Exhibition products available to make for stunning presentations

Scan Display offers a wide range of exhibition products that can be used to ensure that your stand will stand out amongst the thousands of exhibition booths. Pop-ups for instance, are easy to erect, come in various sizes and are the ideal presentation tools to display a billboard type of ad at an exhibition. The pop-ups are foldable and can be transported in a normal vehicle. When you get to the exhibition simply pull at the sides and have it erected. Add your banner display and shape it the way you want. Another one of the exhibition products that will save time is the roll-up. As the name suggests you add a poster which is then rolled up. Simply pull the string and have a professional display. The roll-ups come in the Just-Lite 2, Rolla, Interchangeable, and the Wing as well as Wing Lite. View the section on exhibition products for more details.