Exhibition Stands Made with Tension Fabric


Scan Display offers practical options regarding custom exhibition stands with our tension fabric systems being viable options for almost any event and environment. With various in-house divisions that can assist our clients in the design of custom exhibition stands and graphics, our tension fabric stands offer durable and reusable options to give you a viable solution for travelling and constant usage. These stands are also ideal for temporary use, especially within a retail environment.

The large and seamless graphic prints are displayed on aluminium frames and result in a professional and aesthetically pleasing marketing presentation for your exhibition stand or retail store. The aluminium frames offer robust and lightweight structures for these exhibition stands, which are made according to your specifications to match your preferences, and deliver easy-to-use frames for displaying your custom graphics. These frames feature hidden brackets for a seamless and professional result, putting the focus on the fabric display, as opposed to the area where the fabric is tensioned over the frame.

These stands are easy to set up, move, and take down again, giving you the solution to professional displays without having to break your back when setting them up. Since these stands can be incorporated for various expos and similar events, you should consider Scan Display for the upcoming International Congress of Endocrinology being held in Cape Town for 2018, starting on the 1st of December and covering four days of incredible medical and scientific topics regarding endocrinology from around the world.


ICE 2018 Cape Town


Cape Town is considered by many people across the world as a city full of diversity, natural beauty, and tourist-friendly environments, making it the perfect place for hosting the International Congress of Endocrinology 2018. This congress brings people from across the world together to express their views and research topics such as diabetes and obesity – two of the more threatening diseases of the current 21st century. The congress will also feature 12 international speakers, hailing from all over the world to deliver a comprehensive approach to endocrinology at the congress. Academic congresses have become a very popular method of delivering brand-new research and academic papers to an international audience, creating a viable platform to get various angles and feedback before publishing new research or academic papers.

As a result, these events cover more than just speakers by providing exhibition areas to take full advantage of and reach an international crowd. This is where we can provide professional and seamless exhibition stand displays to use at the ICE 2018, giving you a cost-effective method to reach people attending the event. We offer a wide selection of custom exhibition stands, resulting in a comprehensive approach to expo display stands, so that we can give our customers the display options to optimise their exhibits at events such as the ICE 2018.

If you are looking for exhibition stands, Scan Display is the company to choose for an all-inclusive choice of quality stand designs to fit your budget and preferences. For more information, have a look at our company’s portfolio to give you an idea of what we can offer you.