Cost-effective and Versatile New Shopping Kiosk Stands from SA Company

Shopping kiosk stands are now available to help some of South Africa’s smaller retailers enjoy some of the many benefits of conducting their business within the environment of a busy shopping mall. Without access to a facility such as this, the cost of renting even a quite a small store in such a centre would be likely to remain an unsurmountable obstacle for most of them. Nevertheless, even the cost of hiring space in the forecourt of a mall, though markedly less, still needs to be kept within reasonable limits and, as such, those limits will be determined directly by the number of square metres that are to be occupied.

Flexible shopping kiosk stands that can be reconfigured to occupy a smaller footprint or to fit an irregular space offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Recognising this requirement and its potential value to a significant number of the countries retail centres as a means to generate additional revenue, Scan Display has recently introduced an innovative new product. First revealed at the shopping congress in the third quarter of last year, there can be no doubt that the Modular Retail Kiosk (or MRK) is destined to turn heads and, by doing so, to justify its promise of offering an affordable and cost-effective new sales opportunity for malls around the country.

The modular design applied when developing these shopping kiosk stands has meant that they can be readily adapted for deployment in either the aisles or the forecourt of a mall without any marked intrusion on the free movement of the centre’s customers. An equally important requirement of the design, which was developed by our team in the Cape Town branch, is that it should conform to the visual standards expressed by centre management. In this endeavour our team has been particularly successful in creating a product that is as stylishly elegant as it is efficient.

The potential of the new MRK shopping kiosk stands is no longer a matter for conjecture, but is now well on the way to becoming an established fact following the first installation, completed earlier this year at the Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town’s Southern suburbs. The project was undertaken at the request of the Fountain Head Property trust – an organisation with an investment property portfolio valued at in excess of R12 Billion and that includes additional centres with the same potential needs located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Pretoria area.

The innovative design incorporates all that is essential for efficient and secure trading. Those who will be renting these stylish new shopping kiosk stands can also look forward to the durable finishes that will help preserve their good looks along with the means to ensure that their products are displayed effectively yet with all of the due concern needed to protect their safety.

A fraction short of twenty years in this exacting and highly competitive business has seen Scan Display emerge as the industry’s leader in Southern Africa. This we attribute to the company’s expert engineers, a highly talented and creative design team backed by a flair for innovation and an insistence upon quality.

Our experience in all aspects of display from expos to retail is embodied in these MRK shopping kiosk stands.