In this day and age when everyone is getting their information from online sources, is there a place for a branded kiosk and table in your marketing and advertising strategy? While some marketers contend that there is no point to using physical branding anymore, others have stated that there is as long as these are used in a way that is smart, and that catches the eye of the market you are hoping to target.

The days of brands trying to shout their messages at consumers may be over, but a new era of subtle and clever branding has just been issued in, and if you are not on the bandwagon, you are missing out. Every marketing manager has probably been inundated with information regarding branding at every possible opportunity, and while they may be sick of getting emails and direct mail, for the most part this encourages them to use new promotional tools.

This doesn’t mean that branded modular retail kiosks and tables that have been used in the past have no importance or relevance. Now, the challenge has been extended to use these items in new ways, new places and with new messages that can change the way your consumers see you.

How will a Branded Kiosk and Table Help Me?

The popular adage ‘you can’t reinvent the wheel’, certainly does not apply to advertising and marketing. In this space, you can use the same types of materials and branded collateral over and over again as long as you dress it differently, or use it in a different way. You could use the same branded table in a bar activation as you did in an in-store activation, and because the target audiences are different, you are likely get more reach without spending as much on production.

A mall kiosk is an especially effective tool to use in a number of different places and for many different purposes if you want to pique the interests of consumers. The branding on a kiosk may give consumers more information about your products or services even when you have no promoter on site, or may be the perfect place to lay out samples of your product in a store. It all depends on what you want to do with the resources you have.

Are There More Creative Ways to Use these Products?

Creativity forms the basis for clever marketing and if you want to encourage more consumers to buy what you’re selling, you need to think outside the box, a term that has been overused, but that does ring true. Putting a kiosk in an elevator for example and sampling your product to those going between floors allows you the chance to capture the kind of audience you may not have been able to get in any other situation.

Using a few branded tables and chairs at the park may get people interested in your product, and costs you nothing considering you probably already have those items in storage. The only limit to branding tables and kiosks, and then using them in new places is the limits of your imagination. You can do a million and one things with branded materials and once they have been branded, they become property that you can use over and over again without having to pay more branding costs.

It’s Time to Get Branded and Get Out There

Some may argue that a branded kiosk & table is a waste of time and money, since audience’s attention has moved online, but they are forgetting the power of incidental viewing, a power that allows you to mark a space for your company in the minds of consumers.