Today, professional exhibition and event infrastructure providers are affording many companies in South Africa with their expertise and products which are then used at trade shows, exhibitions and other similar events. This gives advertisers ample opportunities to both showcase their products and position their company through the highly visible marketing apparel conveying their corporate identity.

There are a variety of different types of exhibition and event infrastructure components available today, from the simple fabric backdrop to custom designed and manufactured show stands. To ensure that the products being showcased stand out from the crowd, state of the art technology such as laser lighting is used to in order to ensure exceptional quality. The only limiting factors to how complex this infrastructure can be is the imagination and the budget of the company that requires the show stand.

Many of the larger exhibition and event stands consist of infrastructure that is modular in nature. In effect, this means that each individual component of the stand can be used in conjunction with the other pieces or separately, as the occasion and space restrictions dictate. The components of the exhibition and event infrastructure are usually a combination of a variety of different units that are arranged around a central shell scheme.

These components range from display cabinets and other units, to lighting and the ever popular banners and flags. Each of these components is available from a professional supplier of exhibition services and marketing material. Many of these specialists are also able to lease various components that may be required in order to ensure that the show stand is both functional and effective. The hiring of components such as chairs and tables is common practice and ensures that the company exhibiting does not over spend on items that may only be used only for a specific trade show or exhibition.

New printing and manufacturing technology has provided companies on the lookout for effective and eye catching exhibition and event infrastructure with a variety of different cost effective infrastructure solutions and options. Even companies that rarely take part in trade shows and exhibitions can now enjoy a professional looking show stand that is both easy to erect and highly visible.

Smaller portable show stands are now available that are easy to erect and make extensive use of pull up and pop up technology. This technology provides a high quality visual solution to a cost effective trade show or exhibition presence that can be erected by even the most inexperienced of staff members.

These types of stands are becoming enormously popular due to the fact that they are both easy to transport and can be designed with unique prints that are both vibrant and effective at driving home key messages about the product or service being marketed at the show.

Another extremely cost effective, lightweight and easy to erect stand option is the fabric exhibition stand. This type of exhibition and event infrastructure features extremely durable fabric that is brightly coloured and can be printed with a variety of logo’s and designs. Fabric stands are available in a number of different designs, including fully walled units and backdrop type stands. The versatility of fabric also means that it can be used to wrap various types of supporting structures in a variety of different shapes and forms.

For those companies that are looking for exhibition and event infrastructure that is both attention grabbing and easy to erect, there are variants which feature built in LED lights. These lights are built into the frame of the show stand and therefore require no electrical skills to set up. The addition of LED lights at the top of the show stand structure makes the stand extremely visible and attracts foot traffic to the stand.