins to stand out more and people pay more attention to it. A lollipop stand is basically a poster holder that has its own stand so you can place a poster out in the middle of nowhere and it won’t need to be against a wall. The light-boxes on the other hand, have a backlight to highlight the poster in front, making much more visible and eye-catching. Not to mention the great effect it has on the displayed.


Printing your Posters at the Same Place as the Displays


Printing is always going to be an issue because it needs to be done just right. The posters need to fit the displays you are using and if you have the printing done at the same place, then at least they can ensure that it fits perfectly and looks the way it is supposed to, without having to fuss about it. In fact, you could actually order the entire thing complete so the only thing you need to do is put it up on display on the big day.


Poster displays and printing is no longer a pain once you have it all done under one roof.

Scan Display to exhibit – Euroshop

Scan Display to exhibit – Euroshop

Scan Display to exhibit at #1 retail trade fair, Euroshop

This year Scan Display will be among the 1 800 exhibitors at Euroshop, the world’s leading retail trade fair. The show will run from 26 February to 2 March 2011, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, strongly agrees that Euroshop is the ‘premiere’ trade fair of its kind. He says: “No other retail show is as big or as globally inclusive as Euroshop. Exhibitors and visitors from around the world attend it. This creates a unique opportunity to network, see the latest products and technology, and get an injection of creative inspiration – all in one space, on an international scale.”

In previous years, members of the Scan team have attended the show, but this will be the first time the company showcases itself on the Euroshop platform. Scan will co-exhibit with German partners, Mo Systeme, the creators of the Modulbox, a portable marketing system. Scan manufactures and markets the Modulbox locally, and this inspiring tool will form the basis of the Scan-Mo Systeme exhibit.

Justin strongly believes that exhibiting is a valuable marketing tool, as it is the only medium that allows for face-to-face interactions with key industry players. He says: “The opportunities that come out of exhibiting at Euroshop, such as new business partnerships and exposure to new clients, represent a huge return on investment on the cost of exhibiting.”

Euroshop is only held every three years, and 2011 will be its 17th incarnation. This year 104 000 trade visitors from 93 countries are expected to attend, while the exhibitors will be representing 50 countries and filling up a floor space of 200 000m².

For more information about Scan Display, visit or contact Justin Hawes on +27 11 447 4777 or [email protected].

International brands choose Scan Display for AfricaCom 2010

International brands choose Scan Display for AfricaCom 2010

Scan Display’s Cape Town branch was the exhibition stand provider for 12 overseas clients at AfricaCom, Africa’s premier telecommunications conference and exhibition. The show, which is owned and managed by Informa UK, was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 10 – 11 November 2010.

International exhibitors have often sent their own stand and crew to be on site. However, at AfricaCom 2010, Scan Display’s clients entrusted them with the complete process, with Scan either building from the client’s design or both designing and building the stand. Scan was also involved in providing staff for the stands, and catering and cleaning services.

The foreign investment from these stands amounted to roughly R2.5 million (paid in US Dollars and Euros), which not only provides a boost to the South African economy, but also contributes to job creation.

The brief from Scan’s clients was to provide great value while keeping to a budget. Scan achieved this successfully in spite of building custom stands, which are generally more expensive than modular stands. The stands were uncluttered and elegant, and used lighting effectively to create interest and a flattering look-and-feel. These are cost-conscious solutions that enhance a stand when used correctly.

Scan Display has developed a national team specialising in the design and delivery of award-winning stands. Scan’s international network includes top exhibition agencies and brands, which has led to many successful partnerships on South African projects.

AfricaCom 2010 was a very successful event, experiencing a 41% increase in visitors from 2009. Seventy-five percent of the exhibition stands for 2011 have already been sold.

For more information about Scan Display, visit or contact Justin Hawes on +27 11 447 4777 or [email protected].

Lessons learnt from 2010

Have you given much thought to the lessons you learnt from the 2010 FIFA World Cup As the MD of exhibition, events and display company Scan Display, I have tried to understand how people in this industry behaved during the world cup, and why they behaved in this way.

Click here to see a collection of insights I gauged from what I saw, and perhaps some lessons that can be taken away from them. In this way, we can be prepared for next time – the Olympics, maybe?

2010 Soccer World Cup Newsletter

2010 Soccer World Cup Newsletter

Editor’s Note

In this issue you can:

  • Enter our lucky draw to win two Tri-Nation tickets
  • Win a Mobi-Pro rental
  • Win a complimentary clip frame and graphics
  • Catch up on what Scan was doing over the World Cup period.

Scan was busy with a variety of interesting projects during the World Cup. Amongst others, we worked with Budweiser, Adidas, Sony, Globex, Sneakers, the SABC, the City of Cape Town and the City of Johannesburg. In this newsletter we showcase our work, including feedback and photos from some of the projects.
Before we look back on the World Cup, here’s a quick reminder about what’s ahead:
Markex will run from the 24 to 26 August at the Sandton Convention Centre. Don’t miss this chance to visit Scan Display’s stand (C27, Hall 2) to see what we – and you – can do with a Modulbox.

Best regards
Justin Hawes
[email protected]
Managing Director

Adidas’s House of Football

Scan Display designed and built its largest custom stand to date – the 50m by 20m Adidas House of Football stand at the Sandton Convention Centre. This was the Adidas headquarters for the 2010 World Cup. Click here to read more.

City of Johannesburg’s World Cup Public Viewing Area

Scan Display partnered with Zanusi Brand Solutions to provide the City of Johannesburg with a World Cup Public Viewing Area (PVA) in Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown. Click here to read more.

SABC broadcast centres

Scan Display was awarded the SABC tender to build live radio broadcast centres at all 10 FIFA Fan Fests. Click here to read more.

Tourist information kiosks

Scan Display won the City of Cape Town’s tender to build 13 information kiosks in and around the city – from St George’s Mall to Khayelitsha. Click here to read more.

Australian cocktail lounge for dignitaries

The Australian Football Federation contracted Scan Display to create a space for it to entertain important guests and dignitaries, including FIFA’s Sepp Blatter, during the World Cup. Click here to read more.

Globex’s historic soccer memorabilia exhibition

The Globex World Football Museum in England takes its travelling soccer history exhibits all over the world. The exhibition’s most recent stop was Durban, South Africa for the duration of the World Cup. Click here to read more.

Sony hospitality

Scan Display designed and built exclusive hospitality lounges for Sony and its guests at three stadiums:
Moses Mabhiba in Durban, Soccer City in Johannesburg and Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Click here to read more.

Fan park-and-ride kiosks

Scan Display built modern and sleek outdoor park-and-ride ticket kiosks for the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Retailing FIFA™ merchandise

Sneakers, a supplier of FIFA™ merchandise, contracted Scan Display to construct temporary FIFA™ branded retail stands from which to sell their products at 50 locations throughout South Africa.

Budweiser Man of the Match trophies

Scan Display was honoured to be asked to design and build the display cases to house the Budweiser Man of the Match trophies at each of the World Cup stadiums.

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