A Display Glass Counter For Trade Shows And Showrooms

When marketing a product there is simply no substitute for a customer being allowed to see and experience the product in real time. For this reason many organisations make sure to install their products for display under a glass counter. The use of a glass counter for the display of different products is now common practice at trade shows and exhibitions. The display counter featuring a glass top can also be found in many showrooms throughout South Africa. The use of glass topped display counters is now widespread due to the fact that the various display counters can be manufactured to the individual clients’ specifications. A glass counter display can form the focal point of a shell display and the ease with which these display units can be erected makes them suitable for trade shows where limited setup times can place the marketing department of the organisation under great pressure as they get ready for the first influx of visitors.

Today’s glass counter display is a far cry from the display cabinets that were available only a decade ago. New technology has meant that glass can be more easily cut into different shapes and configurations. In some applications the glass component of the display counter has been replaced entirely by a variety of different acrylic materials. These materials are just as transparent as glass but are also extremely tough. These retail units are crack and scratch resistant and also flexible, meaning that they are more suitable for transport to a variety of different off sight locations than is the case with glass counter displays.

The use of glass for display purposes in the form of counter tops is also widespread in showrooms across the country. These glass topped display units allow the salesperson to open the unit and remove the product for closer inspection by the client. This combination of tactile interaction combined with an attractive and transparent display unit made of glass or a glass substitute is extremely effective and can serve to dramatically increase sales and sales enquiries.

A glass display counter is also extremely good value for money and will last for many years if cared for properly. These units represent an excellent return on investment for the marketing department of any company and will take pride of place at any trade show or conference. A combination of a glass counter display and a variety of different flags and banners is both eye catching and effective at positioning a variety of different products.