Shopping Kiosk Stands

Cost-effective and Versatile New Shopping Kiosk Stands from SA Company

Shopping kiosk stands are now available to help some of South Africa’s smaller retailers enjoy some of the many benefits of conducting their business within the environment of a busy shopping mall. Without access to a facility such as this, the cost of renting even a quite a small store in such a centre would be likely to remain an unsurmountable obstacle for most of them. Nevertheless, even the cost of hiring space in the forecourt of a mall, though markedly less, still needs to be kept within reasonable limits and, as such, those limits will be determined directly by the number of square metres that are to be occupied.

Flexible shopping kiosk stands that can be reconfigured to occupy a smaller footprint or to fit an irregular space offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Recognising this requirement and its potential value to a significant number of the countries retail centres as a means to generate additional revenue, Scan Display has recently introduced an innovative new product. First revealed at the shopping congress in the third quarter of last year, there can be no doubt that the Modular Retail Kiosk (or MRK) is destined to turn heads and, by doing so, to justify its promise of offering an affordable and cost-effective new sales opportunity for malls around the country.

The modular design applied when developing these shopping kiosk stands has meant that they can be readily adapted for deployment in either the aisles or the forecourt of a mall without any marked intrusion on the free movement of the centre’s customers. An equally important requirement of the design, which was developed by our team in the Cape Town branch, is that it should conform to the visual standards expressed by centre management. In this endeavour our team has been particularly successful in creating a product that is as stylishly elegant as it is efficient.

The potential of the new MRK shopping kiosk stands is no longer a matter for conjecture, but is now well on the way to becoming an established fact following the first installation, completed earlier this year at the Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town’s Southern suburbs. The project was undertaken at the request of the Fountain Head Property trust – an organisation with an investment property portfolio valued at in excess of R12 Billion and that includes additional centres with the same potential needs located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Pretoria area.

The innovative design incorporates all that is essential for efficient and secure trading. Those who will be renting these stylish new shopping kiosk stands can also look forward to the durable finishes that will help preserve their good looks along with the means to ensure that their products are displayed effectively yet with all of the due concern needed to protect their safety.

A fraction short of twenty years in this exacting and highly competitive business has seen Scan Display emerge as the industry’s leader in Southern Africa. This we attribute to the company’s expert engineers, a highly talented and creative design team backed by a flair for innovation and an insistence upon quality.

Our experience in all aspects of display from expos to retail is embodied in these MRK shopping kiosk stands.

What to Do When You Need a Branded Kiosk & Table

In this day and age when everyone is getting their information from online sources, is there a place for a branded kiosk and table in your marketing and advertising strategy? While some marketers contend that there is no point to using physical branding anymore, others have stated that there is as long as these are used in a way that is smart, and that catches the eye of the market you are hoping to target.

The days of brands trying to shout their messages at consumers may be over, but a new era of subtle and clever branding has just been issued in, and if you are not on the bandwagon, you are missing out. Every marketing manager has probably been inundated with information regarding branding at every possible opportunity, and while they may be sick of getting emails and direct mail, for the most part this encourages them to use new promotional tools.

This doesn’t mean that branded modular retail kiosks and tables that have been used in the past have no importance or relevance. Now, the challenge has been extended to use these items in new ways, new places and with new messages that can change the way your consumers see you.

How will a Branded Kiosk and Table Help Me?

The popular adage ‘you can’t reinvent the wheel’, certainly does not apply to advertising and marketing. In this space, you can use the same types of materials and branded collateral over and over again as long as you dress it differently, or use it in a different way. You could use the same branded table in a bar activation as you did in an in-store activation, and because the target audiences are different, you are likely get more reach without spending as much on production.

A mall kiosk is an especially effective tool to use in a number of different places and for many different purposes if you want to pique the interests of consumers. The branding on a kiosk may give consumers more information about your products or services even when you have no promoter on site, or may be the perfect place to lay out samples of your product in a store. It all depends on what you want to do with the resources you have.

Are There More Creative Ways to Use these Products?

Creativity forms the basis for clever marketing and if you want to encourage more consumers to buy what you’re selling, you need to think outside the box, a term that has been overused, but that does ring true. Putting a kiosk in an elevator for example and sampling your product to those going between floors allows you the chance to capture the kind of audience you may not have been able to get in any other situation.

Using a few branded tables and chairs at the park may get people interested in your product, and costs you nothing considering you probably already have those items in storage. The only limit to branding tables and kiosks, and then using them in new places is the limits of your imagination. You can do a million and one things with branded materials and once they have been branded, they become property that you can use over and over again without having to pay more branding costs.

