Full Colour Gazebos in Various Sizes

Full Colour Gazebos Available in Various Sizes for Outdoor Advertising

If you are attending a sports day, outdoor event, exhibition, expo or similar and want to ensure that your target audience sees your brand and business image precisely the way you want them to, then you will simply love what we have to offer at Scan Display. We offer full colour gazebos in various sizes to the market along with a variety of other products that compliment these perfectly.

When we present you with our different gazebos you will undoubtedly find the various types and styles of interest – you will see that the material used is of an excellent quality and can be expected to withstand exposure to the elements with fading or cracking. You will be able to choose the unit that best suits your needs and the type of event that you are attending. Our designers can work closely with you to create an image and brand to print onto your unit, or you can supply us with the artwork in high resolution large format and we will make sure that it is correctly printed onto your unit.

Our gazebos are designed to offer a sturdy aluminium frame and the materials that we use are of the highest possible quality. While each unit has its own design, the leg units usually consist of two sliding parts and can weigh generally anything from 12kg to 30kg. This lightweight design ensures that each unit can be easily transported from one location to another and is most simple to set up and pack away. The convenience of these units is one of the reasons why they are so popular for outdoor advertising as well as providing shelter from the wind, shade and potential rain.

We offer both standard and deluxe versions of these units and can customise the look and feel according to your needs and requirements. We are an experienced team that will offer you knowledgeable information and advice on any of our products that might interest you. We have won awards for custom stand designs and received recognition for our exhibition architecture and services, large format printing, project management, graphic design and so much more. We have worked at many large events such as the 2010 Soccer World Cup Public Viewing area in Johannesburg and similar.

A close look at our catalogue will show you that we have a great deal to offer. Some of our other outdoor advertising items include the likes of pop up banners, flags, brochure stands, show cases, poster displays, portable stands, outdoor displays, furniture, audio visual equipment, flooring and so much more. Each of these items can also be provided in a variety of colours and sizes and we can also brand them appropriately for you.

You will find our team members to be friendly, approachable and eager to assist you in not only choosing from full colour gazebos that we have available in various sizes, but also with your design, planning and set up of your display area. A complete exhibition solution can be obtained from us at Scan Display if you are willing to chat to our team and let us know what you are looking for. We have a great gallery where you can view items that we offer and past completed tasks. You can easily place your order and make enquiries online for your convenience.

At Scan Display we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in full colour gazebos in various sizes at an affordable rate. Benefit from top quality products provided by us at Scan Display without delay and reap the rewards of effective advertising at your next outdoor event.

Help with Outdoor Event Displays

Event displays should be approached in the same manner as you would have done for a product specific exhibition. It is important to target a specific group of people within the audience, and then to put everything into the event displays to get their attention and open purses.

With outdoor event displays the atmosphere is often more casual with loads of stalls selling food around, the sun and simply a happy go lucky atmosphere. Although your displays should be adapted to the environment and thus be a bit more casual, never compromise on the quality of the exhibition. With indoor events you have the benefit of fewer distractions and specific walkways preventing visitors from simply turning off before reaching your booth. You will have more control over your displays and will be able to make use of displays that are interactive and which normally will not work well in bright sunlight.

Outdoor event displays thus hold a bit of a challenge. You don’t have people in a business mood and thus have to approach them in a more casual way. In addition there are elements such as wind and bright sunlight that can easily ruin a display. You have to be prepared for just about everything. As such ensure that you select materials suitable for outdoor display that will be sturdy enough to withstand even the strongest of winds, and will work well even in bright sunlight. Check weather reports to ensure that you have umbrellas ready for customers, better even will be to have a tent or gazebo setup to ensure that visitors can come into your booth for shade and protection against weather elements. By going this route you will be able to also use interactive media that displays excellent in a shaded area. With that being said, don’t forget adequate ventilation in the tent and certainly make provision for cables and electricity.

Our final recommendation is to contact us for help with outdoor and indoor event displays that will be setup for maximum visibility and quality exhibitions.

Advertising Displays

The exhibition stand can be improved through effective advertising displays and become powerful marketing tools. We offer various advertising displaysto liven up exhibition booths and help to attract your target audience. From literature stands to pole and portable stands, as well as pop-ups and roll-ups help to create attractive booths.

A few guidelines on the selection of advertising displays are briefly shared below to help you select the most appropriate equipment for your display purposes.

Pop-up stands

The pop-up stands are compact in design, can be moved around and assembled in no time at all. Pop-up stands are also extremely affordable, making them the ideal display tools for exhibitors who will have to display at one place and then move to another the next day.

Custom stands

The custom stands are larger and not really movable. You will select custom stands for once off trade shows, large events where you will be sure that the stand will not have to be moved, and when you want to make sure that your booth can handle your particular display.

