Custom Stands Design (Modular Stands)

Exhibiting at AfricaCom

When it comes to running your own exhibition stand, There are several options available to you, with some being the most advantageous for your business, while others will limit your marketing while hosting your own exhibition stand at an expo. Custom and modular stands with personalised designs will always be viable options for branding and conveying information to potential customers walking past, with the chance to spark their interest and turn it into a sales conversion for your business.

With the AfricaCom expo coming up in November, you want to ensure that your business’s exhibition stand will catch the eyes of all the people at the event, which is estimated at between 20 000 and 50 000 people for the 2018 event. The AfricaCom expo showcases the latest developments from the biggest communications companies on the continent, with digital communication being the focal point and serving as the main theme for the event.

This opens the door to internet service providers, telecommunication companies, and mobile network service providers to not only have the opportunity to interact with others in the business, but also display their own products and innovations to the thousands of people attending. Should you be looking for viable solutions to branded custom stands and modular stands for your exhibition at the AfricaCom expo, Scan Display offers a range of products that will be ideal for your specific implementation. Today, we will focus on our range of modular and custom-designed stands to give you the ideal equipment for a successful exhibition.


Our Exhibition Stand Range

Starting with our selection of brochure stands, we feature four distinctly designed stands for holding brochures, making it simple for people walking by to grab a brochure or pamphlet and read more about your product or service. Moving on, our Fabric Pop-Up System offers a portable modular solution, which is a good product for travelling exhibits.

The Fabric Pop-Up System features a lightweight and robust design, with reusable graphics to ensure that you can take this modular stand to any event and expo without having to replace the graphics. We also feature a host of Metro stands, consisting of a portable display stand system with complete branded graphics to make the most of your exhibition stand. With a choice between nine unique configurations, you will simply need to find the ideal layout and setup for your specific exhibition area and let the Metro stand do the rest for you.

We also offer Folding System display stands, giving you the flexibility to arrange and place your modular stand as effectively as possible to suit the environment of your exhibition. For the travelling exhibitioner, we feature our Expo Range, giving you access to modular stands with custom designed graphics that are completely reusable and ideal for travelling, thus providing you with the perfect tools to host your own exhibition stands across the world without having to worry about graphics and stands making the journey with you.

Scan Display offers viable custom and modular stands to use at large expo events such as AfricaCom and others across the world. We can even custom make stands out of wood that fit together like LEGO blocks, giving you a professional and striking looking stand. By creating a custom stand this way, it makes it easier to set up again for future events.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details surrounding our products, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Scan Display today and ensure that your next expo stand blows the competition away.

Design Company SA

Scan Display Solutions is a design company in South Africa that offers the most innovative and professional designs for your marketing campaigns, which speaks of the very nature of your unique business. We can guarantee a range of quality products that will ensure that your company receives the attention it deserves.

Our Designs

As a leading design company in South Africa, Scan can guarantee an all-inclusive range of design services, such as layout design, 3D design and graphic design. Our team can offer:

  • Display concepts in a three dimensional images, so our valuable clientele can view and approve the conceptualized stands prior to production;
  • Meticulous attention to detail with their accumulated experience in large-format print, to ensure top quality graphics;
  • Affordable solutions where they constantly keep the client’s budget in mind, whilst endeavoring to  push the creative boundaries; As well as
  • Regular Exhibitor training workshops where our ‘exhibitions guru’ Joy Donovan of Trade Show Training, provides our clients with useful tips for maximizing their exhibition investments.


Because Scan pushes its management team to encourage creativity and innovative thinking, we have over the years established a design company in South Africa with a solid culture based on principles of problem-solving and originality. We are committed to providing exceptional service, which results in long term relationships with our loyal client base.


Naturally, Scan is committed to Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. Did you know that Scan has established The Scan Display BEE Trust to empower previously disadvantaged staff members who are involved in the daily operations of our business? Through this innovative trust, our staff members collectively own 27% of the company.



Scan Display embodied the values of Design Indaba at this year’s show, striving for innovation blended with intelligent design.

As the show’s official service contractor, Scan was responsible for the design and project management of the exhibition. Through Scan’s use of cutting-edge display products, the expo structure itself became a showcase of design excellence and possibilities.

Rolled Carpet
Scan used Italian-imported rolled carpet for full-lay carpeting. This style of carpeting results in fewer joins in the


flooring and is neater and sleeker than traditional tile carpets. Black carpeting was used throughout the pavilion, overlaid with carpeted pathways in four bold colours which helped to demarcate different areas for visitors in a visually striking way.

Mike Purdham from Interactive Africa (the organisers of Design Indaba) says: “Constantly seeking to raise the bar, the Design Indaba Expo and Scan have collaborated to introduce a number of firsts to the exhibition industry. The 2010 edition saw the introduction of full-lay carpeting for the first time, and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from exhibitors and visitors alike.”

Scan used an exciting addition to its product range, the Modulbox,designindaba2010-modulbox to create the Interactive Africa stand. The simple and compact nature of this stand-in-a-box makes it quick and easy to transport and construct, which is invaluable given the restricted time available for set-up and break-down.

Despite its simplicity, the box is customisable for a variety of layouts to maximise the available space and serve the varying needs of exhibitors.

Mike Purdham says of the Modulbox: “Its ease of use and quick set-up time gave us one less thing to worry about. The stand was one of the stand-out features of the 2010 Design Indaba Expo.”

This was the fifth year that Scan has worked in partnership with Interactive Africa to create the Design Indaba Expo. This year’s show was the most successful in terms of visitor turnout – 29,000 visitors attended last year, while this year a record breaking 35,000 visitors passed through the doors.

For more information, contact Scan Display on +27 11 447 4777 or [email protected]. Alternatively visit

Why make use of the option for exhibition furniture rentals?

Although it may seem unnecessary to use of the option of exhibition furniture rentals when you can simply purchase furniture it becomes an economical viable option when:
•    Hosting an exhibition where various booths and isles will require chairs.
•    Display at an exhibition where you will need special chairs or tables which will only be needed once off.
•    Want to use a variety of chairs and tables.
•    Will display at various trade fairs and as such want to minimize transport of furniture to the location.

If any of the above applies you will benefit from our services and products in our range of exhibition furniture rentals.

Tips for Exhibition signage

Digital exhibition signage can help to reduce the costs of display while also ensuring attractive displays which will draw in the crowds. Although it may seem that Internet connectivity may add to expenses, it can in fact help to reduce the costs. By using a 3G wireless network for connectivity, it is possible to download and distribute images at a low cost. If you want to display without the risk of losing Internet connectivity, you can simply download dynamic content and upload to the applicable device which can be connected to large screens. This well help to ensure a dynamic display which will have more than one visitor stop and view the footage. It is however, important to consider the content of the exhibition signage as well. Miss the mark, and you will waste the whole exhibition. We provide professional exhibition signage that will help to hit the mark every time.

Exhibition designers must stay focussed

Professional exhibition designers will recognise the importance of a good first impression for the client. The client will not get a second chance at a trade fair to make that first good impression and as such the display stand should reflect every aspect of superior exhibition design to ensure the overall success of the display. Exhibition designers for instance, should recognize that the artwork should not be the ultimate goal, but rather the tool to effectively portray the client’s products and services. In addition lights, sound, space, lay-out, and point of sale materials should be used to ensure a coherent theme and appearance. There is no room for mistakes. As such select professional exhibition designers such as Scan Display, with a track record of award winning stalls to handle the design of your booth.