It’s Time to Get Branded and Get Out There

Some may argue that a branded kiosk & table is a waste of time and money, since audience’s attention has moved online, but they are forgetting the power of incidental viewing, a power that allows you to mark a space for your company in the minds of consumers.

Mobile Kiosk | Mobile Exhibition

Mobile Kiosk | Mobile Exhibition

A Versatile Mobile Kiosk


The introduction of new products into the South African marketplace can be full of challenges. This market is highly competitive and many products fail to gain widespread acceptance due to inadequate marketing efforts by the parent company. One of the most cost-effective ways of ensuring that the public is exposed to the product in a professional manner is through experiential marketing where the public is invited to experience the benefits of the product in store. This type of marketing makes extensive use of the new generation of mobile kiosks.

mobile kioskA mobile kiosk today is a far cry from the simplicity of the point of sale installations that can still be found in retail outlets throughout South Africa. These point of sale units are today primarily used for the introduction of product line extensions where the main product line is already present in the marketplace or to promote special offers.

The advanced mobile kiosk brings a full sensory experience to the public and enriches the consumer’s experience of the product, as well as promoting the corporate identity of the company promoting the product in a highly visible and professional way.

There are a variety of different types of mobile kiosks available today. Each of these units is free standing and many will have features such as display cases and unique designs, tailored to the individual needs of the company and the product being promoted.

Today’s mobile kiosk provides revenue enhancing opportunities to the company either promoting or engaged in selling a product. Besides providing an additional point of sale, the kiosk can be moved from venue to venue with very little effort or expense.

There are varieties of portable kiosks available today which takes advantage of new developments in construction material and manufacturing processes, allowing them to be used both in- and outdoors. The new Modulbox concept is one of the most exciting developments in mobile kiosk design. This innovative solution folds out from a box-like structure to provide a fully integrated ultra modern kiosk with excellent branding opportunities. The Modulbox units are also easily portable, making them an immensely attractive advertising solution for the company that wants to take advantage of cutting edge kiosk design.

Enhancing a Mobile Exhibition Stand

In order to get the most from their point of sale mobile exhibition stand or kiosk, many companies choose to supplement the appearance of these units through the strategic placement of other marketing material such as banners and flags. This material is usually also available from the supplier companies providing your kiosks.

By ordering these supplementary materials the company will not only enhance the visibility of the kiosk or exhibition stand, but can also benefit from the savings that can be realised when purchasing multiple units from the same supplier. These marketing materials often come with their own carry bags, making them easy to store in the modern, secure and lockable portable stand.

From a marketing perspective, the mobile kiosk is an effective and affordable marketing tool to get people familiar with your brand and logo. Something you may want to keep in mind next time you are planning to advertise at a special event or exhibition.

Mobile Merchandising Unit | Point Of Sale Stands | Presentation Cases

An Easy To Transport Mobile Merchandising Unit

In today’s highly competitive business environment the opportunities available to an organisation for the demonstration of products or the positioning of products in the marketplace seem almost limitless. The business has to take advantage of each of these opportunities in order to ensure that their products remain at top of mind awareness amongst the consumers that they are targeting. One of the most effective ways to ensure this top of mind awareness is to make use of a mobile merchandising unit. A mobile merchandising unit can turn any product demonstration into an opportunity to encourage existing customer loyalty, as well as attracting a new viagra and thus increasing sales.

A mobile merchandising can be as simple as a table with a selection of products on it and a salesperson standing by to answer any questions that the potential customer has bout the products in show. Today the vast majority of mobile merchandising units are both more attractive and more customer friendly than a simply units that were traditionally employed. The newer types of mobile merchandising unit is visually attractive and if used to market foodstuffs will usually have facilities for the preparation of these foodstuffs. In addition a mobile merchandising unit will feature other elements such as banners and flags to increase the visual appeal of the unit and attract passing foot traffic.

The 21st century mobile merchandising unit will usually be constructed of extremely light material that is easy to both transport and erect. Materials such as nylon, plastic and polyurethane are extensively used in the manufacture of the mobile merchandising units. These units might also feature audio visual elements to further increase their visibility and attractiveness to potential customers.

Easy To Erect and Effective Point Of Sale Stands

In a highly competitive retail environment point of sale stands have become one of the most popular ways for an organisation to increase the visibility of their brands and allow customers to interact with these brands. Today point of sale stands can be found in retail shopping centres across South Africa where they are used for the marketing of a variety of different products. Often these point of sale stands will increase the attractiveness of the products that they are marketing and promote sales through advertising special offers. These special offers are often brought to the attention of the buying public through the use of banners such as pull up banners and pop up banners.

