Display Cases Are Crucial Exhibition Stand Props

Display cases are found in all retail environments where goods are sold and the shape and size of these cases are largely determined by the environment in which they are placed and the nature of the goods.  When it comes to exhibition stands at shows and trade fairs, vertical cases are more effective for several reasons:

  • In an environment awash with rival exhibitions, stands and passing visitors, height is very important and tall displays can be seen over the clutter and attract people’s attention
  • Exhibition stand space is usually paid for by the square metre and may command a tidy sum, which is why space is usually at a premium; vertical displays accommodate more products and use less space
  • As a handy aside, your products are more readily and conveniently viewed if presented to passers-by at eye level and vertical displays do just this

Combining Different Display Cases at Your Exhibition Stand

This is not to say that the tall displays are the last word at any exhibition; ironically, it is the space consideration that brings the trusty old horizontal, counter-type display case to the fore and these two types can be used in deft combination.  Tall displays attract attention and get people to stop and look, but you also need working surfaces, counters to sit clients down at and other horizontal areas, so be sure that these double as counter display cases, affording you the opportunity to have even more products in plain view.


Tall display cases may be awkward to carry and move, so they are usually wheeled.  The wheels should be lockable to prevent them from rolling away once parked.  Tall cases that are square in plan can be set in the centre of a display area, allowing people to view products from all four, glassed sides.  Other types may have one opaque side, which should be placed against a wall.

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