When setting up at an exhibition or expo there is often the problem of having to deal with loose wires and cables on the floors and getting in the way. Now this problem can be eliminated by making use of distribution boards and stand features. These units are designed to be compact and can make the exhibition environment safer and a great deal neater too.

At Scan Display we have recently released this particular product to the market. The unit itself only requires 0.5 m³ of space whereas old designs required as much as 1 m³. This new design allows for all wires to be raised above floor level and concealed conduit channels which have been specially designed. It is no secret the exhibitors have had many issues with old style or standard styled options and a great movement has been seen towards making use of these new units. We can install these units in every 3m x 3m cluster at an exhibition and can guarantee that each exhibitor will enjoy the new compact and concealed design.

The new stand options also make use of LED lighting which is known to save up to 80% on energy consumption and costs. Of course another benefit of using this type of lighting is that the working environment will not get as hot as it might have before with other types of lighting and you are now able to focus lighting whereas it was not entirely possible before.

At Scan Display we have quite an extensive distribution network which means that you can invest in these products quite easily in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and even Gaborone. This means that you certainly won’t struggle to gain access to our products, regardless of where you are in the country.

We are a team that has been serving the market for many years now. We present various audio and display solutions that are ideal for the business environment as well as trade shows, fair and exhibitions. Our technical staff has many years of experience behind them and will do their best to provide you with installation services that are quick and reliable.

Our staff members will also happily advise clients on how certain products work and ensure that they are provided with an after sales service that is simply phenomenal. If you have any issues with the product after purchase, feel free to give us a call and we will ensure that the problem is rectified.

In addition to the stands for concealing cables and wires we also offer other products and services in this particular market. These include the likes of signage, brochure stands, banners, show cases, poster displays, sports branding, exhibition or shop space design and so on. If you want to have a closer look at each of these products and a great deal more, the catalogue or product listing on our website is quite ideal. Browse through the various options available to you and choose to invest in products that offer value for money and undeniable quality.

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