One of the most useful features of the modern point of sale stands is the ease with which they can be erected. This makes the newer point of sale stands ideal for use in chain stores and companies can make use of part time staff to man these point of sale stands confident that even the most inexperienced staff can erect the stands with a minimal amount of training.

Attractive Presentation Cases

Presentation cases can be used in a variety of different settings, such as exhibitions and trade shows, as well as forming the focal point of showrooms. Today’s presentation cases are usually constructed of a mixture of aluminium, stainless steel and glass. The glass counter tops which are a feature of many presentation cases allow potential customers to view the products on display. The hinged compartments in many presentation cases allow sales staff to remove products for closer examination by the potential buyer or client.

The low manufacturing cost and highly attractive nature of today’s presentation cases have made them firm favourites of marketing departments across South Africa. The ability of presentation cases to form an integral part of a number of different displays can bolstered through the addition of other display material such as flags and banners and the addition of brochure stands make it easier for potential customers to not only form a lasting impression of the products on display but to also examine product attributes at their leisure.

Display Glass Counter | Retail Units

A Display Glass Counter For Trade Shows And Showrooms

When marketing a product there is simply no substitute for a customer being allowed to see and experience the product in real time. For this reason many organisations make sure to install their products for display under a glass counter. The use of a glass counter for the display of different products is now common practice at trade shows and exhibitions. The display counter featuring a glass top can also be found in many showrooms throughout South Africa. The use of glass topped display counters is now widespread due to the fact that the various display counters can be manufactured to the individual clients’ specifications. A glass counter display can form the focal point of a shell display and the ease with which these display units can be erected makes them suitable for trade shows where limited setup times can place the marketing department of the organisation under great pressure as they get ready for the first influx of visitors.

Today’s glass counter display is a far cry from the display cabinets that were available only a decade ago. New technology has meant that glass can be more easily cut into different shapes and configurations. In some applications the glass component of the display counter has been replaced entirely by a variety of different acrylic materials. These materials are just as transparent as glass but are also extremely tough. These retail units are crack and scratch resistant and also flexible, meaning that they are more suitable for transport to a variety of different off sight locations than is the case with glass counter displays.

The use of glass for display purposes in the form of counter tops is also widespread in showrooms across the country. These glass topped display units allow the salesperson to open the unit and remove the product for closer inspection by the client. This combination of tactile interaction combined with an attractive and transparent display unit made of glass or a glass substitute is extremely effective and can serve to dramatically increase sales and sales enquiries.

A glass display counter is also extremely good value for money and will last for many years if cared for properly. These units represent an excellent return on investment for the marketing department of any company and will take pride of place at any trade show or conference. A combination of a glass counter display and a variety of different flags and banners is both eye catching and effective at positioning a variety of different products.

Shopping Kiosk

A Shopping Kiosk Can Lend Impetus To Your Market Penetration

In tune with modern society compartmentalising life into modular sections, the shopping kiosk has been indicative of the trend in the retail domain.  It has blurred the lines between the typical retail shop on the street or in a shopping centre and the informal pavement stall or flea market stand.  These shopping kiosks straddle the middle ground and affords the entrepreneur on the way up a foothold in retail that would otherwise have required a far larger and more risky leap.

Modularising the Shopfront

To this end, the shopping kiosk has become the shopping mall flea market stand and has given small businesses the opportunity to be represented in large retail environments without the need for an investment in a shopfront and with far lower associated risks and costs.  The small retail business pays the shopping centre a fee and rents a spot in a busy thoroughfare, bringing a little of the flea market flavour and curio fascination to a formal retail structure.

Shopping Kiosk Benefits

This benefits both parties, as the retail environment gains more variety to attract shoppers and the kiosk owner gets an opportunity to display their wares where feet are all but guaranteed.  There are other advantages for the kiosk owner too:

  • Many kiosk designs are offered for the display of nearly every type of product
  • The unit is mobile and can be moved to other venues, as well as shows, fairs, fêtes and bazaars
  • A single person can mind the kiosk
  • The unit offers security features: it can be anchored to the floor, closed up and locked

Accessories and Props

When a shopping kiosk is set up in conjunction with other marketing devices like roll-up banners, flags and distinctive branding, shoppers can spot if from afar.  Just keep in mind that shopping centres may have regulations as to the style of the kiosk and marketing materials that are permitted.

For more information on how a shopping kiosk can further your retail opportunities, contact the exhibition stand and merchandising unit experts today.