How to Attract More Visitors to Festive Display Stands

Festive display stands, similar to any themed-event booths, must have specific elements to make them stand out. Below are a few tips to help with the design and set-up of festive expo stands.


Use Designers and Exhibition Staff Members

The designers of display stands understand the principles of effective design to create stunning showcase spaces. The exhibition staff members are the live parts of the exhibition. Though all expo spaces must be designed to be interactive and effective display spaces with or without the presence of staff members, the full potential of a booth can only be realised if the exhibition staff members understand that festive means friendly, helpful, professional and joyful. This means they must have happy faces as even the most festive of display stands can become a dreadful place if the staff members are all but inviting.


Help Festive Event Goers to Find Your Display Stands

If you invited clients to the exhibition, trade show or market, make sure they know how to get to your booth. Provide them with downloadable directions to the exhibition and instructions from the entrance gates in getting to your booth. You can also use indicative boards along the way showing the path to your booth.


Use Technology to Arrange for Matchmaking

Study the attendee list and target relevant event goers with ads or invites for freebies or meetings at your display booth. Have staff members ready to engage and to make sure the attendees feel welcome when responding to your invites.



People love giveaways and especially over the festive period. Make sure the freebies you hand out are practical, memorable, branded and things they will want to show others. Also add free foods and drinks to the collection.


Subtle Message

In line with the particular festive period, add décor that fits and creates an atmosphere of joyfulness. Your booth should not shout. Instead, the message should be subtle, but effective.


Games Galore

If it is festive, then there must be games for all. Create a free to enter the competition for the day of the event and make sure people can see what to do. Have the draw on the event day at a certain time as this will ensure that visitors will return to the booth later on in the day.


Comfort sells

After a day of festivities, people want to rest. Indeed, many may go home early because they are thirsty, hungry and tired. Give them a place to rest,  as well as refreshments and freebies in a comfortable setting. With festive display stands, you can add more seating and refreshment stations. Have your marketing material ready at these stations to help them remember who it was that took care of their needs first.


Use Professional Designers

Make use of our expertise in the design of award-winning festive display stands to make sure your booth draws in more people. From walls to lights and modular booths are available from us. Get in touch to discuss your particular event requirements.