Banner stands

Banner stands are often used when you simply want to create a small display at various venues. The banner stands are light and can be carried in bags.

The most effective advertising displays are simple and have little or no distraction qualities. You want the visitor to focus on a single message or product rather than bombarding the visitor with an overload of information. Contact us for more information about the various stands, sales, and rental options today.

Why make use of display rentals?

In most cases companies simply purchase or have their display equipment custom made. There are however, instances when it will be more beneficial to make use of display rentals. A few reasons are listed below.

Once off exhibition

Although the roll-up banners and brochures will obviously be made custom, you may want to consider display rentals such as a tent, a modular stand, tables, showcases, and chairs if you have a once off exhibition.

Exhibiting in another country

If you plan to for instance, exhibit in South Africa and your company is located in the UK, you will save tremendously on costs by making use of the various display rentals available through us.

Exhibition in another town or province

Instead of transporting the whole stand and the display equipment from Cape Town to Johannesburg, you can have it all delivered at the event without having to lift a finger. We can even set up the whole stand. Display rentals are thus well suited for exhibitors displaying at trade shows in other provinces or towns.

First time exhibitor

If you are exhibiting at a trade show for the first time, it may be wise to make use of display rentals rather than having everything custom made. You first need to test the waters and get a feel of what works and what not before investing thousands into custom designed stands. You will learn from the first display and then will adapt your future exhibitions accordingly.

If you fall in any of the above categories, contact us today for assistance.

Promotional Flags: The Modern Day Identifiers

Promotional Flags: The Modern Day Identifiers

Promotional flags are the new call to arms in the modern day battle of marketing. Commerce has replaced territory as the goal, and companies around the world are waging marketing war on each other to accumulate clientele and increase profits.

Branding is essential in today’s business world and marketing materials like promotional flags (used mostly in outdoor advertising) are the signifiers. It tells the customer where the product is and instructs them where to go. The flag is a common thing and most don’t even give a thought to its origins. With time it has evolved and has adapted to a staple in outdoor advertising.

History of the Flag

Promotional Flags Walk down any business district and you will notice a flurry of outdoor advertising. Banners, signs and promotional flags all vying for your attention, peddling their wares and attracting the attention of would-be consumers. The promotion flag is a commercial evolution from the traditional flag used by countries or the military.

The flag started out as a simple piece of fabric with and identifying symbol or colours on it. Most commonly it is rectangular, but there have been variations in shape and size to differentiate it from others. The flag is adorned with a specific graphic design which is a unique identifier to the source who displays it.

The first uses of the flag in military strategy and were a way for armies to coordinate their military strategies on the battlefield. It evolved into a way of identification and became a strong patriotic symbol for tribes and countries. The most common association with flags is with national identity. Each country has a flag with a unique design that is adopted as a national symbol. Some of the most recognisable flags are the Union Jack (Great Britain), the Star Spangled Banner (United States of America) and the tricolour (France).

Counties often have two versions of their flag. The civil version is the one used most commonly and identified with that country. You’ll see it used at state functions and sporting events. The war flag is, as the name states, a call to arms and used by the armed forces in times of conflict. The various national regiments like the navy, air force or army can all have separate flags.

Promotional Flags: Staple of Outdoor Advertising

As marketing and advertising grew promotional flags were adapted and become branding symbols. Outdoor events were the perfect venue for this new style of outdoor advertising and branded flags flew proudly, adverting a product or brand name. Sporting events have become a common place for promotional flags. Think of a Formula One race and the amount of Ferrari, McLaren or Renault flags being waved proudly around the track. Or at a football match where there is a clash or colours and symbols when one team face another on the field.

A key area that promotional flags are used as outdoor advertising is at mass participation sporting events. In South Africa big events like the Comrades Marathon, Argus Cycle Race or Midmar Mile all get big exposure. Sponsors and sports products have a big presence and set up massive promotional stalls. The best way to identify yourself and stand out amongst the melee is with a branded flag. They fly high as a beacon to create brand awareness and separate them from their competitors.

Promotional flags have become very important in branding, especially when it comes to outdoor advertising.  As an identifier it has become a powerful marketing tool and become indispensible to companies, brand and organisations who want to fly their colours proudly.

Promotional Gazebos

Promotional Gazebos Considerations And Benefits

Promotional gazebos can be used indoors and outdoors. For outdoor displays you will want a sturdy type that can withstand strong winds. Also consider how much space you will need and how much space will be available. Any company will benefit from having two or three promotional gazebos as the space for the exhibition is immediately marked of the by space taken up by the gazebo. It is visually attractive and lightweight. Easy to setup and transport, the gazebo can be used just about anywhere with equal success. Consider the colour scheme, your budget as well as signage and printing needs. You may also want to invest in add-on products such as a banner wall, flags, pop-up A frame stands, hurricane, and the shark fin.