Modular Retail Box

Why Buy Your Modular Retail Box from Us?

The modular retail box works just as well in a shopping centre as it does at exhibitions. As such, you can purchase a modular retail box for temporary displays or permanent showcasing of products in a store or in a shopping mall.

Why Go with the Modular Option?

Modular simply means that you can add onto or take away from the retail box as needed. This means more flexibility when it comes to design, without having to create a custom-designed retail box. You will choose the unit’s size, layout, and display design according to your particular space, purpose, location, and budget requirements.

A quick setup, the easy addition of sections, and technology embedding options make the modular retail box a superb option for the smaller exhibitor and the larger retailer, as well as event organisers.

Why Buy from Us?

We provide more than just the product. Whether you buy a modular retail box, a fabric light box, or a display wall, we will provide you with expert guidance, superior-quality printing services, and installation assistance, where needed.

We were recognised by the Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) and the Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA) in four award categories for 2018. We won the EXSA-llence award for Best Design Stand in the Custom Stand 12-24 m2 category for the South 32 stand at the African Mining Indaba of 2018. In addition, Moses Nefale, our Financial Director, received the EXSA Chairman’s award for his role as EXSA treasurer and contribution to the industry.

We have also received the AAXO ROAR award for Best Stand for our own stand at Madex 2018 in the category of 36 m2 and below. To top it off, we also received the AAXO ROAR Certificate of Excellence for stand design.

These awards and accolades serve to support our claim of excellence and experience in designing stands. When you buy a modular retail box from us, you benefit from our expertise in design, layout, printing, and installation. Our team is committed to innovative solutions, whether they are for modular retail box solutions or for custom stands.

With a track record of more than 20 years, we have become a leader in the supply of event and retail display products. Our clients also benefit from our range of green exhibition solutions, which include stands, infrastructure, and retail display units.

We have a national footprint with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Gaborone in Botswana. Our expertise is relevant to small exhibitions and large pavilions, as well as retail display projects. We are committed to high-quality, ethical conduct and the promotion of top-level event and exhibition products. We are also a member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES).

Our product range is extensive, ensuring that we can meet your display requirements. Regardless of whether you want to host a trade show, wish to exhibit at an event from a stunning booth, or want a permanent display in a shopping centre, you will appreciate our modular retail boxes.

Custom Stands Design (Modular Stands)

Exhibiting at AfricaCom

When it comes to running your own exhibition stand, There are several options available to you, with some being the most advantageous for your business, while others will limit your marketing while hosting your own exhibition stand at an expo. Custom and modular stands with personalised designs will always be viable options for branding and conveying information to potential customers walking past, with the chance to spark their interest and turn it into a sales conversion for your business.

With the AfricaCom expo coming up in November, you want to ensure that your business’s exhibition stand will catch the eyes of all the people at the event, which is estimated at between 20 000 and 50 000 people for the 2018 event. The AfricaCom expo showcases the latest developments from the biggest communications companies on the continent, with digital communication being the focal point and serving as the main theme for the event.

This opens the door to internet service providers, telecommunication companies, and mobile network service providers to not only have the opportunity to interact with others in the business, but also display their own products and innovations to the thousands of people attending. Should you be looking for viable solutions to branded custom stands and modular stands for your exhibition at the AfricaCom expo, Scan Display offers a range of products that will be ideal for your specific implementation. Today, we will focus on our range of modular and custom-designed stands to give you the ideal equipment for a successful exhibition.


Our Exhibition Stand Range

Starting with our selection of brochure stands, we feature four distinctly designed stands for holding brochures, making it simple for people walking by to grab a brochure or pamphlet and read more about your product or service. Moving on, our Fabric Pop-Up System offers a portable modular solution, which is a good product for travelling exhibits.

The Fabric Pop-Up System features a lightweight and robust design, with reusable graphics to ensure that you can take this modular stand to any event and expo without having to replace the graphics. We also feature a host of Metro stands, consisting of a portable display stand system with complete branded graphics to make the most of your exhibition stand. With a choice between nine unique configurations, you will simply need to find the ideal layout and setup for your specific exhibition area and let the Metro stand do the rest for you.

We also offer Folding System display stands, giving you the flexibility to arrange and place your modular stand as effectively as possible to suit the environment of your exhibition. For the travelling exhibitioner, we feature our Expo Range, giving you access to modular stands with custom designed graphics that are completely reusable and ideal for travelling, thus providing you with the perfect tools to host your own exhibition stands across the world without having to worry about graphics and stands making the journey with you.

Scan Display offers viable custom and modular stands to use at large expo events such as AfricaCom and others across the world. We can even custom make stands out of wood that fit together like LEGO blocks, giving you a professional and striking looking stand. By creating a custom stand this way, it makes it easier to set up again for future events.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details surrounding our products, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Scan Display today and ensure that your next expo stand blows the competition away.


Attract, Engage and Persuade with the Modulbox from Scan Display

Every successful organisation can agree that catching a potential customer’s eye is more than vital for bringing in sales. But in an unstable market flooded with choice, organisations need to be a lot more innovative and unique to get consumers to notice their brand, and one successful way to draw in customers and drive sales is with the use of the innovative Modulbox from Scan Display.

Bringing together the two worlds of brand values and shopper behaviour to create a stunning bespoke display, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art Modulbox. Manufactured by Scan Display under license to Mo Systeme in Germany, the Modulbox has become more popular and relevant than ever. An ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor private and corporate events, such as exhibition stands, golfing days, mobile bars, pop-up shops, and retail and brand activations, the Modulbox is an unrivalled marketing tool that is shaking up the retail world, in a radical way. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication

At Scan Display, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and our Modulbox is a portable cube that can be easily opened into a usable space that provides a large surface for maximising brand exposure. With designs that boast smooth, sleek indirect lighting and state-of-the-art multimedia applications that are easy to set up, the Modulbox marries the best of sophisticated technology with a simple design at an affordable price.

To create a larger effect, several Modulboxes can be combined to fashion a unique larger space depending on the configuration. Lightweight and ideal for bespoke branding, as well as easy transportation on a truck, in a few simple steps the Modulbox can be easily transformed into a usable space, making set-ups and break-downs fast and efficient. 

We Offer Rental Packages with Discounted Rates

Pairing strategic tools with beautiful design solutions to help brands stand out, Scan Display is renowned for delivering cutting-edge, energy-efficient retail display architecture for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent displays. Should you require a Modulbox for an upcoming event, we offer rental packages with discounted rates for repeated use.

You do not need millions of rands to create a compelling consumer experience.  To make an impact and to stay on top of your game – attract, engage, and persuade with the Modulbox from Scan Display.