Event displays should be approached in the same manner as you would have done for a product specific exhibition. It is important to target a specific group of people within the audience, and then to put everything into the event displays to get their attention and open purses.

With outdoor event displays the atmosphere is often more casual with loads of stalls selling food around, the sun and simply a happy go lucky atmosphere. Although your displays should be adapted to the environment and thus be a bit more casual, never compromise on the quality of the exhibition. With indoor events you have the benefit of fewer distractions and specific walkways preventing visitors from simply turning off before reaching your booth. You will have more control over your displays and will be able to make use of displays that are interactive and which normally will not work well in bright sunlight.

Outdoor event displays thus hold a bit of a challenge. You don’t have people in a business mood and thus have to approach them in a more casual way. In addition there are elements such as wind and bright sunlight that can easily ruin a display. You have to be prepared for just about everything. As such ensure that you select materials suitable for outdoor display that will be sturdy enough to withstand even the strongest of winds, and will work well even in bright sunlight. Check weather reports to ensure that you have umbrellas ready for customers, better even will be to have a tent or gazebo setup to ensure that visitors can come into your booth for shade and protection against weather elements. By going this route you will be able to also use interactive media that displays excellent in a shaded area. With that being said, don’t forget adequate ventilation in the tent and certainly make provision for cables and electricity.

Our final recommendation is to contact us for help with outdoor and indoor event displays that will be setup for maximum visibility and quality exhibitions.